Happy Thanksgiving from the WebFX Team!

Today millions of Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving with a nicely browned turkey, mounds of mashed potatoes and finish it off with a slice of pumpkin pie! As you enjoy this wonderful holiday, we think it’s worth taking a few minutes to reflect on what you are truly thankful for in your life.

Here at WebFX we did just that! Have a look  at our “I’m thankful wall” and what a few of our employees are thankful for this year!

Our best posts of 2010

It is hard to believe but another year is almost in the books. One of my favorite parts of the year’s end is reading all of the great zeitgeist and ‘Best of’ posts that get published this time of the year. Twitter’s Year in Review and Google’s Zeitgiest were particualrly fascinating to look at.

I figured we’d take a look back on 2010 for WebFX too. Here’s a peek at our top posts from a few different metrics:

Photos of our new office

We’re still putting some finishing touches together, but we couldn’t wait any longer to show you guys some photos of our new office space. We’ve spent the past couple of months scrubbing, painting, building and cleaning and we’re pretty proud of the space we’ve created.

The new office has two main sections: a ‘phone room’ for our project managers, SEO specialists and other members of our team who are on the phone frequently and a more open ‘stage’ area for the rest of our staff including designers and programmers. We’ve also got plenty of whiteboards, couches and tables for collaboration.