Online Recruitment Marketing Guide: Recruitment Lead Management

With an effective recruitment marketing strategy, your company will receive more applications than ever before. That means you have access to the candidates that can help your company succeed – but it also means that you need a lead management strategy for tracking and responding to all of them.

Table of Contents:
Using the Internet to Attract & Hire Talented Employees

  1. What is recruitment marketing?
  2. How to create a recruitment marketing strategy
  3. Creating recruitment-focused content
  4. Recruitment marketing and social media
  5. Recruitment lead management

What is lead management?

In your regular marketing strategies, lead management streamlines the process of tracking and analyzing your potential clients before responding accordingly. It helps keep your marketing and sales teams on the same page and prevents valuable leads from slipping through the cracks.

The same principles apply in recruitment marketing, except that instead of working with potential sales leads, you manage potential employees, which some businesses do via applicant tracking software.

But unlike sales leads, managing recruitment leads involves keeping detailed information on many individual people and selecting one (or a few) to hire. Even then, you may need to archive certain applicants with the intention of contacting them if a new position opens at a later time.

With lead pipeline management, this isn’t nearly as difficult as it might sound.

How to manage your recruitment leads

If you already have a lead management strategy in place for your company, you can use a similar one for your recruitment strategy. However, there are a few additional steps to consider.

Invest in lead management software

If you have a high number of job openings or anticipate lots of applications, it’s smart to invest in lead management software.

There are many options available online, but at WebFX, we use the lead management features in MarketingCloudFX. This lets us (and our clients) organize all of our leads in one place, so we don’t lose track of a single potential client or applicant.

Use email automation to follow up with your leads

Think back to your most recent experience as a job applicant. If you’re like most people, it involved lots of waiting – waiting to hear back from the company after you first applied, then waiting for a decision after your interview.

This is a long experience, and one that can be partially remedied with email automation.

Many companies (including WebFX) send each of their applicants an automated email as soon as they apply with an overview of their hiring process. These emails typically outline all the steps (ex. phone interview, in-person interview, written interview) and timeframes for each.

An email like this takes minutes to set up, and it can be extremely helpful to your applicants.

From there, you may also choose to add qualified applicants whom you don’t immediately hire to a list after informing them of your decision. You can send out emails to this list each time you post a new job that they might be interested in so that you don’t miss out on talent just because you didn’t have enough open positions when they applied.

Want to learn more about recruitment marketing?

At WebFX, we have years of experience creating successful recruitment marketing strategies for our clients. We’ve also used those same strategies to grow from a one-person web design agency to a team of over 120 Internet marketing experts.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use the Internet to reach more qualified applicants, we’d love to help. Contact us today for more information or a free quote!


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