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In today’s digital age, the healthcare industry needs to have a robust marketing strategy to educate its audience, engage with prospects, and nurture relationships with patients.

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 adversely affected the marketing world, but the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries remained stable: US healthcare companies’ average marketing budget was consistent at $7.7 million.

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5 Healthcare marketing examples

Here are five healthcare marketing examples to inspire your next campaign:

  1. Content marketing and online community by The Mayo Clinic
  2. Social media live videos by Arkansas Children’s Hospital
  3. Social media marketing by Carilion Clinic
  4. Thought leadership and podcasting by Cleveland Clinic
  5. Video marketing by New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Let’s go through each of these healthcare marketing campaigns.

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1. Content marketing and online community by Mayo Clinic

A healthcare provider with patients from 150 countries worldwide, Mayo Clinic nurtures relationships with its existing customers and prospects through digital marketing.

If you’re looking for healthcare content marketing examples, look no further than Mayo Clinic’s blog. Called Sharing Mayo Clinic, it tells heartwarming success stories of its patients and their family members, and staff.

By sharing its patients’ stories, Mayo Clinic fosters trust among prospects and customers. Sharing Mayo Clinic is also an avenue where it highlights its marketing messages of compassionate healthcare practice, and comprehensive tests and treatments.

content marketing healthcare example

Mayo Clinic also has a digital platform where patients and caregivers can connect with one another. Called Mayo Clinic Connect, the online community lets its members ask questions, give support, and share experiences.

online community healthcare example

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2. Social media live videos by Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Dubbed #100DeadliestDays, Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s social media campaign aimed to raise awareness about the increased death risk of children and teenagers from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The hospital used a catchy hashtag, shared safety facts and tips on social media, and published live videos. Live videos engage audiences and let brands interact with their audience in real-time.

live video healthcare example

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3. Social media marketing by Carilion Clinic

Carilion Clinic also used social media for a healthcare marketing campaign. Using the hashtag #YesMAMM, which is a contraction of “Yes to mammogram,” Carilion Clinic raised awareness about breast cancer and how early detection through mammograms can help fight the disease. The campaign also encouraged the women in Roanoke Valley to get mammograms.

They used the hashtag to answer common breast cancer questions on Twitter. Later, they used the same hashtag on social media posts busting breast health myths. The campaign also encouraged user-generated content, with Carilion Clinic asking its audience to share their stories about breast cancer.

social media healthcare marketing example

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4. Thought leadership and podcasting by Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials blog provides helpful information to its audience. Aside from having a solid content marketing strategy for its website, the clinic also has a thought leadership marketing strategy, which uses a podcast with the same title.

Its podcast episodes feature the doctors and researchers from its organization, thus establishing its team as experts in their fields. You can stream its podcast through different podcast hosting platforms and its blog, where a transcript of the episode is also available. This is a clever use of multichannel marketing!

thought leadership example in healthcare

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5. Video marketing by New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Did you know that adults in the U.S. spend an average of 3.5 hours per day watching videos? It makes sense to have a video marketing strategy if you want your audience to retain your messages and engage with your brand.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital used the power of video through its “Amazing Things Are Happening Here” campaign. The videos showcased testimonials of its patients and how the healthcare provider helped them live. Testimonials are powerful and give your business a better image.

Inspired by these healthcare marketing examples?

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