8 Actionable Social Media Tips for Franchises

Social media is one of the fastest-growing channels you can use to market your business. With over 2.3 billion users active on social media, it only makes sense to advertise on some of the busiest sites on the Internet.

On this page, we’ll go over a few general strategies and tips for marketing your franchise on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Regardless of the platforms you choose to include in your plan, there is a wide range of best practices used to make your social media marketing campaign for your franchise a success. If you'd like to talk to a professional before reading on, you can reach us at 888-601-5359.

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Actionable tips for your franchise

If you're looking to take action and make your franchise's social media strategy stronger than ever, follow along with our tips.

1. Create separate accounts

You should consider having a different social media account on each platform you use for each branch of your franchise. Social media is great for posting special offers or daily deals, and to do this successfully, each branch needs its own place to do so.

Though your franchise will probably have an official brand account on each platform, you can use your individual branch accounts to post events that are only happening at one specific location.

2. Connect with your audience

As the name implies, one of the main objectives of social media is to be social and connect with other users. You should be doing just that for your franchise!

You want to ensure that your branch is reachable, reliable and able to be contacted by always responding to comments and messages in a timely manner. When these things go seemingly unnoticed, potential customers will think you are either lazy or unavailable.

Be sure to also put your social media information on your website and at the end of your marketing materials on other channels, like email newsletters. This lets your potential customers know that you are available through many different outlets.

3. Don’t ignore your franchise’s quirks

Be as real as you can to the world on the other side of your computer screen. Don’t hide who your company is – people want to know you!

For example, if your company is famous for a certain tone or sense of humor, it should translate to your social media posts as well! Social media acts as a place to give your brand some personality, and that’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

When you are genuine and honest in showing the world just what your company looks like, quirks and all, they will be more willing to get to know you better and enjoy your unique company.

Being unique is also a great way to build brand awareness!

4. Set clear social media goals

It is nearly impossible to have a successful social media campaign without knowing what your goals are. This means determining ahead of time what you hope to accomplish with each platform.

You should also ensure that you aren’t posting the same content everywhere, but rather content that speaks to users on each platform. For example, Twitter is used for short pieces of information, and is generally a casual platform. This makes it a great place to share special offers or promotions, but with a relatively casual tone.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is designed for professionals looking to advance their careers or research other businesses. This means that while it isn’t ideal for sharing offers or sales, it could be the perfect place to share your company’s latest webinar or presentation.

Consider your purpose for social media. If you are just using it to gain traffic for your site, you are doing it wrong. You should also be providing informational resources to your followers so that you create a positive brand awareness.

5. Don’t post too much

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your site and to set visitors on the path to conversion. However, one thing that can quickly kill the productivity of social media is posting too frequently.

If someone’s newsfeed is a never-ending stream of posts from your company, they will not only unfollow you, but the consideration to utilize your franchise will likely decrease. Most social platforms are designed for occasional updates, not constant advertisements.

6. Analyze different platforms

In order to use social media to its fullest potential, analyze your accounts on each platform and determine which is most effectively helping you reach your goals.

For example, if you notice that your Twitter posts are getting more retweets than your Facebook posts are getting shares, consider changing the material you are posting on Facebook. Think about whether or not your material is appealing to the correct demographic for the platform and make changes accordingly. On the other hand, if your retweets are through the roof, consider putting out more similar material more often.

If you see that one platform in particular isn’t getting any attention, for example, the blogs that you’re posting on LinkedIn, contemplate whether or not you should put your time and energy into writing blogs that nobody is liking, sharing or reading.

7. Produce a set of clear guidelines

This is especially important for a large team. If there is more than one person working on the social media side of things for your franchise, you should definitely have a set of guidelines for social media. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page when posting to social media.

This could include a general style guide, and rules for responding to customer posts and comments.

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8. Explore your options

Many franchises choose to stick with only one or two social media platforms – typically Facebook and Twitter.

However, if you are looking to get the maximum benefits for your company from social media, you should test out as many platforms as possible. This means that even if your in-house team isn’t sure how to use Instagram for marketing, find someone to do some research, figure it out, and get posting!

Some overlooked social media platforms include LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Though there may be such a thing as too much posting, there will never be such a thing as making yourself known on as many social media platforms as possible. It’s good marketing!

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