B2B Email Marketing Services: Full-Service Solutions for SMBs

From design to strategy to copy to distribution, your business gets a turnkey solution to business-to-business (B2B) email marketing with WebFX. Start attracting, nurturing, and converting more high-value leads with our B2B email marketing services for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) by viewing our plans or requesting a proposal!

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Basic Plan

$300 / month
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  • 1 email
  • Basic creative graphics for visual engagement (up to two per email)
  • Split testing subject lines
  • Email coding

Market Leader Plan

$600 / month
Send me a proposal
  • Up to 2 emails
  • Conversion tracking
  • List split testing
  • Monthly / quarterly lead generation reports

Enterprise Plan

$1,200 / month
Send me a proposal
  • Up to 4 emails
  • Campaign & target strategy
  • Call tracking
  • Website signup implementation

Make email marketing easy with turnkey B2B email marketing services

Get all the advantages of B2B marketing, from more leads to shorter sales cycles, with our turnkey B2B email marketing services.

With our B2B email marketing plans, your business receives:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom strategy, including for audience targeting
  • Professional email template design
  • Ongoing A/B testing
  • Email distribution
  • Quarterly and monthly lead generation reports
  • [Optional] Professional email copywriting
  • And more

Lead your business to more qualified leads, shorter sales cycles, and increased market share with B2B email marketing services from WebFX.

Contact us online or give us a ring at 888-601-5359 to learn more about partnering with our B2B email marketing agency!

[WebFX] does everything right, from customer service, to product integrity, and the investment with them is well worth the return; the amount of phone and email traffic we’ve been receiving from potential customers, especially those who “found us via web search” has sky-rocketed thanks to them, and that’s truly invaluable!

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View B2B email marketing packages from WebFX

With our B2B email marketing agency, your business can choose from two B2B email marketing plans:

No matter which plan you choose, your company can also take advantage of our competitively priced email distribution plans. These plans, one for existing clients and one for non-clients, offer cost-effective rates (they beat Constant Contact and Mailchimp) for sending emails to 100,000+ subscribers.

Check out our packages for B2B email marketing now — and contact us online if you have questions!

Fully managed with client-provided copywriting

With our fully managed, client-provided copywriting B2B email marketing services, your business provides the copy for each email. Based on your plan, your company will write email copy on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Fully managed with professional copywriting

With our fully managed, professional copywriting B2B email marketing services, your business gets professional, on-brand email copy from our in-house writing and editing team. Since we feature more than 100 specialized content writers, we can match you with the perfect writer for your industry.

Custom email solutions are available at $120 per hour



Email distribution for existing clients

With our email distribution services, our B2B email marketing company provides your business with a cost-effective way to send emails to thousands of recipients. Keep in mind that the following rates apply to current WebFX clients.

Includes automated email validation

Email distribution for non-clients

With our email distribution services for non-clients, businesses managing their B2B email marketing strategy in-house can use our email marketing platform, EmailMarketingFX, to send thousands of emails at a cost-effective rate.

What do B2B email marketing services from WebFX include?

You will check every item off your list for B2B email marketing services with our plans, which include:

  • Professional emails
  • Email template
  • Email campaign and targeting strategy
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics tracking
  • Email distribution
  • Website sign-up implementation
  • Subscriber list management
  • Quarterly and monthly reporting
  • [Optional] Professional copywriting

Keep reading to learn more about these deliverables!

Professional emails

With our B2B email marketing plans, your business can choose from quarterly or monthly plans.

As a part of our quarterly B2B email marketing service, we develop at least one email per quarter for your business. Your dedicated WebFX account manager will research your business and target audience, as well as chat with you about your goals to develop an appropriate topic for the email.

Should you opt for our monthly B2B email marketing plans, we’ll produce up to four emails per month for your business. Keep in mind that if you use our client-provided copywriting packages, your team will need to write the email copy.

If you don’t have the time to write that much copy, think about our professional copywriting plans!

Email template

The look and feel of your email can push or pull business buyers to your brand. That’s why our full-service B2B email marketing services include a basic email template, which works on desktops, laptops, and smartphones so that people can view your emails on any device.

You can customize this template to your business or ask our in-house design team for help.

With the support of our award-winning design team, your company can launch its email marketing campaign with a professional, on-brand design that uses best practices for email marketing, engagement, and conversions.

Email campaign and targeting strategy

As a part of your B2B email marketing plan, your business will also receive a custom email campaign and targeting strategy. Your dedicated WebFX account manager will develop your approach by talking with you to learn about your audience, goals, and more.

While this process may seem time-intensive, educating your account manager about your business, industry, audience, and goals allows your account manager to build a better campaign and targeting strategy so you can achieve better results.

A/B testing

Continuous A/B testing helps your company:

  • Understand your audience better
  • Improve your open rates
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • And more

Essentially, when it comes to email marketing, A/B testing is a smart move.

That’s why our B2B email marketing services include A/B testing for:

  • Subject lines
  • Subscriber lists

With proactive A/B testing, your dedicated account manager can help your business refine its subscriber lists, so you send the right emails to the right people at the right time. That translates to more leads for your company — and a higher return on investment (ROI) from email marketing.

Analytics tracking

Data is critical to every digital marketing strategy, including email marketing.

That’s why our B2B email marketing packages track the following metrics:

  • Open rates
  • Click rates
  • Conversions
  • Calls
  • And more

For some of these metrics, like calls and conversions, we use our proprietary marketing platform: MarketingCloudFX. MarketingCloudFX includes several tools, like CallTrackerFX and CompanyTrackerFX, that help your business see the relationship between offline and online user actions.

Besides MarketingCloudFX, our B2B email marketing agency will ensure your email campaign data gets sent to Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can see how much traffic email generates for your site, as well as how much of that traffic becomes revenue.

Email distribution

With EmailMarketingFX, another MarketingCloudFX tool, your business gets a cost-effective solution to email distribution. EmailMarketingFX allows your company to send emails to more than 100,000 recipients at a rate that beats other providers, like Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

Besides offering a cost-effective solution to email distribution, EmailMarketingFX also allows your business to keep all its email marketing efforts within a single space. You don’t have to move between platforms or set up different payment methods — it’s all in one place with one login.

Website sign-up implementation

All email marketing strategies need a plan for attracting subscribers.

That’s why our B2B email marketing services include website sign-up implementation. With this deliverable, your account manager uses their knowledge of your business, industry, audience, and goals to develop a strategy for generating subscribers.

For instance, if your company maintains a blog, your account manager may suggest adding:

  • A sign-up field at the bottom of your blog to receive the latest blog updates
  • A pop-up on specific posts that invites users to download a related guide

You don’t have to worry about applying these updates, either. Since we maintain an in-house design and development team, our B2B marketing agency can take care of adding these features for you, whether you have a WordPress, HTML, Shopify, or another type of site.

Subscriber list management

While quantity matters in email marketing, quality matters more.

Your business shouldn’t waste its marketing spend sending emails to users with zero intention of becoming clients. Instead, you want to invest your marketing spend in delivering emails to qualified users.

That’s why your dedicated account manager provides subscriber list management.

With subscriber list management, your account manager filters spam emails, competitor emails, and other unqualified emails from your lists. These filters do not remove the emails from your subscriber list but instead allow you to exclude these users when sending emails.

Quarterly and monthly reporting

Providing company decision-makers with updates about your email marketing strategy is easy with our quarterly and monthly reporting. Within these reports, you can see overviews and in-depth analysis of your campaigns and their performance.

View these reports and get quick answers to questions like:

  • How many sales or leads did our emails generate?
  • How does our email performance compare to the previous period?
  • Is our campaign on track to reach our overall email marketing goals?
  • And more

You can also log in to MarketingCloudFX (anytime and on any device) to view your email marketing data. Even better, you can use MarketingCloudFX to access other digital marketing data, which you can use to create a complete picture of your online marketing performance.

[Optional] Professional copywriting

With our B2B email marketing plans, your business can also take advantage of our professional copywriting services. These services, which are built-in to your package, let you get all the benefits of a professional copywriter and editor.

Together, your professional copywriter and editor will produce email content that matches:

  • Your email’s content topic
  • Your brand’s voice and style guide
  • Your audience’s familiarity with a concept

Since we have more than 450+ content writers and specialize in B2B marketing, we can partner your business with a content writer familiar with your industry. For your team, that translates to less work and worry.


We Form

Longterm Partnerships

Over 90% of WebFX clients continue partnering with us into year 2 of their campaign.

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What types of B2B email marketing campaigns can WebFX create?

With our B2B email marketing company, your business can send a variety of campaigns, including:

If you have questions about a specific campaign you want to create, contact us online to speak with a strategist!

Why do SMBs partner with WebFX for B2B email marketing services?

When it comes to B2B email marketing services, SMBs choose WebFX because we:

Offer a turnkey solution

Email marketing comes with several moving parts, from design to development to marketing to copy. That’s a lot for one person to manage, as well as coordinate across departments, which is why our B2B email marketing packages aim to provide a turnkey solution.

With WebFX, you don’t have to worry about asking your in-house developer for help or finding a freelance writer. Instead, you can rely on your dedicated account manager to check tasks off your to-do list.

Maintain a full-service team

Partnering with WebFX provides you access to a full-service agency.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we maintain all the skills, services, and resources you need to market your business online. Whether you’re focused on B2B email marketing or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, we can help.

For example, with our full-service B2B email marketing services, you get a team that includes:

  • Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • And more

No matter your needs, our award-winning team of specialists can help. That kind of support is invaluable, as demonstrated by our more than 785 testimonials, which highlight the support, initiative, and expertise of our team.

Provide all-in-one marketing analytics software

With our B2B email marketing packages, your business can say goodbye to logging in and out of multiple analytics platforms. Instead, MarketingCloudFX provides you with an all-in-one dashboard for your online performance.

Besides highlighting the results of your digital marketing efforts, MarketingCloudFX also offers insight.

MarketingCloudFX uses IBM Watson, one of the most advanced artificial intelligence applications available, and billions of industry-specific data points to provide data-backed recommendations for your strategies.

Thanks to our team’s expertise and the power of MarketingCloudFX, we’ve helped our clients earn:

  • $2.4 billion in revenue
  • 6.3 million leads
  • 4.2 million phone calls

That’s in just the past five years, too!

Bring 25 years of experience

When it comes to full-service B2B email marketing services, you want an experienced partner that will manage your strategy and campaigns successfully. At WebFX, we bring more than 25 years of experience to email marketing in the B2B sector.

We also feature one of the most experienced digital marketing teams.

With more than 450+ team members (who bring over 1.6 million hours of expertise to online marketing), we partner you with a dedicated account manager that understands your industry and B2B email marketing — as demonstrated by our impressive results from the past five years.

Deliver unmatched client satisfaction

Results are only part of the equation when it comes to B2B email marketing services.

Service also matters, and our team excels. Besides maintaining a 91% client retention rate (the industry average is around 50%), our B2B email marketing company features a client recommendation score that beats the industry average by 488%.

Explore our client testimonials and case studies to see why our clients recommend and stick with us!

Attract and nurture more leads with B2B email marketing services

With email marketing, your company can:

  • Attract more top-of-the-funnel users
  • Nurture top-of-the-funnel users into qualified leads
  • Deliver more educated and ready-to-buy leads to your sales team
  • Generate more revenue

At WebFX, our B2B email marketing services help your business achieve those goals.

Work with our experienced agency to give your company the tools to accomplish its email marketing goals (and ROI benchmarks) with full-service B2B email management that includes a custom strategy, dedicated account manager, regular reporting, and more.

Contact us online or give us a ring at 888-601-5359 today to request a proposal!

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