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Why PPC Is the Advertising Strategy You Need to Drive Revenue

Why PPC?

Kimball needs a new sink faucet for his bathroom, so he goes online to search for some options. As soon as he searches on Google, an ad for a sink faucet appears right at the top of search results. It fits what Kimball needs, so he clicks on it.

In the above scenario, someone gained a new lead — and possibly a conversion — because their paid ad appeared at the top of the search results. That situation is just one example of how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can generate stellar results for your online marketing. But why PPC?

Why not simply stick to other marketing and leave paid ads out of the equation? While you could certainly try that, it’s not advisable, as PPC is one of the most effective marketing strategies available. Read on for a full PPC explanation and list of PPC benefits.

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What is PPC?

To start off our PPC explanation, let’s look at what PPC marketing is and how it works? PPC is a digital marketing strategy that involves displaying paid ads at the top of Google search results.

These ads look like organic search results except for the “Ad” label in the top corner.   my local contractor roofing ppc ad

How does PPC work?

To launch a PPC campaign, you’ll have to set up an account in Google Ads. Once that’s done, you can start drawing up a list of keywords to target.

Choose keywords that are highly relevant to whatever you’re trying to sell. You can then bid on those keywords and tell Google how much you’re willing to pay to display ads for those keywords. When someone searches for a keyword, Google will display ads from amongst that keyword’s bidders based on two things:

  • Bid amount
  • Quality Score (Google’s assessment of an ad’s overall quality)

With good enough bid management and well-developed ads, you can get your ads showing at the top of all the right search results. Moreover, you only pay for them when people click on them!

Why is PPC important?

PPC is important because pay-per-click advertising allows for real-time control over your ad spend, ad targeting, and ad copy. With greater control in real-time, businesses can optimize ad performance to improve returns.

6 reasons why PPC is important

You now have a clear sense of what PPC is, but the question remains — why PPC?

As it happens, there are several perks of using PPC.

Here are six major benefits of PPC that make it well worth the time and investment:

1. PPC reaches a wide audience

One of the primary benefits of PPC is the fact that it allows you to reach an extremely large audience. Google is home to a vast amount of traffic — in fact, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, usually Google. With so many people conducting Google searches every day, you can see how getting your ads to the top of search results would be a huge benefit for your marketing.

Nearly everyone in your target audience will likely use Google daily, so PPC is the ideal way to reach them.

2. PPC is incredibly cost-effective

Another reason PPC is such a fantastic strategy is that it’s very cost-effective when done well. These ads are more cost-effective because you have full control over your budget. You don’t have to set bids any higher than you can afford, and you can run as many ads as you like.

In fact, you don’t have to have any specific budget amount at all, though whatever amount you do set will impact the success of your campaign. An additional contributing factor is the fact that you only pay for your ads when people click on them. That means you’re only paying for people most interested in your business, as long as you’re targeting the right keywords.

3. PPC can reach the right people

PPC doesn’t just help you reach a wide audience — it helps you reach the right audience. After all, you don’t want to target everyone with your ads. You’re marketing to a specific group of people, and PPC can help you target your ads exclusively to that group.

Within Google Ads, you have access to a variety of specialized targeting features. You can target users based on demographics like age or gender, by geographic location, or by whether they previously visited your site. Ultimately, PPC allows you to market to the people most likely to convert, driving up your revenue significantly.

4. PPC drives fast results

One of the most notable PPC benefits is that it can generate results quickly. Many other marketing strategies, such as SEO services, require you to wait awhile after launch to see results. Not PPC, though — as soon as you launch a campaign, it can start driving results.

The same day you launch an ad, that same ad could appear at the top of search results. The success of your PPC depends on how well you craft it, but a well-constructed PPC campaign can drive results quickly

5. PPC lets you measure results

Google Ads offers a variety of useful features, but one of the most advantageous features is that it provides metrics related to your ad performance. As you run your ads, Google will report back to you on which ads are driving results and which ones aren’t. You can view everything from click-through rate (CTR) to conversion rate to determine which ads are most effective.

Viewing those results not only keeps you in the know about the results you’re driving currently but tells you how you can optimize to improve those results.

6. PPC is easily testable and alterable

A final reason why PPC is such a valuable marketing strategy is that you can easily test and alter your PPC ads. This capability exists in large part due to the previous two benefits — its fast results and measurable metrics — working in tandem. Within Google Ads, you can easily test out adjustments to your ads.

You can launch a campaign to see how it performs and get results. Then, if it doesn’t perform well, you can stop running it. You can also pause or update underperforming ads quickly and easily.

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