Internet Marketing for Pest Control Companies

Pest control used to be a very word-of-mouth industry when it came to getting new customers. You do a good job, people refer friends and family to you, and you get more business.

The Internet has changed that over the past few years. Now, people go to Google first and search for phrases like “best exterminator near [their city]” instead of asking friends and family for a recommendation.

It goes without saying that the Internet is an absolute gold mine for potential customers. However, you need to have a proper marketing strategy in place to turn search engine users into loyal, repeat customers.

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Below you can watch a short video about the differences between traditional marketing strategies and new marketing techniques! Find out why Internet marketing can make a difference for your pest control business. Then, you can read four simple Internet marketing techniques perfect for your company to implement!


What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is an umbrella term that refers to various online marketing channels.

Just like “traditional marketing” can describe radio ads, TV commercials, and newspaper ads, Internet marketing includes search engine marketing, online advertising, and social media management, among others.

Below, you’ll find the four most common areas of Internet marketing for pest control companies.

1. Web design and web development

Design and development are kind of like the precursors to Internet marketing. You need a website to send people to when they click on your advertisements, after all.

Web design and web development are responsible for the overall look, feel, and function of your company’s website. You need a website that’s easy to navigate, easy to understand, and quick to respond.

As a pest control company, you also want your website’s aesthetic to match the tone of your business. Pest control is no joking matter to most people, so you want to come across as appropriately professional and effective on your website.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is one method of generating traffic to your website. It’s the practice of optimizing and building your website so that it appears higher up in search engine rankings.

Much of SEO is based on the content that you have on your website, which gives pest control businesses a great opportunity to inform, educate, and build trust with potential customers. For example, you could have an entire section of your website dedicated to explaining how to recognize the signs of certain types of pests, or how to deal with minor issues that don’t require the help of a professional.

Another section could describe precautionary measures homeowners can take, or steps to take after an infestation has been identified.

All of this content establishes your business as an industry-leading authority, and gives potential customers a reason to do business with you over your competitors.

3. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of online advertising. You create ads that are displayed above Google search results for specific keywords or on social media pages, and you only pay when users actually click on those ads.

It’s a fantastic advertising model for companies with tight advertising budgets, because it gives you complete control over how much you’re spending.

It also gives you very actionable data. For example, if you publish a newspaper ad, you’re never going to know how many people saw it, and it can even be hard to tell which customers you acquired as a result of that ad.

With PPC advertising, you’re always going to know exactly how many potential customers viewed your ad, clicked on your ad, and so on.

4. Social media

Social media can be a huge deal for pest control businesses. Word of mouth has essentially gone digital, and taken the form of social media networks.

It’s extremely important to have your business listed on all relevant sites (Facebook, Google+, Yelp, etc), so that you can start collecting reviews from current and past customers.

Many people head straight to Facebook or Yelp when researching potential exterminators, and you want to make sure you’re ready and waiting with a five star rating.

northwest exterminating co. facebook page

Social media also gives you the capability to speak directly with your customers. If someone has an issue with your work, you can address and solve it publicly to demonstrate your stellar customer service. If someone loved the work you did, their sentiment is there for all to see.

Putting it all together

It’s important to know that the best and most effective Internet marketing strategies utilize a number of different online marketing channels.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution available, and each individual business should test various combinations of SEO, PPC, social media, and more to find what works best for their circumstances.

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