25 Stylish Website Footer Designs

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Footers on web pages have evolved from being a simple section where you host your copyright information and additional links, to a multi-functional section where you can find a variety of site features such as twitter updates, a short bio of the author, and secondary navigation. This collection aims to showcase just some of the ways talented web designers have decided to utilize their website footers to provide that extra bit of improvement in the user’s experience.

# bcandullo.com

# bcandullo.com - footer screenshot.

Edgepoint Church

Edgepoint Church - footer screen shot.

I primi dieci

I primi dieci - footer screen shot.

Blog Amuki

Blog Amuki - footer screen shot.


CSS-Tricks - footer screen shot.


SimpleBits - footer screen shot.


Branded07 - footer screen shot.


Blog.SpoonGraphics - footer screen shot.


PRBLOGGER.COM - footer screen shot.

Dale Harris

Dale Harris - footer screen shot.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall - footer screen shot.


Powazek - footer screen shot.

Biola Undergrad

Biola Undergrad - footer screen shot.

We Are not Freelancers

We Are not Freelancers - footer screen shot.

43 Folders

43 Folders - footer screen shot.


dreamling.ca - footer screen shot.


YoDiv - footer screen shot.


Designer&Developer - footer screen shot.

Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria - footer screen shot.

Helmy Bern

Helmy Bern - footer screen shot.

Personal Babblishing

Personal Babblishing - footer screen shot.


SamRayner.com - footer screen shot.


Flyin Web - footer screen shot.

David Hellmann

David Hellmann - footer screen shot.


volll - footer screen shot.

Further reading

  • Read about footer positioning on A List Apart’s article called Exploring Footers.
  • Create a sleek footer in Photoshop with this PSDTUT tutorial.
  • Want to make your footer stay in place? FortySeven Media shows you how.

What’s the verdict?

What do you think about modern website footers?

Good place to stick site features or a terrible idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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