Top 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Content Marketing

Social media has been a valuable tool in all kinds of marketing initiatives, including content marketing. What better way to share new content with your followers than on a channel that makes it easy for them to engage with your organization? Plus, they can even share it with their followers to get even more recognition!

Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social networks in the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best.

However, LinkedIn — one of the most overlooked sites—can potentially deliver exceptional results for content marketing. In addition to being a social network for professionals, LinkedIn is also a trusted source of premium content on business topics.

If you want to use LinkedIn for content marketing, this is how you can start right away. To learn more, keep reading, and give us a call at 888-601-5359.

1. Publish original content

A few years ago, LinkedIn introduced a publishing platform to let users post blogs, articles, and other content right on their accounts.

That means you could create content right on LinkedIn that people could constantly see when they went to your page. It’s like creating a series of long, in-depth Facebook posts that never go away.

You can use that phenomenal resource by publishing original content.

Write about the topics that interest your customers, but put some of the focus on what resonates with your colleagues. Write about trends in your industry. Publish a recent case study about how you solved a customer’s problem. Don’t try to replace your blog with LinkedIn—instead, treat the site as a supplement to your content strategy. Besides, your blog will be essential to completing this next tip.

2. Share new content

LinkedIn’s publishing platform is a great channel to add to your content marketing strategy, but it’s only an addition — it’s not meant to replace other content platforms.

When you post content on other sites, LinkedIn is still a great way to share it with other people. Your followers still see your account’s updates, and that means you have a regular audience waiting to hear from you, just like on Facebook and Twitter.

Every time you publish an infographic, write a guest blog post, or make a guide, post the link to your LinkedIn page. After all, those are the people who will most appreciate it — professionals in your industry.

In addition, you should encourage people to like, share, and comment on it. Include an introductory comment to spark conversation, and share it with the people who want to learn more.

The discussion will not only increase activity on your account, but could spill over into your other online entities.

In order to ensure that you’re posting enough fresh content, try creating a social media content calendar.

3. Participate in LinkedIn discussions

Some discussions on LinkedIn are almost exclusively professional because of how the social network is designed. That means it’s a great place for you to talk about your expertise and compare ideas with others in your industry.

Contribute to discussions where you can add something meaningful to the conversation. Talk about real-life applications of ideas or concepts, ask questions about other people’s posts, and engage content creators to establish connections.

You can also link to your content if it fits the discussion — but it’s not a good idea to only link to your content. Otherwise, people may be turned off by your apparent self-promotion. A better strategy is to link to content from key influencers to verify your points.

4. Optimize old posts

When someone visits your website, they’ll usually see your newest and freshest content first.

On the other hand, search engines favor older content that’s accumulated links and views.

But your old content doesn’t have to say to search engines only. You can re-optimize your content with current keywords to rank in critical searches. When you do, you can easily start using old content to get new customers.

This is a great idea since it saves time on creating new content and reuses content that’s already proven to get results. The results are more readers, better engagement, and — with any luck — more customers down the road.

5. Link to content on other sites

You don’t always have to use your own content on social media — you can talk about other content, too.

It’s a great way to boost your profile while showing your expertise and opinion on subjects. In general, LinkedIn lets you curate content from multiple sources in one place, so you can have a helpful library of resources in one place.

Plus, it’s possible that the people who create that content may see your link and directly contact you. That gives you a helpful new business contact while also building relationships across your industry. And even though that’s not getting a new customer for your business, it’s improving your reputation and showing people that you’re a reliable source of information.

And with all of that working to your advantage, you’re effectively using LinkedIn for content marketing.

WebFX knows how to market on LinkedIn

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