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10 Social Media Hacks for Businesses That Are #Genius

There’s never a dull moment on social media. Every day, new topics are trending, memes are created, and relatable content is shared. Users can scroll themselves down a social media rabbit hole, and businesses can do the same while trying to keep up with it all and build a great campaign.

Today, we’re discussing how you can stop yourself from falling down that rabbit hole and stay on top of your social media game with 10 social media hacks for businesses. 

  1. Don’t spread yourself thin
  2. Try polls and quizzes
  3. Use conversational language
  4. Reuse content for more impressions and engagement
  5. Optimize content for different platforms
  6. Don’t ignore the power of micro-influencers
  7. Schedule your posts
  8. Invest in chatbots
  9. Create snackable video content
  10. Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram stories

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1. Don’t spread yourself thin

There are plenty of social media platforms, from Facebook and Pinterest to Snapchat and TikTok. With millions of monthly active users on each, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I’ve got to get my brand on those platforms, stat.” Hold tight, though, because joining every social media platform can do more harm than good.

Running a business and one social media account can be handful, let alone running multiple accounts. Avoid spreading yourself too thin on social media by only prioritizing the most popular social platforms, or those that make the most sense for your brand.

For example, if you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company, get active on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to start connecting with other businesses and prospects. Or, if your target audience is on the younger side, prioritize platforms popular with Gen Z-ers like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

2. Try polls and quizzes

Don’t let your social feed get stale — to spice up your social profiles, engage your audience by conducting polls and quizzes that encourage users to interact with your page:

headspace linkedin poll

Whether it’s fun poll to get the comment section buzzing, like asking “Coke or Pepsi?” or a question that pertains directly to your brand or audience (like the one above), social media polls and quizzes are a great way to reignite interest in your brand’s page and boost visibility.

3. Use conversational language

Social media is a place where people can be themselves, have fun, and connect with their favorite brands. Don’t forget to join  in on the fun in between your promotional posts! 

Much of social media marketing is centered around businesses pushing their products and services, and that can get annoying for users.

stanley tumbler instagram caption

Connect with your audience by starting and joining conversations. Respond to user comments, use your platform expand your customer service efforts, and build meaningful relationships with your audience to encourage brand loyalty and retain more customers.

4. Reuse content for more impressions and engagement

Feel like you’re running out of new content ideas for your social pages? Here’s an easy social media content hack that can’t be beat: reuse content. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Resharing and reposting content is an invaluable social media hack for two main reasons. First, it takes some pressure off your content team. Rather than scrambling to create something new, they can relax and reshare.

Second, resharing content can increase the chances of getting more eyes on your content because it gets it on people’s timelines again. Plus, it shows it to those who may have missed your content the first time around.

5. Optimize content for different platforms

Creating content for multiple social profiles can be tiring. Combat creative fatigue by optimizing content for other platforms. Also known as cross-posting, this social media hack saves you time and helps your content gain more exposure.

By sharing the same content on other platforms, you can increase your content’s reach instead of limiting it to one platform. Remember though, not all content will work on all platforms. If you’re sharing a blog post, you likely won’t promote it on TikTok. Instead, head to places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram.

6. Don’t ignore the power of micro-influencers

There’s no denying the power of social media influencer marketingseven out of ten consumers say they trust influencers’ recommendations just as much as the opinion of real-world friends, and 66% say influencers drive their purchase decisions.

But while going after mega-influencers with millions of followers might sound like the best way for you to get your brand name out there, they aren’t always the solution. Instead of trying to partner with mega-influencers, partner with micro-influencers who exist within your audience’s community or industry niche.

micro influencer instagram post

Micro-influencers may not have a million followers hanging onto their every word, but they do have a strong following of people who can make a huge impact on your brand’s visibility and awareness if they fall within your target audience.

7. Schedule your posts

This might seem like a social media hack for businesses that gets told a lot, but it bears repeating: schedule your social posts using social media management platforms and tools to save yourself valuable time and effort.

Scheduling your posts takes pressure off of your social media to post content at precisely the right time each day and allows you to plan future content way ahead of time.

later social media publishing tool

Social media scheduling tools like Buffer, Later, and Hootsuite help you manage all your social media accounts from one platform that’s easy to navigate. Instead of jumping from platform to platform each time you must post something, you can schedule all of your posts for each platform ahead of time, all from one place.

8. Invest in chatbots

Even with a dedicated social media team, responding to direct messages and inquiries from your social pages can be a challenge. If you keep users waiting too long for a response back, they’ll move on without a second thought. To avoid losing these valuable leads, invest in a chatbot that can answer their questions quickly.

Chatbots are a great choice for businesses with audiences spread across the globe because they can work around the clock answering basic questions in a timely manner. If chatbots reach a point where they can no longer assist users with requests, they can hand them over to one of your actual customer service representatives or social media managers to help them.

9. Create snackable video content

When talking about social media marketing tips, one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to create video content that’s snackable.

Snackable video content is just video content that’s able to be consumed in quick sessions, usually within 30-60 second. Short-form video content is king on social media because it appeals to users’ short attention spans and gets to the point quickly.

Great examples of snackable video content include TikTok and Instagram or Facebook Reels, where users can scroll through hundreds of short videos each day.

10. Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram stories

Instagram and Facebook stories are the perfect tools for communicating with followers in a fresh, fun way that doesn’t clog up users’ feeds. Stories consist of videos or photos that appear at the top of users’ home feed and disappear after 24 hours.

Businesses can make their stories more engaging by adding stickers, hashtags, and other interactive effects that encourage followers to engage with the post and attract new audiences.

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