How Successful Is Internet Marketing?

If you’ve spent time researching Internet marketing, you may have read the widely-spread statistic that 97% of all Internet marketing initiatives fail.

That’s a bold statement — and it’s one that needs some serious data to back it up.

The only problem is that no one knows where the start came from in the first place!

Lots of websites talk about it, and marketers may give it some thought every now and again, but is it actually true?

We used some of our own data to put it to the test and show that the answer is no: 97% of Internet marketing does not fail.

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Internet marketing improvements of WebFX clients

Since the company’s founding in 1997, we’ve worked with lots of different clients. We started by delivering high-quality results to companies that wanted to improve their websites and drive more sales online.

And that’s something we continue to this day.

So with nearly 25 years of company experience, we think we’re qualified to draw on the results of our previous clients to see whether 97% of Internet marketing efforts fail.

Client #1: Ocean City, New Jersey

One of our biggest projects was with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Ocean City, New Jersey. They wanted to drive tourism to their city so they could help local businesses grow.

As a full-service Internet marketing agency, we knew there were many channels that could help them accomplish this goal.

We launched multiple projects for them, including a full website redesign that included responsive design for mobile compatibility. We also helped OCNJ promote different events in the community to drive lots of traffic both to their website and their town.

After we implemented the changes, the results spoke for themselves:

  • 87% increase in traffic
  • 129% increase in page views
  • 40% increase in conversions

That last stat is the one that helped earn OCNJ’s investment back — and then some. And considering they’re still using the same website, they’re still enjoying the same high conversion rate (and higher) that we earned at the beginning of the campaign.

Client #2: Sharretts Plating

Sharretts Plating is a small business in York, Pennsylvania that manufactures metal plating protection. They also develop proprietary plating that is unique to their company, making them one of the leaders in the industry.

Sharretts Plating wanted to get the word out about their company, so they partnered with us for an SEO campaign. We also redesigned their website to have a more modern feel to it, and we added tons of new content to their site.

After implementation, Sharretts Plating saw the results they wanted:

  • 270% increase in organic search engine traffic
  • 60% increase in quote requests

Again, that last number is critical. Sharretts plating earns money by getting new clients through quote requests. The more requests they get, the more customers they get. It’s just that simple.

Client #3: CJ Pony Parts

CJ Pony Parts is an online retailer of parts for Ford vehicles — namely, the Mustang.

They wanted their ecommerce business to grow, and that meant building a strong financial foundation with multiple strategies.

We worked with CJ Pony Parts to create SEO, PPC, and content marketing campaigns that delivered some huge results. We also redesigned their site to make it a little more user-friendly and engaging.

You can see the results for yourself:

  • 86% increase in organic search engine traffic
  • 386% increase in paid search traffic
  • 86% increase in mobile-only revenue
  • 31% increase in overall revenue

The 31% increase in overall revenue is a huge boost to CJ Pony Parts as a company. But the 86% increase to mobile-only revenue is also important.

It showed us that CJ Pony Parts’ customers weren’t just on their desktops, and they used their phones for more than just browsing.

We now know for sure that CJ Pony Parts has a huge customer base that prefers to use mobile devices. And since we helped them tap into that market, they’ve enjoyed the benefits.

Client #4: Ceramcor

Ceramcor is an ecommerce business that sells ceramic cookware.

They came to us looking for what any good business wants — more revenue.

With that in mind, we streamlined Ceramcor’s website to make it more user-friendly, especially for mobile customers. We also used Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to build a following and promote the company.

Just with those two factors — web design and social media marketing — we helped Ceramcor achieve some great results:

  • 60% decrease in bounce rate
  • 12% increase in conversion rate
  • 85% increase in annual revenue

It’s not every day you find a way to almost double your company’s revenue, and that’s what makes Ceramcor’s case so compelling. Their traffic is also much steadier with a 60% decreased bounce rate, and the 12% increase in conversions is a gift that continually pays dividends.

Internet marketing failure is much lower than 97%

The four above cases are just a sample of our clients, and we currently work with over 1000+ clients to improve their websites, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing each day.

If you want data from a larger sample size, we have hundreds of customer testimonials that are all testaments to the success of Internet marketing. And if you want to see examples of what Internet marketing entails, check out our extensive portfolio.

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