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When people need a home service provider, they’re turning to the Internet to help them find the right one. If you don’t have a strong online presence, homeowners will turn to competitors that have an online presence instead.

If you want to start with home services marketing, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go over strategies you can use to drive more home services clients for your business.

Keep reading to learn more about these strategies!

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9 home services marketing strategies you can start today

So, what home services marketing strategies can you use to grow your business?

1. Use local search engine optimization (SEO) to reach leads in your area

If you want to grow your home services company through marketing, start by investing in local SEO. Local SEO focuses on targeting keywords related to your area to help you drive leads looking for a provider in their area.

HVAC local SEO listings in Allentown, PA

It’s a great strategy to reach people who conduct searches with “near me” or “near [location]” that want to find the right home services company.

Here’s how to start with local SEO:

  • Optimize for local keywords: Local SEO involves optimizing for keywords people search to find a home service provider in their area. These keywords often include locations or “near me,” like “plumber in Los Angeles” or “roofing repair company near me.”
  • Optimizing local listings: Google isn’t the only place people get information about home service providers –– they turn to places like Angi, Yelp, and other third-party website to find information about your company. You must ensure all these local listings provide the same basic information, so it’s accurate no matter where people find you.
  • Optimize your local business schema: Schema markup is a type of structured data that helps search engines better understand the content on your pages. Local business schema involves including data like you location, operating horus, and business type.

By optimizing your local profile, you can help drive more local leads for your home services company.

2. Invest in Google Local Services ads to drive qualified leads

Another key component of home services marketing is running Google Local Services ads. These ads appear at the top of local search results when people want to find a provider in their area.

Local Services ads for a plumber in Charleston

Local Services ads are a great way for you to reach people looking for a home services provider. Since these listings are backed by the Google Guarantee, people feel more confident about choosing your business.

Additionally, you only pay when people contact your business, making them a great option for earning qualified leads with your marketing budget.

Here’s how you can make the most of your Google Local Services ads:

  • Add your business details to provide insight into your company (years of service, whether you offer 24/7 services, etc)
  • List all the services you provide to increase your reach
  • List all the local areas you service

3. Use SEO to boost website traffic

When people need to find a home service provider, they’re turning to search engines like Google to help them find the right one. That’s why having an SEO strategy is crucial for ensuring those leads find your business first.

With SEO, you optimize your website to improve your ranking in search results and reach more qualified leads looking for your services.

So, what does SEO entail for a home service business like yours? Here are some basic components of an SEO strategy:

  • Identifying relevant keywords: Keywords are what people use to find your business in search results. This means optimizing for keywords related to your home service sector, like “how to fix a clogged drain” or “best products to maintain your lawn.”
  • Optimizing search listings: What appears in search results determines if someone clicks on your page. SEO involves optimizing your title tag and meta description, both part of your search listing, to generate more clicks to your home service company’s website.
  • Improving website load time: When someone needs a home service provider, they want to get your contact information fast. Having a website that loads quickly is crucial for obtaining new customers. SEO focuses on improving your website load time to help prospects get the information they need.

4. Share your knowledge through content marketing

Another strategy you can use when doing digital marketing for home services companies is content marketing. Content marketing involves sharing helpful, industry-related information with your audience.

Content comes in numerous formats, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers

By posting valuable content, you can establish your home services company as an industry leader, and people will be more likely to trust your business if they come across helpful information you publish online.

For example, if you are a painter, you can create an infographic about choosing paint colors for each room in your house. Then, when people in your area search online for painting tips, they may come across your content and find out more about your services.

In addition, search engine crawlers love content, so posting fresh, quality content can boost your SEO efforts.

5. Manage your home service company’s reputation

Did you know that 94% of people say reviews make them avoid a business? Your business’s online reputation has a big impact on whether people hire you for their home services needs.

That’s why, as a home service provider, you’ll want to develop a review management strategy.

So what does that involve?

  • Monitoring reviews on platforms: From Google to Yelp, you’ll want to keep track of what people say about your business online. It’s important to monitor your online reputation so you can continually work to maintain or improve your image.
  • Responding to reviews: Whether it’s positive or negative, responding is crucial for building better relationships and earning new customers –– 88% of people are likely to hire a company that responds to all reviews. Responding shows you’re listening and value your customers.
  • Asking for reviews: Not everyone who uses your services will leave a review. Finding ways to ask for reviews, like through follow-up emails, is crucial to review management.

Investing in earning and managing reviews for your home service company will help you build your business’s reputation and earn more customers.

6. Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile

A fundamental component of home services marketing involves claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile. This profile appear in the search results whenever someone looks for a local service provider.

Google Business Profiles for landscapers in Arizona

So, how can you create a click-worthy Google Business Profile? Follow these best practices:

  • Verify your information is correct: If someone finds your Google Business Profile, you want to ensure they get accurate information. Make sure your contact information, address, and hours of operation are accurate.
  • Add photos to enhance your listing: Photos help provide insight into your business. Share photos of projects you’ve completed, your team, and more, to help people get a better sense of your company.
  • Manage your reviews: Many people leave reviews about their experience with your business on your Google Business Profile. Make sure you read, review, and respond to all feedback to show you’re actively listening.

7. Use email marketing to stay connected with leads

The home services industry is highly competitive, which means you need to keep your company top of mind for your audience. Email marketing is a great way to keep your brand top of mind for people thinking about hiring your home service company.

You can encourage people to sign up to receive email updates when they visit your website, blog, and social media pages.

To drive a successful email marketing campaign, you need to do tasks like:

  • Personalizing emails: Personalization is crucial for keeping your audience interested because not everyone comes to you for the same services. If you’re an HVAC company, for example, some people may be interested in heating, while others come to you for air conditioning. Personalization helps you cater to different audiences.
  • Creating enticing subject lines: Creating an enticing subject line is crucial for getting people to open your email and read the information you shared.
  • Designing your emails: Creating a professional email format helps build brand recognition and provides your audience with a smooth reading experience.

8. Use PPC ads to reach homeowners searching for a provider

If you want to reach more homeowners, consider running PPC ads. PPC ads appear at the top of relevant search results above organic listings.

PPC ads for electricians at the top of search results

PPC ads enable you to target industry-related queries by bidding on relevant keywords. Your position, bid amount, and other factors influence your positioning.

So, what goes into running a PPC campaign? Here are a few things you’ll do if you opt to make this strategy part of your home services marketing plan:

  • Keyword research: As we mentioned earlier, you target keywords in your ads to help them appear in relevant searches. You’ll need to conduct keyword research to identify the best keywords and see if the average cost per click (CPC) fits with your budget.
  • Set and adjust bid amounts: Your bid amount is how much you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ads. When you invest in PPC, you’ll set bid amounts and continually adjust them, based on performance, to get more from your budget.
  • Create ad copy: Your ad copy is what appears in search results. You’ll need to write compelling ad copy about the home service you’re promoting to get people to click on your ads.
  • Create custom landing pages: Your landing page provides ad clickers with more details about your services. If you advertise your roof restoration services, for example, your landing page would focus solely on information surrounding that service.

PPC advertising is a great way for home service providers to obtain qualified leads that want to hire a professional like you.

9. Use social media ads to reach people as they scroll

If you want to keep your company top of mind for homeowners, you need to make social media advertising part of your home services marketing strategy. Running social media ads enables you to put your brand in front of people as they scroll through their social media feeds.

It provides you with a great opportunity to remind people of your home services company and keep you in their mind as they make decisions.

Here’s how you can create the best home services social media ads for your business:

  • Choose a relevant, high-quality visual: Social media ads are typically visual ads, which means you need to choose the right image or video for your promotion. Make sure it’s relevant to your ad, high-quality, and eye-catching.
  • Refine your target audience: Social media platforms offer precise targeting that enables you to reach specific audiences. Refine your ad targeting to help you put your social media ads in front of the most interested leads.
  • Create a custom landing page: Custom landing pages are crucial for keeping your audience engaged after they click on your ad. Tailor your landing pages to focus on the information shared in the ad copy, so users get more information about what you advertised.

Why should I invest in home services marketing?

Being able to attract and convert new leads is important for home services companies. And traditional marketing methods, like direct mail and billboard advertisements, don’t always provide a great return on investment.

Home services digital marketing allows you to get in front of the most qualified leads by establishing a presence online where your best prospects are searching.

Expert insights from webfx logo

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Logan Torrey Internet Marketing Consultant

“The home service industry is growing, and it is more competitive today than ever before. Digital marketing offers home service companies the ability to compete for customers online, regardless of their size or budget. Through channels such as organic search, paid advertising, and Local Services Ads, digital marketing facilitates customer engagement and provides companies with access to new potential clients.”

With Internet marketing, your home services company will enjoy greater visibility, more website traffic, and stronger relationships with clients.

FAQs about home services marketing services

Get answers to your questions about home services marketing services below:

Why do companies choose WebFX for home services digital marketing?

Businesses, from plumbers to electricians to contractors to roofers, choose WebFX for home services digital marketing for a few reasons. With our experience, technology, and team, we provide a client-first experience, data-backed strategies, and results that impact your company’s most critical metrics.

A few reasons why our clients choose us as their home services marketing agency include:

  1. We have 28+ years of experience in digital marketing
  2. We have 1,100+ client testimonials that speak to the quality of work we do
  3. Our team consists of 500+ in-house, U.S.-based team members
  4. We use data-backed and tech-enabled marketing solutions to maximize results

Speaking of results, we’re no strangers to driving them. We’ve also helped our clients
earn more than:

  1. $6 billion in revenue
  2. 24 million leads
  3. 7.14 million phone calls

Plus, we offer access to MarketingCloudFX.

This marketing automation software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to analyze and improve your home services marketing strategy, as well as track its return on investment (ROI).

With WebFX, you’ll also get:

  1. Complete home services team
  2. Dedicated account manager
  3. Custom home services marketing strategy
  4. Regular reporting
  5. And more

You can learn more about partnering with our award-winning team by contacting us online today!

Can I do home services marketing on my own or should I hire an agency?

Debating whether to do home services on your own? While it may seem like the simplest solution, it comes at a cost.

Opting to do home services marketing will cost you something that’s invaluable: Time. It takes time to develop strategies campaigns, launch those campaigns, monitor them, and do everything in between. When you’re busy trying to help customers with their home service needs, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for managing your marketing.

That’s why it’s beneficial to partner with a home services marketing agency. A skilled digital marketing company will deliver a marketing plan that drives leads for your business, so you can focus on making those leads happy customers.

What strategies should I use for home services marketing?

As you saw above, there are eight different strategies we covered that you can use to promote your home services business. So which strategies are best for your business?

The answer to that question depends upon your goals, budget, and audience, among other factors. Some strategies may work better for your business than others and may fit better with your budget.

If you work with a skilled and experienced digital marketing agency, they can help you figure out what strategies will help your home services company see success..

Earn more leads with home services marketing

At WebFX, we understand what it takes to drive results for home services companies.

Instead of wasting time and money on marketing efforts that don’t attract the right clients, our home services marketing agency will work to understand your business and design a custom plan designed to reach your best prospects online.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can use home services marketing to grow your business?

Contact WebFX today. We work with hundreds of businesses across the United States, and we’re excited to hear from you!

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