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Best Places to Advertise Your Business Online in 2022: 9 Online Advertising Ideas

Looking for the best places to advertise online? Getting your ads in front of as many eyes as possible is a challenge fit for the Internet, but with a variety of platforms, it’s difficult to pick the most effective one. While showcasing your services and products, you need to use the right websites for a profitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the nine best places to advertise online so that you can attract and convert your target audience, plus give your company the return on investment (ROI) it wants.

Before you keep reading, take a few minutes to watch our video on the basics of digital advertising.

1.  Advertise on Google Ads

Google Ads has led the industry and outperformed many rivals, winning its status as the go-to platform for online advertising.

As one of the best places to advertise your business, it can help you meet your marketing goals through both search and display networks.

The search network is where you can bid on keywords for ads in Google search results.

Keywords and long-tail keywords have specific values, depending on their level of popularity (or search volume) and desirability (or competition) among companies. Many keywords have considerable competition, but you can find the appropriate terms for your business and budget.

After people type in their questions and scroll through results, the search results page features ads around the organic results. The ads appear at the top and bottom, and each paid ad gets labeled to tip off searchers.

google ads ppc example The display network expands your reach to Google-owned websites, like Google Maps and Gmail, and partner websites. The auction process for the display network lands you space on these pages rather than search results.

Google Ads develops better conversion rates and drives website traffic, and it uses smart technology to adapt to your needs. The setup is simple for first-timers, so you can launch into the promotional tool without wasting time.

2.  Advertise on Bing Ads

Bing Ads operates similarly to Google, although their user base is smaller.

Not all searchers stick with Google, which is why Bing claims the third-largest share of the search market. Your company can take advantage of this share in your advertising campaign.

Bing Ads also offers another perk. Their audience spends 36 percent more when shopping online from their desktop than typical Internet searchers, so not only can Bing Ads bring more conversions but also higher-value ones.

bing ads ppc example With a sizeable crowd and potentially fewer businesses competing for keywords, Bing Ads is also considered one of the best places to advertise a business online. You can create custom bids for relevant keywords, and your search-specific ads can line the side, top, and bottom of organic searches.

Bing Ads covers two other search engines too:

  • Yahoo
  • AOL

With this additional coverage, your promotions can earn extra exposure across the web.

3. Advertise on Facebook

Another one of the best places to advertise online are prominent social media outlets, especially Facebook, have honed their advertisement venues, and they can appeal to an audience uniquely. That’s why they serve as one of the best places to advertise your business.

Facebook Ads offer unmatched access into niche interests and broad markets, and can also target demographics like age and region with precision. Focusing on audience targeting means your Facebook ads go beyond keywords.

facebook ads example To gain an ad spot on Facebook, you set a bid for the ad itself, rather than a keyword. You can spruce up your promotions on Facebook with visual aids, which can maximize engagement. Videos and images attached to the text in your ad can earn more people’s attention.

The range of places on Facebook where ads can show up is another plus.

Ads can feature in the newsfeed, the side panel, and the messenger area. Video ads can also cut in during stories and live sessions.

4.  Advertise on Amazon

Amazon is another one of the best places to advertise online.

It’s the third most popular advertising platform (behind Google and Facebook) and attracts a massive amount of consumers. For perspective, Amazon features more than 300 million active user accounts, plus more than 100 million Amazon Prime members.

Whether you sell your products on or off Amazon, you can advertise on the ecommerce platform.

Amazon video ad example Amazon ads for Amazon sellers include:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Amazon Stores

If you don’t sell on Amazon, you can take advantage of the following ad types:

  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • Custom ads

These ads can appear on, as well as Amazon-owned sites and Amazon devices.

Take advantage of Amazon’s huge audience and growing advertising options by launching a campaign. If you need help getting started with Amazon ads, WebFX can help. We’re a trusted Amazon advertising agency for companies that sell on and off

5. Advertise on Instagram

Instagram is a powerhouse for brand-supported or sponsored posts, but they also have official ads. You can contact influencers, or popular Instagram personalities, to partner with your business, although influencer pricing and details are on a case-by-case basis.

Instagram’s versatility, however, makes it one of the best places to advertise your business.

Because Facebook owns Instagram, the ads are mostly consistent with Facebook’s methods. However, Instagram depends on graphics, so photo and video ads are emphasized in stories and feeds.

instagram ppc example These branch out further into carousel ads, where viewers can swipe through corresponding products, and collection ads, where viewers can click on products within a picture. These can benefit your business if you’re an image-heavy company.

6. Advertise on YouTube

Visitors on YouTube watch approximately one billion hours of video every day.

With the high consumption of videos, investing in video ads is a lucrative choice. As video ads perform differently than picture or text ads, payment is dependent on someone choosing to view or click on your ad. youtube ppc example YouTube is under the umbrella of Google Ads, but their services can help you curate a video, even if you’re starting from scratch.

They highlight a range of creative platforms to set your video advertising in motion.

YouTube Ads are captivating, and they can capitalize on the habits of technology users.

7. Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a social network site for business professionals, can get the word out about your company through sponsored or dynamic ads. Their ad system caters to the niche of business-to-business (B2B) companies, so you can connect to decision makers.

Even for business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations, LinkedIn is an excellent place to advertise online. You can use LinkedIn, for example, to launch a recruiting ad campaign, which is useful when you’re looking to attract experienced or passive candidates in your industry.

linkedin ppc example The ads can appear in the right column and the newsfeed, or they can show as sponsored InMail messages or posts. These inbox interactions make advertising direct and give the sense of a personal request.

You can target your ads based on industry or location, but you can also make them specialized to business size, position, seniority, and more. LinkedIn ad auctions operate on audiences, like Facebook.


8.  Advertise on Pinterest

Pinterest users are actively seeking out ideas, so they’re apt to click on links.

On the digital pinboard, your ads appear as promoted pins, blending into the other image and text combinations.

Traffic, awareness, and engagement are the top marketing goals of Pinterest ads so that you can coordinate them with your overall business objective. For example, maybe you want to increase awareness for a brand-new product to drive sales. pinterest ppc example 1There are various types of Pinterest ads that can help you reach your target audience, including promoted pin, carousel, and video ads.

The social website has a PPC framework and adequate analytics to guide your campaign. Pinterest Ads have an impressive impact on their users, and they achieve profitable sales results.

9. Advertise on Twitter

Although Twitter has a broad array of users, there are a significant number of professionals on this social media platform. This can benefit B2B companies, but there are more applications for Twitter Ads. Younger individuals also make up a critical part of the audience.

twitter ppc ad Twitter is a primarily text-based social media network, although pictures and videos circulate, too. You can use hashtags, tweets, and trends as ads, or you can promote a trend. It’s also one of the best places to advertise online because of its vast targeting options.

Keywords are available for bidding, but that’s not the only option.

You can also target audiences and remarket to website visitors, past followers, and more. Twitter is a valuable engagement tool for advertising that can bump up ROI.

Get the best ROI from advertising online

When it comes to paid social vs. paid search ads, taking advantage of the best places to advertise online can amplify your marketing efforts. Additional help from WebFX, however, can maximize the results, impact, and ROI of your ad campaign.

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