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Typography layout sample showing various text sizes and styles for a web magazine called Design Instruct, including a large headline, normal and large body text, and a small headline.

Font Collection: 10 Free Humanist Sans Serif Fonts

1. St Ryde Regular

This humanist font designed by German type designer Sascha Timplan was inspired in part by script typefaces, having subtly rounded terminals.

St Ryde Regular

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2. Droid Sans

Steve Matteson designed this beautiful humanist sans serif font to have a “neutral, yet friendly appearance.” The font is optimized for use in UIs, especially on mobile device screens.

Droid Sans

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3. Yanone Kaffeesatz

The first completed font of graphic/type designer and multimedia artist Yanone, Yanone Kaffeesatz was influenced by coffee houses in the 1920s.

Yanone Kaffeesatz

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4. Otari-Bold-Limited

This interesting humanist sans serif font created by Travis Kochel works in headlines as well as body copy (a little bit of tracking adjustment on smaller sizes may be needed).


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5. Junction

Junction, by designer Caroline Hadilaksono, was inspired by the creator’s favorite humanist fonts, including Myriad and FF Scala Sans.


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6. Camisado Black

Made by designer and illustrator Greg Eckler, Camisado Black is a humanist sans serif font with “transitional tendencies.”

Camisado Black

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7. PT Sans

PT Sans is based on early Russian sans serif fonts, but with the modernity and distinctive features of humanistic design.

PT Sans

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8. Vegur

Vegur’s humanistic features show themselves best in the font’s links and endings, making the characters appear as though they were written using a calligraphic pen.


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9. Mayberry Pro Semi Bold

This condensed humanist font designed by Steve Matteson for AscenderFonts prides itself in optimal legibility, especially on screen.

Mayberry Pro Semi Bold

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10. Delicious

Two years in the making, Delicious is a gorgeous and functional font designed by Jos Buivenga of exljbris Font Foundry, who created the font because of his “admiration for typography.”


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