Web Design for Contractors

A website is a great tool for marketing your contracting business. In addition to providing a new way for prospects to get in touch with you, it also allows you to describe your services and highlight past projects. Before you can do any of this, though, your site needs the right design.

Web design for contractors involves more than just creating an attractive design—it also involves incorporating elements that ensure a good user experience. Your site may be the first impression people have of your business, so everything has to look good and work properly every time.

First impressions can be the difference between whether a potential customer chooses to give your their business or not. And the design of your website plays a large role in that since first impressions are 94% design-related.

first impressions are 94% design related

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On this page, we’ll discuss what’s involved in web design, why it’s important to your business, and how you can improve your company’s site.

What makes for a good website design?

Like a home or office building, it takes more than aesthetics to build an attractive website. Yes, colors and themes help distinguish it from other sites, but those elements require a strong foundation that enables:


If a website doesn’t work right the first time someone visits, that person probably won’t come back for a second visit. Your site’s design should ensure pages and photos load quickly, links go where they’re supposed to go, and the site looks good regardless of the device used to visit.


Your site should include important details about your contracting business, and that information also needs to be easy to find. An experienced designer knows how to make key information stand out, either with proper placement on the page or with colors and fonts that make it hard to miss.


Every home and office has an area where people can get together to socialize. Your site needs to provide a place for “interaction” if you want visitors to become clients. Many visitors will choose to reach out right then and there, so your contact information needs to be prominent and easy to use.

Now that you know what’s involved in a good site design, keep reading to find out why it matters to your business.

Why does web design matter for contractors?

Good web design is good for business. Visitors make a lot of assumptions about your business just by looking at your website. In fact, a web user will leave a poorly designed page after 10 seconds, but stay on a well-designed page for as long as two minutes—and maybe even come back.

Speed, layout, and compatibility all play a role in the time someone spends on a page. If a page takes too long to load or doesn’t work on the device, the visitor will leave seconds after arriving. On the other hand, a site with an appealing design that loads fast and makes information easy to find has a lower bounce rate—and a better chance of generating new leads and new projects.

How can you improve your contracting business’s web design?

Your website is the center of your online marketing strategy, and an attractive design is the key to keeping people around for longer than a few seconds. Keep these tips in mind when designing your site.

Use contrasting colors

One of the objectives of web design is making key information stand out. Light and dark colors will help. Use them together to make your site more eye-catching, as well as to highlight calls to action, headers, and other important content on your site.

Use a light background for copy and darker colors for other sections such as footers, text boxes, and request for information forms. You can choose from a wide range of colors, but make sure they look good on a screen and are consistent with the rest of your marketing materials.

Avoid clutter

When a page is crowded with text and photos, it’s hard to know exactly where to go to find what you need. Keep the most important elements of the page and take the rest out to simplify the design and layout.

Break up text into smaller paragraphs of 4-5 lines each, and leave ample space between text and sidebars or menus. If your page contains photos and videos, consider a slideshow format in which one graphic at a time appears, or place them along the left side of the page with captions or descriptions on the right. If you place ads on your site, try to limit them so that they do not distract from your content.

Use responsive design

Prospective clients will visit your site using desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any one of the most popular web browsers. Your site has to look good on every one of these devices, or you’ll lose that visitor, along with any potential projects.

Create your site using responsive design. This will save you hours of time trying to make your site look right on every device. It also ensures your site works no matter what visitors are using to browse it. The end result is a seamless user experience.

Make it Quick

Some elements of web design can slow down the site’s performance. Large photo or video files and non-responsive elements can add several seconds to a page’s load time. Avoid older tools like Flash and frames and shrink the size of multimedia files.

The difference in load speed will not only make your site easier to use, it will also reduce its bounce rate. Since many web users leave a slow-loading site after only a few seconds, ensuring fast speed means people will stick around longer—maybe long enough to contact you for more information.

Want to improve your company’s website?

Design is an important part of the building process, and it’s also an important part of marketing your contracting business. When building your website, choose a design that makes your content look good and perform well.

If you’re interested in improving your company’s site, take a look at our web design services or get in touch with a strategist! Our talented designers have years of experience creating results-driven designs for our clients, and they’ll do the same for your contracting business.

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