Facebook Advertising 101: Ad Creation

Facebook has a streamlined system for creating ads that's easy to learn and use. You just have to follow their steps!

Step 1: Create a page for your company

Step 2: Create a Facebook campaign


Step 3: Create your ad objective

Step 4: Add all relevant information

Step 5: Create your ad set

Step 6: Add all relevant information

Step 7: Create your ad set

Step 8: Review your ads reach

Step 9: Continue to ad creative


Step 10: Choose your ad’s appearance

Step 11: Select to add image or video

Step 12: Connect your ad to your page

Step 13: Create a concise, descriptive headline and text

Step 14: Choose your call to action

Step 15: Determine your audience


Step 16: Determine ad placement

Step 17: Review your order

Step 18: Track your ad’s performance; how much do you average for a new conversion / email subscriber?

  1. Look at your profit from one customer
  2. Compare to your ad cost
  3. Divide profit / ad cost
  4. Look at the resulting number (X)
  5. That means if 1 / X people buy your product from ads, your ads are profitable


Step 19: Adapt and improve based on your data

As you review your ad performance, you should keep in mind that conversion rates from Facebook traffic are often less than 1%.

That means that if 1000 people view your ad, fewer than 10 of them will likely convert into paying customers.

But that’s only an average, and you can improve your conversion rate by repeatedly testing and optimizing your ads.

Plus, you have to start somewhere. And the sooner you start, the sooner you can work on improving your campaigns for the best possible results. With that in mind, it’s in your company’s best interest to start advertising on Facebook as soon as possible.

Now that you have the basics down, let’s look at the specific requirements for ads on Facebook.

Facebook Ad Specifications


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