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10 Steps to Ultra-Long Content (10,000+ Words)

Your Guide to Unbeatable Content Marketing

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10 Steps to Ultra-Long Content

Creating fresh, original content is one of the biggest challenges facing Internet marketers today.

It's harder each and every day, too. With every hour, more marketers publish more content, which makes it harder for other marketers to attract an audience online.

The most popular solution to this problem is to write ultra-long, ultra-informative, ultra-helpful content that blows other content out of the water.

But that's easier said than done. And every day, marketers raise the bar for high-quality content.

Fortunately, creating high-quality content is possible. In fact, when you break it down to individual parts, it's almost easy.

With the 10 steps below, you can create ultra-long, 10,000+ word content faster than your competitors, making you the king of information in your industry.

We'll also cover how you can use this strategy to create all types of content, giving you a huge edge over your competition with almost unlimited potential for growth.

Table of Contents

1. Keyword Research
2. Content Format Planning
3. Production Budgeting
4. Process Drafting
5. Text Outlining
6. Drafting
7. Editing
8. Publication
9. Outreach
10. On-Site Promotion
11. WebFX: Content Marketing Specialists

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