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14 Best Places to Sell Online in 2024

By 2025, ecommerce sales are expected to grow by more than 24% and hit over $7 trillion.

So, if you’re looking to tap into the fast-growing ecommerce market, your business needs to sell on the best online marketplaces for sellers. Taking advantage of online selling platforms can help you earn more sales and revenue, supercharging your company’s growth!

Keep reading to learn about the best places to sell online in 2024, from Amazon to Etsy.

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Best websites to sell products online

In this guide, we’ll discuss 14 of the best places to sell online for small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs):

  1. Your website
  2. eBay
  3. Etsy
  4. Walmart Marketplace
  5. Target Plus™
  6. Amazon
  7. Bonanza
  8. Shopify
  9. Nextdoor
  10. Rakuten
  11. Poshmark
  12. Facebook Marketplace
  13. TikTok Shop
  14. Instagram Shopping

1. Your website

Call it controversial, but your website is the best online marketplace for your business in 2024.

sell your products on your website

Skipping third-party online marketplaces and selling on your site offers your company several perks:

  • Avoid selling and processing fees: Using a rented online marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, etc., requires your business to pay varying selling and processing fees, which cut into your profits. Becoming your own marketplace eliminates these overhead costs and helps increase your revenue.
  • Limit price wars: With a lot of online marketplaces, like Amazon, you compete with a lot of sellers, resulting in price wars that many SMBs can’t win without slashing into their profits.
  • Market your product how you want: While many online marketplaces offer marketing and advertising options, you must follow their rules, and you may not have access to certain marketing strategies because of a marketplace’s structure. By selling products your own website, you can bypass those issues entirely.
  • Get direct support: When you sell on your website, you receive one-on-one support for operating your business. Whether you maintain an in-house design, development, and logistics team or work with a third-party provider, you get the support you need.

Ready to use your website as your online marketplace? Keep these to-dos in mind:

  • Build a mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website
  • Create a merchant account so that you can accept online payments
  • Establish a process for managing inventory and fulfilling orders
  • List your products with images and copy
  • Start promoting your business, products, and website with online marketing

How to Add an Online Store to Your Website

2. eBay

ebay online selling platform

As the OG online selling sites, you can’t go wrong with eBay. No matter what you have to sell, there’s a way to do it on eBay, and the site makes it easy to list items. You can either give your items a starting auction price or you can attach a buy-it-now price.

eBay comes with it’s share of seller fees, though, including a listing fees, insertion fee for when you list the same item under two different categories, and a fees associated with making sales (calculated as a percentage of the total sale amount).

3. Etsy

etsy online selling platform

Etsy is another great website to sell products online, especially for creatives looking to show off their crafty creations and custom products.

Unlike eBay, Etsy is for new products and creations, so don’t join it thinking you’ll be able to sell those old clothes you’ve been wanting to get rid of. Like eBay, Etsy has listing and selling fees, as well as payment processing fees.

4. Walmart Marketplace

Walmart, one of best places to sell online

If you want to stick to online marketplaces separate from your website, consider Walmart Marketplace.

When you sell on Walmart Marketplace, you get to sell directly to Walmart shoppers, whose spending has helped Walmart reach over $600 billion in global net sales. So, if you want to get in on that, Walmart Marketplace is a prime spot to check out if you’re deciding out where to sell items online.

Best of all, Walmart Marketplace doesn’t charge listing, setup, or subscription fees, so you don’t have to worry about those expenses eating into your profits. Though you’re competing with other sellers, you’ll have access to Walmart’s on-site advertising, so you can promote your products and outmaneuver competitors by showing up in relevant search results and product pages.

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5. Target Plus™

Target Plus™, one of best places to sell online

While we’re on the topic of major retailers, let’s talk Target Plus™, one of the best online selling sites in 2024.

Like Walmart Marketplace, Target Plus™ is a great platform for selling products online because you get to leverage Target’s brand name and reach. Even better, though, is that Target Plus™ isn’t saturated with sellers because it has strict seller requirements in place.

Strict seller requirements does mean it’s a bit tougher to join the Target Plus™ seller community. As an invite-only platform, Target Plus™ can seem like a big-brand-only marketplace. But if you have a proven track record for service and quality, your company could still become a part of the Target Plus™ community.

6. Amazon

Amazon, one of best places to sell online

Even though Amazon has been around for decades, it’s still one of the best online selling sites for businesses to use in 2024.

Amazon is one of the most established and trusted online marketplaces, earning over 2 billion monthly visits from shoppers. In other words, you’re accessing a massive audience of shoppers when you sell on Amazon.

7. Bonanza

bonanza online selling

Bonanza is an online marketplace and auction site very similar to eBay and Amazon, but it has a key difference that separates it between the two — Bonanza offers more unique items on its site than eBay (kind of like Etsy), but less brand-name products than Amazon. Because of this, many shoppers have started looking to Bonanza as an alternative, or middle-ground between eBay and Amazon.

Bonanza’s fees are relatively minimal as well, with no fees associated with listings. The site’s fees come from your sales instead.

8. Shopify

Shopify, one of best places to sell online

Shopify is a unique online marketplace because it’s a website builder specifically for ecommerce companies.

With Shopify, you get a website built for ecommerce companies — you can choose from ecommerce web design templates that are easy to follow and implement, making it possible for anyone to launch an online store. Even if you don’t have a development background, you can confidently create and publish a store for your business.

If you’re a companies selling on a rented marketplace like Amazon or Etsy, and you want to start selling on your own site, Shopify could be your next platform because it offers a smooth transition and natural step towards seller independence.

Shopify also includes a built-in feature for advertising your products, making it easy for your business to promote and sell products simultaneously.

Everything You Should Know About Selling on Shopify

9. Nextdoor

nextdoor online selling forum

Unlike the selling sites we’ve just covered, Nextdoor is a free online forum that caters to people who want to stay up-to-date with the happenings in their neighborhoods. From complaining about traffic patterns to making announcements about events, Nextdoor is all about community.

The ecommerce aspect comes with Nextdoor’s free online selling forum. No listing or selling fees are included with Nextdoor, and buyers & sellers have to meet in person for transactions. Have no fear though — anyone who wants to access the platform must make an account, so you won’t have random or shady people on the Internet requesting to meet you about an item you’ve listed.

10. Rakuten

rakuten online selling

Rakuten is a global marketplace that serves as a great platform for conducting cross-border sales and ultimately expanding your reach. That said, Rakuten is a Japan-based company, so sellers must work in the U.S., Japan, or work with a service partner.

A bit more hands-on than some sites, being a seller on Rakuten entails managing the processing and shipping of orders. You’re in charge of ensuring things are shipped on time, and clearly listing the times when items will ship.

11. Poshmark

poshmark online selling

For clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products, many sellers look to Poshmark as one of the best online selling sites. Shoppers visiting Poshmark usually know exactly what they want, making it a great place for selling items for recognizable brands. It can also be a competitive platform — while sellers list item prices, buyers can make offers and sellers can make counteroffers.

When selling on Poshmark, sellers aren’t charged a listing fee, though they are charged percentage fees based on what they sell and how much the total sale is.

12. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace

Social media isn’t just for posting pictures and keeping up with friends and family. Now, different platforms have selling and shopping capabilities, allowing users to buy products from their favorite brands all without leaving the social app or site. This includes Facebook and it’s popular selling forum, Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to sell online because it exposes you to its 3 billion monthly active users. It’s also a popular choice for ecommerce businesses because Facebook has partnerships with platforms like Shopify to help merchants list and manage their products on the platform.

13. TikTok Shop

tiktok shop colourpop items

Another social media platform that’s great for selling products online is TikTok. Yes, you read that right. TikTok Shop allows brands and creators alike sell their products directly on the TikTok app. If you’re already active on the app, simply add the items you’re selling to TikTok’s Seller Center (available when you register your page as a business account).

Coupled with TikTok’s advertising capabilities and a solid TikTok marketing campaign, TikTok Shop can be a valuable resource for social media-savvy ecommerce businesses looking to make a splash online.

14. Instagram Shopping

instagram shopping ad

If you’re not into Facebook or TikTok, try your hand at Instagram Shopping. Like TikTok, Instagram features selling tools for creators, merchants, and businesses who want to sell products to users directly through the app.

With advertising tools on hand to help you get your brand and it’s offerings in from of the eyes of your target audience, Instagram Shopping makes it easy for buyers and sellers to connect, all while staying on the Instagram app.

Dominate online marketplaces with digital marketing

2024‘s ecommerce landscape offers your business immense potential, but you need to use the right online marketplaces.

Whether you’re looking to sell on Walmart MarketplaceAmazon, or your own website, WebFX can help your company get started. With our proven results (we’ve helped our clients earn more than $6 billion in revenue), we’re a trusted choice for ecommerce businesses.

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