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Best Applicant Tracking Systems: Six Top Recruitment Software Options

Choosing from the best applicant tracking systems is no small feat.

Lisa recently posted a job opportunity at her company.

She was only expecting a dozen applicants, but ended up getting over 50! Lisa immediately feels overwhelmed trying to sort through the applications, finding the most qualified candidates, and set up interviews.

Applicant tracking software could have saved Lisa the trouble of trying to wade through applications.

With dozens of options on the market, it’s challenging to know which one is best for your business. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best applicant tracking system options for your business, including: 

  1. BambooHR
  2. Workable
  3. Bullhorn
  4. JazzHR
  5. Pinpoint
  6. SmartRecruiter

Keep reading to learn more about your recruitment software options!

Recruitment software option #1: BambooHR

Price: Contact for a quote (free trial available) First on our list of the top applicant tracking programs is BambooHR. This program makes it easy for you to bring a modern approach to your hiring process.


Homepage for BambooHR recruitment software

BambooHR provides an applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows you to recruit candidates and narrow your focus to your most qualified candidates.

From application to job offer, this is one of the best ATS systems, allowing you to create continual communication between your company and applicants. If you have multiple team members helping to make your hiring decisions, you can seamlessly communicate with team members through every step.

BambooHR allows you to leave notes on a candidate’s profile where you can discuss setting up interview times, looking at the applicants’ qualifications, and more.

In addition, here are some great features you’ll get with this software:

  • Automated, customizable offer letter templates
  • Mobile app for tracking candidates on the go
  • New hire onboarding programs

Recruitment software option #2: Workable

Price: Contact for a Quote Another option for recruitment software is Workable. Workable enables you to promote your brand and job openings to prospects, whether they’re actively seeking a job or passively looking.


Homepage for Workable recruitment software  

Workable enables you to find and attract candidates by creating one-click job postings across hundreds of websites.

This feature allows you to target candidates where they spend their time, so you can get qualified candidates to apply for your openings. This recruitment software enables you to build a career page where you can host your jobs openings and create a dedicated page that provides all the details of your available jobs.

You can share this page to your social channels, too, to help reach more candidates.

Workable will also help you collaborate with team members to evaluate candidates and deliver feedback on who’s suitable for the role. Some other features you’ll get with this recruitment software are:

  • Custom templates for building applicant pages
  • Mobile app for recruiting and managing candidates on the go
  • Setting hiring team access and roles for smooth performance
  • Bulk communication to candidates to keep applicants in the loop

Recruitment software option #3: Bullhorn

Price: Contact for a quote One of the best applicant tracking systems available to your business is Bullhorn. Bullhorn enables you to recruit better applicants for your company through their ATS system.


Homepage for Bullhorn recruitment software

Bullhorn enables you to build better relationships with candidates to make them feel involved and informed during the recruitment process.

This applicant tracking software makes it easy for you to identify suitable candidates by selecting keywords. When scanning resumes, you can pinpoint critical key terms that Bullhorn can look for to help you whittle down your list of qualified applicants.

Once you have your list of candidates, you can use Bullhorn to schedule interviews for these candidates.

You can leave notes and feedback on candidates for your team of recruiters to view.

This feature makes it easy for you to track candidates throughout the interview process. Some other great features of Bullhorn include:

  • Extract candidate information from job boards
  • Pre-populated fields for resumes
  • Candidate searching to find a shortlist of suitable applicants

Recruitment software option #4: JazzHR

Price: $39-$339 per month Next on our list of the top applicant tracking programs is JazzHR. JazzHR is an excellent solution for companies looking to post job openings and track candidates as they apply for the open positions.


Homepage for JazzHR recruitment tool

With the JazzHR Plus plan, you get unlimited users and job postings, making it easy to post however many jobs you need. Additionally, JazzHR enables you to create a custom hiring process specific to your business, whether you have two steps or ten.

This feature makes it easy for you to build a recruitment process that’s successful for your company.

A few key features from this top applicant tracking program include:

  • Automatically assign tasks to recruitment team members
  • Feedback loops that allow your team members to comment directly on candidate profiles
  • Auto-send emails to candidates as they proceed through the application process

Recruitment software option #5: Pinpoint

Price: Contact for quote Another one of the best applicant tracking software options for your business is Pinpoint. Pinpoint enables you to find qualified candidates to fill your job openings.


Homepage for Pinpoint recruitment software

With Pinpoint, you can attract the most qualified candidates for your job openings. Pinpoint makes it easy to post your job openings on over 1000 job boards across the web.

You can also create a branded, customized careers page that helps entice candidates to apply to your openings.

Additionally, Pinpoint allows you to create custom application forms to get the information you need from candidates.

It enables you to streamline the hiring process to hire more qualified candidates for your open positions. Some additional features you’ll get with one of the best recruiting software options include:

  • Multilingual candidate forms
  • Programmatic recruitment advertising
  • Employee referral options

Recruitment software option #6: SmartRecruiters

Price: Contact for quote Last on our list of the best recruiting software options is SmartRecruiters. This software breaks down its services into three categories: Attract, select, and hire.


Homepage for SmartRecruiters recruitment software

With attracting, SmartRecruiters enables you to reach the right communities to get qualified candidates. They offer talent sourcing features that allow you to build a career website, promote it, and effectively recruit candidates.

At the select part of the process, SmartRecruiters enables you to track the application status for multiple candidates.

You can see new applications, who’s been interviewed, or who you’ve passed on for positions.

Lastly, with the Hire feature, you can create a seamless and easy journey for new candidates.

From creating hiring plans to doing background screening, you can get new hires up and working in no time. Some additional features you’ll find helpful with this applicant tracking software include:

  • Recruiting qualified candidates using AI software
  • Ability to send text messages to qualified candidates
  • Advertising promotion of open positions

A compliment to the best applicant tracking software: Recruitment marketing services

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