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website personalization examples

4 Website Personalization Examples To Inspire Your Strategy

Fun fact: 89% of marketers see a positive return on investment (ROI) when using personalization in their campaigns. That said, website personalization is a strategy you can employ to grow your bottom line.

If you need some website personalization inspo, you’re in the right place. This blog post will discuss these topics:

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What is website personalization?

Website personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for individual site visitors.

Instead of providing a single experience for all users, website personalization delivers unique experiences tailored to each individual’s needs.

You provide a personalized website experience when you:

  • Show product recommendations based on the user’s interest
  • Craft unique messaging and graphics for different buyer personas
  • Display custom call to action (CTA) for different audiences
  • Show chatbot flows based on a site visitor’s needs

Personalization creates better customer experiences that delight your site visitors and foster trust.

4 website personalization examples

Now that we’ve defined website personalization, here’s a look at four website personalization examples:

  1. Amazon
  2. Etsy
  3. AirBnB
  4. Sephora

Let’s go through each website personalization example:

1. Amazon

When you log into your Amazon account, your homepage greets you with personalized recommendations based on your previous purchases and browsed products.

In addition, Amazon takes note of your name and address for a personalized approach, making the experience appealing to customers. After all, 72% of customers say they only engage with personalized messaging.

Amazon personalization example

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2. Etsy

Etsy’s website personalization strategy shows visitors’ recently viewed products and similar items. This is an excellent example of reminding your site visitors about the products they’re interested in.

Etsy website personalization example

Business-to-business (B2B) companies can also employ this website personalization example by showcasing products a site visitor is interested in.

For example, let’s say you’re in the business of workforce management services for industrial and mining industries. Based on your account-based marketing data, your visitor is an account from an industrial company. With this intel, the web pages you’ll show them have messages about how your offerings can help industrial companies like theirs!

3. AirBnB

AirBnB’s website is also one of the website personalization examples you can take inspiration from. AirBnB “remembers” your past searches and the listings you’ve checked out, so it has a list of suggestions for you.

In this example, the user previously looked at cabins. Upon returning to the site, AirBnB directed the user to the category of cabins, thus reducing friction in the site visitor’s journey.

AirBnB personalization example

4. Sephora

Personal care retail brand Sephora uses personalization to aid its shoppers select the best products for their needs.

At the bottom of a product page, users can review a table comparing the product with similar ones. The products’ price and other details are included. If a user wants to know more about a particular product in the table, a link to the product page is available.

Sephora website personalization example

4 types of website personalization

You can employ different types of website personalization, depending on your objectives. Here are four types of website personalization:

  • Dynamic content: This website personalization strategy changes your site’s hero banners, CTAs, and other page elements depending on the visitor’s profile.
  • Recommendations: Ecommerce sites typically use this personalization strategy. They show similar products based on user behavior, such as past purchases and viewed product listings.
  • Menu personalization: You can reorganize your menu or navigation bar based on a site visitor’s interest in specific categories, just like how AirBnB showed “Cabins” in our list of website personalization examples.
  • Messaging: You can change your copies to suit the customer journey of a visitor. You can provide social proof or limited-time offers to returning site visitors.

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