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Are you looking for a new avenue to reach shoppers and get them to buy your products? If so, Pinterest ads are an excellent option for your business. With over 322 million monthly active users, Pinterest is an excellent place for you to reach people looking for your products.

So, why should you use Pinterest ads for ecommerce, and how do you get started?

On this page, we’ll share four reasons to use Pinterest ads for ecommerce, tell you how to get started, and provide four tips for how to market a product on Pinterest. Keep reading to learn more and call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our Pinterest advertising services.

Why use Pinterest Ads for ecommerce?

Pinterest is a valuable resource for your ecommerce company.

Before we dive into how to sell on Pinterest, let’s look at four reasons why you should use Pinterest ads:

1. You stay in competition with your competitors

Your competition is already running Pinterest ads, so if you aren’t, you’re falling behind. Whether you’re competing with large corporations or smaller businesses, they’re using Pinterest to reach new and interested leads.

Pinterest ads will help get your products in front of the same people your competition is already reaching with their advertisements. If you want to remain in competition with your competitors, you must invest in Pinterest ads for your ecommerce company.

2. Your audience is already browsing on it

Aside from your competition being on Pinterest, your audience is on it, too. Your audience browses through products on Pinterest every day. From clothing to crafts to food, your audience is looking for new products and inspiration from Pinterest.

If you take advantage of Pinterest ads, you’ll reach your audience where they spend their time. You’ll put your products in front of relevant leads and get them interested in purchasing your products.

3. You help new leads discover your brand

With Pinterest ads for ecommerce, you’ll help new leads find your brand. If someone hasn’t heard of your brand before, Pinterest is an excellent way for them to find it.

People browse products on Pinterest every day.

By adding your Pinterest ads into the mix, you’re helping your products appear in the same results as similar products. Advertising on the platform gets your products in front of more qualified leads and helps them notice your brand and products.

4. People use Pinterest to find and buy products

People are already using Pinterest to get inspiration for purchases.

Here are some stats that show the impact of Pinterest:

  1. 93% say they use Pinterest to help them plan a purchase
  2. 72% say Pinterest inspires them to shop when they aren’t looking for anything
  3. 80% of Pinners discover new products on Pinterest

As you can see, many people who have a Pinterest account use it as a resource for finding the right products. By taking advantage of this platform through Pinterest ads for ecommerce, you’ll reach people on a channel where they’re likely to engage with your products and buy them.

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How to create Pinterest ads for ecommerce

Now that you know why you should sell on Pinterest, you may be looking to get your ad campaign set up.

If you want to know how to sell on Pinterest, follow these steps:

1. Set up your Pinterest Business account

If you don’t have one already, you need to set up a Pinterest Business account to run Pinterest ads. You can find directions for signing up on the Pinterest Business page.

2. Set your objective for your ad

For every Pinterest ad you run, you need to pick your objective. You can set goals such as:

  1. Brand awareness
  3. Conversions
  4. Shopping catalogs
  5. App installs
  6. Traffic

3. Determine your target audience

Once you determine your objective, you’ll move on to deciding who you’re targeting.

You can focus on a specific customer list, people who visit your site, and more.

4. Select keywords

With Pinterest ads, you must select keywords so your ads will appear in relevant search results. Pinterest has a list of over 3000 “interests” that you can choose as your keywords to help your ads appear in related feeds. You’ll want to use relevant keywords for your ads.

5. Set up your ad creative

Once you choose your keywords, you’ll create your ad.

You’ll upload your ad creative to Pinterest’s site and pick your ad type.

You can choose from ad formats like:

  1. Promoted Pins
  2. Promoted Video Pins
  3. Promoted Carousels
  4. Promoted App Pins
  5. Buyable Pins

You can use any of these formats to help you reach your audience on Pinterest.

6. Set your budget

Pinterest gives you the option to set a daily or lifetime cap for your budget. Daily caps limit how much you spend each day, while lifetime caps determine how much you spend for the duration of your campaign. You’ll want to set an appropriate budget based on which option you’re using.

7. Launch your ad

Once you have all the details set up with your ad, launch it!

With Pinterest ads for ecommerce, you’ll help more people find your products and learn about your business.

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4 tips for creating successful Pinterest ads for ecommerce

Now that you know how to sell on Pinterest, it’s time to look at how to market a product on Pinterest.

Check out these four tips for creating killer Pinterest ads for ecommerce!

1. Make your ads interesting

beaucoup promoted ad

When you run Pinterest ads for ecommerce, you want to make your advertisements enjoyable. While you can throw up a photo and promote it, it’s not necessarily the best strategy. If you want to know how to market a product on Pinterest, start by making your ads memorable.

This example from Beau-coup is relevant to their audience and makes the ad noteworthy.

They have a Pinterest ad that focuses on practical wedding favors.

This ad works because it resonates with the audience and drives them to click on the ad.

Instead of advertising one party favor, Beau-coup created an ad with an article that focuses on the most practical wedding favors. For people who are looking for wedding favors, this ad is appealing and stands out from the rest of the pins.

Try and go beyond just a photo of your product for your Pinterest ads. Whether it’s uniquely presenting the product or adding elements like text to make it enticing, you want to keep your ads interesting for your audience.

2. Take advantage of text

zazzle promoted pin

If you want to know how to market a product on Pinterest successfully, start by adding text to your ad. Even though Pinterest is a visual platform, text still plays a fundamental role in getting leads to engage with your Pinterest ads.

Pinterest allows you to place text:

  1. In the title
  2. On static images
  3. Overlaid on videos
  4. In the pin description

With text, you can provide more context about your product for your audience. You can also use catchy slogans or selling points to get leads to engage with your content.

Take Zazzle as an example. They created an advertisement for their wedding invitations.

In the photo, they use the phrase “Create Your Dream Theme.”

It’s a small piece of text, but it entices people to click on the ad. The saying “Create Your Dream Theme” attracts interested leads to click on the add and learn more about how they can create a wedding invitation that captures their wedding theme perfectly.

By adding text to your ads, you’ll add more context to your products and motivate users to click your ads.

3. Choose the right format

As you’re looking into how to do Pinterest ads for ecommerce, you’ll find that you can pick from multiple ad formats.

You can choose from the following options:

  1. Promoted pins: These are image ads that look like other pins in the feed.
  2. Promoted video pins: These are video ads that show a process or overview of a product.
  3. Promoted app pins: These ads promote your app, which users can download from Pinterest.
  4. Promoted carousels: These ads allow viewers to swipe through multiple images in a slideshow.

You can use any of these formats to promote your products. If you want to know how to sell on Pinterest, start by choosing the appropriate ad type so you can boost engagement and interest in your ad.

4. Build a relevant landing page

Your ad is only half of the puzzle. Along with your ad’s corresponding photo or video, you need an appropriate landing page. Your landing page provides your audience with the relevant information they need to make a purchase.

relevant landing page is crucial because it helps you earn conversions. Let’s say you sell vintage clothing. If you run an ad advertising your vintage jackets, someone should get directed to a landing page dedicated to those jackets when they click on the ad.

It wouldn’t make sense to send people to a generic shopping page that has pants, shoes, and shirts. If someone clicks on the ad with the vintage jackets, they’re interested in learning more about the jackets. So, your landing page should focus solely on vintage jackets.

When you create your landing page, make it simple, and keep it focused. Have a clear call to action (CTA) button on the page, too, so users know where to go and how to proceed next.

By creating a relevant landing page, you’ll drive more success with your Pinterest ads for ecommerce.

Start creating Pinterest ads for ecommerce today

Pinterest is an excellent platform for ecommerce businesses looking to reach interested leads. By running Pinterest ads for ecommerce, you’ll help your company expand its reach with your products and appear in more relevant feeds.

If you’re overwhelmed by trying to build a Pinterest advertising campaign, WebFX is here to help. With a team of over 500 social media experts, we’ll get your Pinterest advertising campaign up and running. In just the past five years, we’ve driven over $6 billion in sales and over 24 million leads for our clients.

We know how to create social media campaigns that drive more leads and sales.

Are you ready to start your Pinterest advertising campaign?

Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

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