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3 Rehab Center PPC Tips: New LegitScript Certification Process

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great opportunity for companies to reach people that are the most interested in their products or services. For rehab centers, this was a method that was periodically unavailable due to scammers and third-party middlemen. Now, Google has created a better vetting process to help only certified rehab PPC ads appear in the search results.

On this page, we’ll discuss the certification process for your rehab center PPC ads and three tips to help you create effective PPC ads. Let’s get started! Don’t forget, WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides services to clients around the world! So whether you need PPC services in Cleveland or social media marketing in Charlotte, we have you covered!

How do I get my rehab PPC ads certified?

As stated above, Google banned rehab PPC ads because of scammers and third-party middlemen.

These were people who falsely advertised services they offered or advertised services they didn’t provide. This prompted Google to ban rehab PPC ads completely until they could figure out a proper vetting process to provide better results for their audience. This is where the LegitScript certification process came to life.

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What is LegitScript?

LegitScript is a website that certifies reliable pharmacies, supplements sellers, and online merchants to figure which businesses are legitimate and which are scams.

It helps people connect with businesses that are verified.

Regarding rehab centers, LegitScript is the only program that provides certification for Google. If you want to create a PPC ad on Google, you must go through LegitScript to get certified. A certification from LegitScript means that you can create advertising programs without being hindered.

LegitScript verifies numerous types of rehab centers.

They certify in-person addiction treatment centers as well as mutual support groups. LegitScript also verifies crisis hotlines.

Why should I get LegitScript certified for my rehab PPC ads?

Here are the many reasons you will want to get your rehab center LegitScript certified.

  1. You won’t need to worry about your ad campaigns shutting down

Google will shut down campaigns for rehab centers that aren’t certified. Even though they are allowing rehab centers to run PPC ads again, they are stricter about who can run ads on their platform. Google wants to provide the best results for their audience, and a LegitScript certification helps you prove to Google that you are a legitimate rehab center.

When you get LegitScript certified, you can feel confident with your PPC campaign. You won’t need to worry about your campaign being paused or shut down. It will provide your rehab center with peace of mind and open new doors to reaching people who need your services.

  1. Build trust with your audience

A LegitScript Certification builds trust with your audience. It lets them know that your rehab PPC ad is legitimate, and they can trust your rehab center. It will help more people feel confident about clicking on your ad.

This is beneficial for all your forms of advertising. If someone found your website in a list of search engine results, they can go to LegitScript’s site and plug in your URL. When you have a LegitScript certification, your website will be verified on their site.

So, if you are investing in search engine optimization (SEO), you will help build trust with your audience that finds you through the organic listings. A LegitScript certification proves to them that your site is reliable and trustworthy. They will choose your rehab center because they know it is verified.

At WebFX, we know how difficult it can be to market a drug rehab and addiction center. However, we have the client experience and the resources it takes to help you create an effective SEO campaign. Check out our helpful articles to learn more about marketing your addiction treatment center.

  1. You’re partnering with a trusted company

Google isn’t the only one that trusts LegitScript’s authority. Bing, Facebook, and Amazon are just a few examples of big companies that trust certification through LegitScript. By getting this certification for your rehab PPC ads, you’re going to build your own trust.

It also makes it easy for you to start advertising.

Since many of these advertising companies already trust LegitScript, it’s easy for you to run a campaign. They know you are valid by getting a certification from this company, so you won’t have a hard time advertising on their sites.

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How do you get certified?

A LegitScript certification will open new doors for your rehab center.

The first step to opening these doors is to start the certification process. LegitScript requires you to fill out an application to become certified. This company will then go through tests to make sure your rehab center complies with all mandatory laws.

They will look at your licensure, your legal compliance on controlled substances, the center’s disciplinary history, and eight other verifications. If your rehab center checks out for all 11 verifications, you will get LegitScript certified. This means that you can start running your rehab PPC ads.

WebFX has over 15 years of experience managing PPC ads. If you need additional information on how to run your own PPC ad using LegitScript, call us today or check out our numerous resources for marketing rehab centers online!

Is there a cost?

It is important to note that there will be a cost to getting LegitScript certified. The cost depends upon how many jurisdictions you operate in and licenses.

There are three categories of costs:

Category Application Fee Annual Fee
Category A $495 $995
Category B $745 $1,495
Category C $995 $1,995

You can learn more about which category your rehab center falls into by checking out LegitScript’s pricing here. It is also important to note that there is an application fee and an annual fee. The annual fee helps LegitScript continue to vet out companies that don’t meet their qualifications.

This fee is worth the cost, however, because it will keep your rehab center certified.

3 tips for creating PPC ads

Now that you can create your rehab PPC ads again, it’s important to produce an effective ad to reach your audience. Here are three quick tips to help you create an effective rehab PPC ad.

1. Use Google Ads ad extensions

Google Ads offers numerous extensions for businesses. It helps you create an ad that resonates better with your audience and provides them with valuable information. These ad extensions can help you create a better ad for your audience.

For example, you can use site link extensions to help guide your audience to pages that are more interesting to them. You may include links to your individual services or links to pages that provide your audience with more information. This is a great extension to help attract more people to your ad.

2. Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is an important part of PPC ads. You need to choose the right keywords for your campaign, so your rehab PPC ad appears in the right results. When you conduct keyword research, you want to focus on long-tail keywords.

These are keywords that contain three or more words, like “Rehab centers in Harrisburg, PA.” This is a very specific keyword that someone would type in to find a rehab center in Harrisburg. Long-tail keywords are better for your campaign because they attract more qualified leads. Your audience uses specific keywords to find what they need, so use these keywords to help them find your rehab center.

More specific keywords will help people find your rehab PPC ad.

3. Set your perimeters

If you want to have a successful rehab PPC ad, you need to set your perimeters. These are things that affect how your campaign runs.

One important perimeter is the time of day you want your ad to appear. You need to set your ad to appear when your leads are most likely to be online.

By doing this, you will connect with them better.

Another important perimeter is how long you want your ad to run. You can choose to run an ad for days, weeks, months, or until your budget runs out. It is up to your rehab center to decide the duration that is best.

By setting your ad perimeters, you will create a campaign that helps you reach more people looking for a rehab center.

Next steps

LegitScript certification opens new doors for your rehab center PPC campaign. You have a new opportunity to create PPC ads and reach more people who are interested in your services. By taking the time to get certified, you’ll help your audience build trust with your rehab center. How are you factoring in these new changes into your digital marketing plan?

Let us know in the comments below!

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