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A website is a great tool for marketing your contracting business. In addition to providing a new way for prospects to get in touch with you, it also allows you to describe your services and highlight past projects. Before you can do any of this, though, your site needs the right design.

Web design for contractors involves more than just creating an attractive design—it also involves incorporating elements that ensure a good user experience. Your site may be the first impression people have of your business, so everything has to look good and work properly every time.

First impressions can be the difference between whether a potential customer chooses to give your their business or not. And the design of your website plays a large role in that since first impressions are 94% design-related.

At WebFX, we specialize in website design for contractors.

With a custom, fast, and responsive site, your business can start attracting (and closing) more leads, as well as take its growth to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about our contractor web design services and how we’ve helped our clients’ sites earn more than 24 million leads in the past five years!

If you need your website designed or aren’t sure if the current design is working, you can call 888-601-5359 or click on the button below to contact us online today!

Get everything your business needs with contractor web design from WebFX

Custom design

All our contractor web design services deliver a custom design — even our rapid web design services.

While we start with a template design for our 30-day web design services (a template allows us to create a high-quality, personalized website in this timeframe), we customize that template to your brand and feedback, resulting in a unique site that captures your company.

In comparison, our web design and website redesign services do not use templates. Like our rapid web design services, however, they do learn about your business’s ideas and preferences, as well as listen to your feedback to create a 100% original design.

Responsive design

When it comes to website design for contractors, plumbers, electricians, flooring professionals, and any other company, responsive design is essential. A responsive design (sometimes called mobile-friendly design) makes your website accessible to everyone, whether they’re on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

In comparison, a non-responsive design makes your website a mess for on-the-go users. Someone on a tablet, for example, may have to scroll horizontally and zoom in-and-out to view your website and its content, which makes for a frustrating user experience.

Since more than 50% of the world’s Internet traffic comes from mobile devices — and 67% of users are more likely to purchase from a company with a mobile-friendly website — it’s vital to make your contractor web design responsive, which WebFX does.

Optimized design

Your contractor web design from WebFX also includes an optimized or SEO-friendly design, which means your site follows best practices for SEO. SEO is vital because it influences your ability to get found in search results, like on Google.

Around 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, with more than 70% of business buyers using a search engine to begin their research on a product or service. In addition, over 70% of people look up a business before moving forward with a quote or purchase.

Search (and search engines) matter to your company’s ability to:

  1. Attract potential leads
  2. Generate qualified leads
  3. Earn revenue

That’s why SEO matters to your business’s website design — and why our services include it.

Following best practices in your contracting company’s web design allows our team to help your business rank at the top of search results. A high ranking matters in SEO because most users (around 75%) stick to the first page of search results.

Fast website

Fast websites earn more leads.

Most users expect websites to load within two seconds, which is why achieving a fast page speed is critical. If you launch a slow website, it will cost your contracting company leads and revenue, no matter how good it looks.

That’s why our website design for contractors includes page speed optimization. With a focus on page speed optimization, plus design, we help your company get the best of both worlds — a fast and attractive website.

Professional copywriting

While optional, your business can take advantage of our in-house copywriting team. Our copywriting team, which features specialized writers and experienced editors, can create optimized copy for your site to help you rank in search results and generate qualified leads.

If you choose our 30-day web design services, you receive 10 pages of content automatically. Your business will, of course, get to choose which pages our copywriting team will write, as well as review and approve the pages.

Proactive website maintenance

With WebFX, you can also keep your contracting company’s website secure and up to date. Our site maintenance services offer your business an easy solution to keeping your website accessible and safe to use.

FAQs about contracting web design services

Get answers to your questions about contracting web design services below:

What makes a contractor web design good?

Like a home or office building, it takes more than aesthetics to build an attractive contractor website design. Yes, colors and themes help distinguish it from other sites, but those elements require a strong foundation that enables:


If a website doesn’t work right the first time someone visits, that person probably won’t come back for a second visit. Your site’s design should ensure pages and photos load quickly, links go where they’re supposed to go, and the site looks good regardless of the device used to visit.


Your site should include important details about your contracting business, and that information also needs to be easy to find. An experienced designer knows how to make key information stand out, either with proper placement on the page or with colors and fonts that make it hard to miss.


Every home and office has an area where people can get together to socialize. Your site needs to provide a place for “interaction” if you want visitors to become clients. Many visitors will choose to reach out right then and there, so your contact information needs to be prominent and easy to use.

Now that you know what’s involved in a good site design, keep reading to find out why it matters to your contracting company.

Why does web design for contractors matter?

Good web design is good for business.

Visitors make a lot of assumptions about your business just by looking at your website. In fact, a web user will leave a poorly designed page after 10 seconds, but stay on a well-designed page for as long as two minutes—and maybe even come back.

Speed, layout, and responsiveness all play a role in the time someone spends on a page.

If a page takes too long to load or doesn’t work on the device, the visitor will leave seconds after arriving. On the other hand, a site with an appealing design that loads fast and makes information easy to find has a lower bounce rate—and a better chance of generating new leads and new projects.

Get started with web design for contractors

Design is an important part of the building process, and it’s also an important part of marketing your contracting business. When building your website, choose a design that makes your content look good and perform well.

If you’re interested in improving your site with professional contractor web design, take a look at our web design services or get in touch with a strategist! Our talented designers have years of experience creating results-driven designs for our clients, and they’ll do the same for your contracting business.

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