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If you’re looking to attract more quality traffic to your rehab center’s website, PPC, or pay-per-click ads, could be the perfect solution.

The rehab industry is a competitive one, and PPC ads are an effective way to reach qualified traffic based on demographic, location and interests.

To learn more about how PPC ads can help your rehab center, read on!

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Why should your rehab center use PPC ads?

Helping your rehab center stand out among competition is just one of the ways you can benefit from PPC ads.

PPC is also beneficial because it’s advertising that you don’t pay for unless you see results – or in other words, you don’t pay the price for your ad unless it’s getting clicked on. This is hugely beneficial because it means you aren’t throwing money away on advertising that isn’t bringing traffic to your website.

Targeting is another huge benefit of PPC ads. Ad platforms allow you to target your perfect clients at the right time by allowing you to choose exactly who you want to see your ad, at what time of day, and what location. This means that you aren’t serving your ad to clients that will never convert, but to clients that are most likely to click your ad.

Another benefit of PPC is that it yields results in a relatively short amount of time. Where SEO can take a while to show results, PPC can start to show results the very next day.

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How does PPC work?

PPC is an advertising model that allows you to bid for placement in search engine results for specific keywords. In this auction, you choose how much you’re willing to spend for someone to click an ad for each keyword you want to target.

If your bid is among the highest, your ad will show at the top of search engine results for that keyword. Then, if a user clicks it, you’ll pay your bid amount — and the user will be taken to your site, where they can learn more about your rehab center or contact you.

As a rehab center, you can target your ads to those struggling with addiction or their loved ones. Both options are great for helping clients that need your professional support.

Best practices for rehab center PPC

You can use a few best practices that help your rehab center to grow with PPC ads.

Write great ad copy

It’s sometimes a challenge to write convincing ad copy when you have a limited amount of space to do so — but it’s extremely important to make your limited copy attractive to potential clients.

Be specific about what you offer

Instead of using generalized statements in your ad, be specific about your services and the types of support you offer. The more relevant your ad is to a user’s needs, the more likely they’ll be to click it.

Advertise locally

Given that location is a primary consideration for most of your potential clients, it’s important to use location-based targeting in your PPC ads.

Create ads for location-based searches, like “rehab center in [your city],” and you can be sure that your budget isn’t being spent on searchers on the other side of the world.

Use relevant landing pages

The landing page is one of the most important elements of a PPC campaign because it is where you can get a client to convert.

Your landing page should include a single call-to-action that draws attention to the action that you want your client to take. For example, a classic call-to-action is “Contact us!” or “Learn more!”

Your landing page should also include a for to capture client information so that you can contact them, an image to make your page more appealing and a brief description of what you’re offering.

When making your landing page, you should also consider A/B testing it to see what changes you could make to earn more clients.

For example, you could change the color of the button that visitors can click to email you to see what color performs better.

Become LegitScript certified

In order to protect those seeking treatment from scammers, it’s important that your rehab center becomes LegitScript certified. In order to do so, you’ll have to go through a vetting process to ensure that your center is legitimate. You’ll have to have a certification if you want to advertise your rehab center in Google or Facebook.

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