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9 Best Website Designs to Inspire Your Site for 2024

64% of people want to see a website that holds their attention.

88% of people are less likely to return to a website after having a bad experience.

89% of people shop with a competitor after a poor experience.

So, what does this mean for your website? If you don’t have a functional and aesthetically pleasing website, you lose customers to your competition.

However, it can be challenging to figure out how to design your website. That’s why it’s beneficial to look at a list of the best website designs to help inspire your website!

Keep reading to discover some of the top website designs on the web and learn what you can take from them to build the best website for your business!

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Best website designs to inspire your 2024 design

If you want to sell more products and gain new customers, you need a website design that delivers.

On this page, we’ll cover five best website design examples that include:

  1. Billie
  2. Uncommon Goods
  3. Skullcandy
  4. Warby Parker
  5. Box Lunch
  6. Yeti
  7. Dunkin’
  8. Apple
  9. Coca-Cola

Here are five best website designs for 2022 to inspire your design:

1. Billie

First on our list of top website designs is Billie. Billie sells women’s products for everyday needs, from razors to body lotion to lip balm.

Billie's website design featuring a blue and pink color scheme

Billie uses pink, purple, and blue colors throughout their design to help it stand out. These color choices match their colorful logo design. Billie uses the same color pallet throughout their business, from their design to product packaging.

Why Billie is one of the best website designs

They use their brand’s color pallet throughout the website. When you design your website, you want to ensure that you’re using your brand’s colors throughout your website. Many people will identify your brand based on your color scheme and logo, making it critical for you to use those colors throughout your website.

With Billie, they use the same pastel color pallet on all aspects of their website, from their logo to their background to their call to action (CTA) buttons.

Pink call to action buttons on Billie's website inviting people to purchase products

You’ll want to make sure you use your brand’s color throughout your website.

2. Uncommon Goods

One of the best website designs for 2022 is Uncommon Goods. This business offers unique products people can buy, including home goods, unique décor, and more.

Website homepage for Uncommon Goods

One of the most notable elements of Uncommon Goods’ website is its navigation. When you enter their website, you see organized navigation at the top of the page that details what they offer. Shoppers can easily find the products they need using this navigation.

Why Uncommon Goods is one of the best website designs

They use a clear navigation. When designing your website, make sure you create a simple and easy navigation. You want to use broad headings to organize your information, so people can find what they need with ease.

When you design your navigation, make sure you organize it to make sense to your audience. They’re the ones who browse your website, so it’s essential to make sure you design your website with your audience in mind.

3. Skullcandy

Another site you can look at for website design inspiration is Skullcandy. Skullcandy uses sleek design to promote its headphone products to customers.

Homepage for Skullcandy featuring a girl modeling their headphones

One notable element of Skullcandy is its use of graphics. As you browse through their website, you’ll see engaging graphics that change as you hover over them. It’s a small detail, but it creates an exciting experience for visitors.

Skullcandy's website featuring a hover over change of picture

Why Skullcandy is one of the best website designs

They create engaging experiences. When you look at the best website design for 2022, you’ll notice that many of the top websites develop engaging experiences for their audiences. As we shared in the earlier stat, 64% of people want to see a website that holds their attention.

By using high-quality and engaging graphics, you can create an experience that holds your audience’s attention and gets them to spend more time browsing your website.

4. Warby Parker

One of the top web designs comes from Warby Parker. This eyeglasses company sells fashionable lenses that allow shoppers to “try before you buy” to find the right frames for your look.

Warby Parker's website featuring two people modeling glasses

Warby Parker makes excellent use of white space throughout their site. As you scroll through and browse their products, you can easily read and view everything on their website. Nothing is cramped together or challenging to read.

Empty space on Warby Parker's website

Why Warby Parker is one of the best website designs

They utilize whitespace. When you design your website, you need to use whitespace. If you try to cram photos, videos, and text into every inch of space on your website, you’ll create a challenging experience for your audience — they’ll struggle to browse your website.

Whitespace will help you create a clean website that delivers a positive user experience, which will result in increased engagement for your business.

5. Box Lunch

If you’re an ecommerce store looking for inspiration for your checkout process, turn to Box Lunch. Box Lunch is a pop culture website that offers merchandise related to your favorite movies, TV shows, and more.

Box Lunch website design featuring their products on the front page

So, what makes Box Lunch one of the best website designs? Well, they utilize a simple and easy checkout process to purchase products.

When you add items to your shopping bag, you can hover over your bag to see what items you added, how much they cost, and the total amount you’re spending. It doesn’t require users to click on their cart to view what they added, making the shopping process easier.

Box Lunch's checkout process with a pop-up box

Additionally, when you go to check out, you can see if the item is still in stock as you’re going to check out. You’ll also see details for the estimated shipping rate, which can help you determine if you want to buy the item.

Box Lunch built their checkout process with the user in mind. They give shoppers the information they need upfront to have a smooth checkout process.

Why Box Lunch is one of the best website designs

They offer a functional and straightforward checkout process. When you create your checkout process, you want to make it easy for shoppers to buy your products. That means giving shipping estimates up-front, offering “guest checkout” options, and providing multiple payment options.

When you make the checkout process smooth and easy to do, shoppers are more likely to complete their orders.

6. Yeti

If you’re looking for web design inspiration, check out Yeti. Yeti is a brand that creates items like travel mugs, coolers, and outdoor living supplies. This brand focuses on nature and creating products that people can use while spending time outdoors.

Yeti's website feature photos of people using their products

Yeti integrates branded photos throughout their website, which helps people understand their outdoor aesthetic. They consistently integrate these types of photos throughout their website, from their homepage to their product pages.

Why Yeti is one of the best website designs

They create a brand-centered aesthetic. When you build your business’s website, you need to choose an aesthetic to showcase your brand. Your brand’s aesthetic can vary across the board, from outdoor ruggedness to sophisticated luxury.

The important part is that you integrate elements that help highlight that aesthetic throughout your website. You can use photos, videos, and design elements to help you achieve this goal.

7. Dunkin’

The best website design isn’t just about design. While the visual elements play a critical role in attracting users and getting them to engage, the information on your website is just as important. That’s why Dunkin’ is next on our list of the best website design for 2024.

Dunkin' text explaining their perks program

When you visit Dunkin’s website, they have short and informative copy that tells users how their perks program works. They also provide a bulleted list of information on their Dunkin’ app.

Information about Dunkin's mobile app

This copy is informative, succinct, and tells users what they need to know.

Why Dunkin’ is one of the best website designs

They create digestible copy. Sharing information on your website is crucial for convincing prospects to buy your products or use your services. The way you present that information is crucial, too, because your audience needs to understand it.

When you craft your website content, write in a way that’s easily digestible for your audience. Keep is short, informative, and helpful.

8. Apple

Next on our list of the best website designs is Apple. Apple is known for its sleek, tech-focused design that draws in visitors.

Apple website design

One of the most notable elements of Apple’s design is the consistency. Whether you’re on their homepage, looking at a product page, or learning about the company, you’ll see the same sleek design everywhere.

Apple product information about their watches

Why Apple is one of the best website designs

They use a consistent design. A key component of web design is consistency. You want people to feel like they’re on the same website as they browse through different product pages. By integrating a consistent design, you’ll create a cohesive experience for your audience.

9. Coca-Cola

Next on our list of the top website designs is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has a classic, branded website that features their prominent red and white color scheme.

Coca-cola hompage

Most notably, Coca-Cola uses their design sceme to make call to action (CTA) buttons that stand out on the page. As your scroll through their pages, you can see numeorus bright red buttons inviting users to take action.

Call to action buttons on Coca-Cola's website

Why Coca-Cola is one of the best website designs

They use CTAs that pop off the page. When you want someone to take action on your website, you must ensure they know how to take those steps. With a prominent CTA button, you tell your audience how to take the next step and move closer towards conversion.

Need help creating the best website design for your website?

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