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7 Easy Video Marketing Hacks to Create Premium Content

Video marketing is a key component of any good marketing campaign. A short clip telling folks about a new product or showcasing your services does more than long chunks of text or photos alone. 

In the right hands, a short snippet engages consumers, improves your search engine optimization (SEO) and click-through rates, and excites people to take action. But not everyone is a video marketing guru. Most people feel lucky when they get the video from their photo roll to their social media.

If you want to be relevant in today’s marketing world, engaging and entertaining videos are gold. To create great video content, you must have a solid action plan before entering the world of video marketing.

In this post, we’ll give you seven simple video marketing hacks that will get you started in this highly relatable and personal medium.

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Why you should do video marketing

Video marketing opens up a whole new way of communicating with your audience. Let me share some of the top video statistics for [current-year], and you will understand why you should invest in this visual content:

  • Online video content currently has a worldwide audience reach of 92%
  • Users typically retain 95% of the info presented in a video, but they only retain 10% when they read it in text-based content
  • 72% of consumers have said that they would prefer to learn about products and services in a video format

As these stats show, there’s a lot of value in investing in video marketing for your business.

7 video hacks to make your life easier

Here are our top 7 video marketing hacks that you should be doing for your content:

1. Pick a purpose

When producing video content, first ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” 

Each video you create should have a unique purpose. Videos with purpose answer questions, allow customers to feel helped, and build loyalty.

Here are some of the most common purposes that marketing videos seek to serve:

  • Answering audience pain points
  • Responding to customer service questions
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Highlighting products and your unique value proposition
  • Educating current clients on how to use, maintain, repair, or repurpose your products
  • Producing clickable, shareable content that appeals to multiple audiences
  • Overcoming common objections to closing the sale

2. Limit your scope

Many new video creators make one rookie mistake — trying to cover too much in one video. You’re undoubtedly excited about diving into the world of video marketing. However, to be successful, each video should speak to a single purpose that viewers can watch and remember. 

If you feel the desperate need to cover five topics in a single video, chances are each topic should be its own video. 

A good rule of thumb for video content creation is that everything included in your video should fall under one theme. If it doesn’t, cut it out. 

3. Get to the point — quick!

The first 2.7 seconds of your video is your only chance to grab your audience’s attention — so make them count. If you don’t hook them right away, there’s a good chance they’ll skip over your content. 

Here are a few things you can do to capture your viewer’s attention:

  • Inform them of what they’ll get from your video upfront
  • Pick a common pain point that audiences can relate to, and then offer a solution
  • Sprinkle in emotions like excitement, mystery, or fear to pique your audience’s curiosity
  • Tell a short, interesting story that leaves viewers wanting more
  • Engage your audience with humor
  • Pay close attention to your video’s tone, visual style, and background music

Video on YouTube detailing how to keep flowers fresh

4. Restrict your run time

You’ve hooked your viewers in the first few seconds. Now, you have to keep them watching. Even if a video seems interesting, the audience often checks how long it is to gauge whether they’re willing to watch the whole thing. Few viewers will reach the end if your content is too lengthy. 

Hot Ones YouTube video with an arrow pointing to the length of the video

Keep your awareness videos short and sweet. As you get more comfortable with video marketing and build an audience base, you may be able to create longer content, such as how-to videos.

5. Cut the hard sell

Generally, it’s best to avoid making a hard sale in your videos. An aggressive pitch may be too assertive and turn viewers off your brand. 

Don’t feel pressure to promote your products or services. Instead, let your brand speak for itself by offering viewers information. 

6. Include a clear call-to-action (CTA)

If your viewers have made it to the end of your video, they may be primed and ready to convert. Give a CTA, so your potential customers know what to do next.

The next logical step could be:

  • Including links or buttons right below the video so they can continue their research
  • Telling them where to check out more products
  • Encouraging them to book an appointment
  • Providing a contact number

7. Tailor your video to social media platforms

Today’s business owners know that social media marketing equals revenue. The problem is that you consistently have to post new and engaging content on each platform. 

Whether you use Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, or all of the above, you must be willing to tailor your video content and make adjustments as needed.

While one video may be doing great on Facebook, it may be struggling to reach viewers on Instagram. Note the criteria that work best for each specific social media platform, such as:

  • Video length
  • Use of live videos
  • Mobile-friendly content
  • Tone
  • Type of content
  • Audience
  • Visual style
  • Music
  • Graphics

Find a proven video marketing partner

Videos are powerful tools. From lead generation to creating brand loyalty, modern marketers need to know how to utilize this medium to set themselves apart from the competition and engage their customers. 

While these video marketing hacks should empower you, you don’t have to enter the world of video marketing alone. WebFX offers professional video production services, from video creation to analytics showing how well your video performs. 

Reach out online or give us a call at 888-601-5359. We look forward to helping you create memorable and effective video content!

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