Online Recruitment Marketing Guide: Recruitment-Focused Content

When qualified applicants search for job openings, your site needs to show up in search results. The best way to make this happen is with in-depth content about your employment opportunities and company culture.


Table of Contents:
Using the Internet to Attract & Hire Talented Employees


  1. What is recruitment marketing?
  2. How to create a recruitment marketing strategy
  3. Creating recruitment-focused content
  4. Recruitment marketing and social media
  5. Recruitment lead management

“Employment” or “Careers” pages

If a potential applicant visits your site because they’re specifically interested in working for your company, they’ll likely look in your footer or navigation for a page titled “employment” or “careers.” Most companies already have a page like this – so if you don’t, your first step is to add one.

However, this page shouldn’t just be a list of job openings and qualifications. It should highlight the daily responsibilities of each position, the type of candidates you want, and what sets the position apart from others in your industry.

You should also spend time writing detailed job descriptions that not only outline day-to-day tasks, but also how those tasks fit into your company goals as a whole.

From there, you can highlight benefits unique to your company. Of course, the content here depends on the perks you offer your employees – but it’s worth your time to write engaging descriptions of your workspace and anything else that sets your company apart as well.

Culture pages

Company culture is increasingly important to job seekers across all industries. Your potential applicants want to know what it’s really like to work at your company and what kind of work environment they can expect.

You can start by creating pages that outline your mission and values, then build the rest of your content based on your culture. This may mean highlighting volunteer opportunities, explaining your goals for your team, or even showcasing industry awards.

Essentially, you have plenty of room to be creative – and you should use it!

Visual content

It’s one thing to write about how great it is to work for your company, but it’s much more effective to show it. Your potential applicants are likely visiting several other sites in their job-seeking process, and visual content will help you make a lasting impression.

There are many ways to do this on your site, but photos are one of the easiest and most compelling ways to give site visitors an idea of what working at your company is really like. This is especially useful if you have regular company events and other photo-worthy moments.

You can include these photos throughout your employment page and even have a separate page dedicated to them. In our case, we chose to create a photo journal that highlights certain aspects of our culture – but yours doesn’t have to be that involved. Your best choice is whatever fits and showcases the personality of your company.

If you don’t have photos or videos of your employees, office, or events, it’s worth your time to take some. Having photos on hand is not only good for recruitment marketing purposes, but also showing potential clients who they’re working with when they sign on with your company.

Essentially, adding photos to your site is a win-win. If this isn’t part of your existing strategy, we recommend having someone on your team responsible for photographing events and even capturing candid moments around your office.


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