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70+ Facebook Ad Examples To Inspire Your Next Campaign

Facebook is a fantastic place to grow your online presence. Tools like paid advertising campaigns make it simple to reach your target audience — but what’s sometimes not-so-simple is creating your ad in the first place.

That’s why we’re here with 70+ Facebook ad examples to help inspire and get your creative juices flowing! Stay tuned as we cover:

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Facebook ad types

Before we dive into some Facebook ad examples, here’s a quick overview of the different types of Facebook ads you’ll encounter:

  • Image ads: Includes one static image with text
  • Video ads: Includes a video with text
  • Carousel ads: Includes multiple images that users can scroll through, along with text
  • Collection ads: Includes a banner image or video followed by a collection of static images below it, along with text

Facebook image ad examples

To kick off this list of Facebook ad examples, we’re keeping it simple – just like image ads! Facebook image ads are a great choice for any business just looking to promote their brand via paid social ads.

With image ads you can showcase products or services, accompanied by a caption and a call to action (CTA) button for increased conversion opportunities.

See how brands use these ads to their advantage with these Facebook image ad examples:

1. Adidas

adidas facebook image ad

2. Book of the Month

book of the month facebook image ad

3. Bose

bose facebook image ad

4. Coca-Cola

coca-cola facebook image ad

5. Culture Kings

culture kings facebook image ad

6. Etsy

etsy facebook image ad

7. Hulu

hulu facebook image ad

8. JBL

jbl facebook image ad

9. Lululemon

lululemon facebook image ad

10. Melting Pot

melting pot facebook image ad

11. Nike

nike facebook image ad

12. Panera Bread

panera bread facebook image ad

13. Paramount+

paramount+ facebook image ad

14. Poshmark

poshmark facebook image ad

15. Princess Cruises

princess cruise line facebook image ad

16. Starbucks

starbucks facebook image ad

17. TripAdvisor

tripadvisor facebook image ad

18. Walmart

walmart facebook image ad

Facebook video ad examples

Ready to step it up a notch? Try video ads, where instead of a static image, you can include an eye-catching video that keeps people’s attention for longer periods. Video ads are great for any business — product-driven brands can use videos to give closer looks at products while service-based businesses can use videos to show their service processes or employees in action.

See how brands make attention-grabbing videos with the Facebook video ad examples below:

19. Adobe

adobe creative cloud facebook video ad

20. Airbnb

airbnb facebook video ad

21. Amazon

amazon facebook video ad

22. Chipotle

chipotle facebook video ad

23. Crumbl Cookies

crumbl facebook video ad

24. Dollar Shave Club

dollar shave club facebook video ad

25. Dunkin’

dunkin facebook video ad

26. Dr. Squatch

dr squatch facebook video ad

27. Headspace

headspace facebook video ad

28. HelloFresh

hello fresh facebook video ad

29. Hydroflask

hydroflask facebook video ad

30. Marvel Studios

marvel studios facebook video ad

31. Max

max facebook video ad

32. Netflix

netflix facebook video ad


oofos facebook video ad

34. OREO

oreo facebook video ad

35. Prime Video

prime video facebook video ad

36. Spotify

spotify facebook video ad

37. Taco Bell

taco bell facebook video ad

38. The New York Times

the new york times facebook video ad

39. The North Face

the north face facebook video ad

40. Target

target facebook video ad

41. Wayfair

wayfair facebook video ad

Facebook carousel ad examples

Facebook carousel ads give marketers more room to be creative with how they present their brand. With multiple images, brands can:

  • Show off multiple products or services
  • List steps for a process (e.g. signing up for services)
  • Break up a larger image or banner into pieces
  • And more!

Check out how other brands are making the most of carousels with these Facebook ad examples:

42. Apple TVapple tv facebook carousel ad

43. Benefit Cosmetics

benefit cosmetics facebook carousel ad

44. Converse

converse facebook carousel ad

45. Costco

costco facebook carousel ad

46. DC

dc comics facebook carousel ad

47. DICK’S Sporting Goods

dicks sporting goods facebook carousel ad

48. Disneyland

disneyland facebook carousel ad

49. Ford Motor Company

ford motor company facebook carousel ad

50. Gatorade

gatorade facebook carousel ad

51. HOKA

hoka facebook carousel ad

52. Honda

honda facebook carousel ad

53. IKEA

ikea facebook carousel ad

54. Loop

loop facebook carousel ad

55. New Balance

new balance facebook carousel ad

56. Nordstrom

nordstrom facebook carousel ad

57. Outback Steakhouse

outback steakhouse facebook carousel ad

58. Rip Curl

rip curl facebook carousel ad

59. UPMC

upmc facebook carousel ad

60. Wicked Clothes

wicked clothes facebook carousel ad

Facebook collection ad examples

Facebook’s collection ads are a step up from carousel ads, with a primary banner image or video, followed by a carousel of images below it.

For clothing brands, collection ads are a convenient way to show off a specific line of merchandise. For others, these ads are an effective way to grab people attention with one image while still showing off multiple others.

Explore the different ways you can use collections to your advantage with these Facebook collection ad examples:

61. BloomChic

bloomchic facebook collection ad example

62. Culture Kings

culture kings facebook collection ad example

63. Dead Threads Apparel

dead threads apparel facebook collection ad example

64. Fitglow Beauty

fitglow beauty facebook collection ad example

65. HOKA

hoka facebook collection ad example

66. Linen & Homes

linen & homes facebook collection ad example

67. OAK

oak facebook collection ad example

68. Polène

polene facebook collection ad example

69. Primally Pure Skincare

primally pure skincare facebook collection ad example

70. Sephora

sephora facebook collection ad example

71. Sleepy Mountain

sleepy mountain facebook collection ad example

72. WB Shop

wb shop facebook collection ad example

4 tips for creating great Facebook ads

If you want to start creating show-stopping Facebook ads, there are a few things to remember. Keep these four tips in mind as you develop and launch your own Facebook ads.

1. Avoid text-heavy ads

No one like to read a lot when they don’t have to — emails, grammatical error-filled rants, directions, etc. The same goes for Facebook ads (or any ads, really).

When creating your next Facebook ad, keep the ad copy to a minimum. Make the necessary points and let your ad creatives do the rest of the talking. Your audience doesn’t want to feel like they have to do a lot of work just to look at your ad, so make it easy for them!

2. Show what makes you unique

Part of creating an ad campaign is hyping up your brand, and the best way to do that is to show off what makes you unique from others. On Facebook your competing with countless other brands for attention. Stand out by highlighting your unique selling points (USPs), like your expertise, product options, or even reviews!

Think of your ads as mini elevator pitches and let people know what makes your brand the best!

3. Know who you’re talking to

You’re audience needs to care about what you have to say in order for your ad to perform well. In order for them to care, you have to speak directly to them and appeal to their likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc.

This means knowing exactly who you’re targeting with each ad you create, that way you can ensure you’re creating personalized ad copy that’s relevant, timely, and helpful. If you don’t outline your target audience before creating an ad, it could feel directionless and disjointed, and ultimately perform poorly.

4. Give people a clear next step

The fun doesn’t have to end once someone’s seen your ad. Keep people engaged by including at clear CTA that gives them a next step, whether it’s “Explore our services!” or “Buy now!”

Having a CTA in your ad increases your chances of driving conversions and encouraging ad engagement. It tells audiences that you have more to offer than just an ad, and can sometimes be the thing that keeps them from scrolling away.

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

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Need more than Facebook ad examples to launch your campaign?

If you’re still struggling to create an ad campaign for your business, even with these Facebook ad examples, you can always partner with a facebook advertising agency, like WebFX. Our dedicated team of savvy social media specialists can help you launch numerous types of social media advertising to create revenue-driving campaigns. Call us at 888-601-5359 or contact us online to start building your strategy!