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Your website is one of the best tools you have in your marketing tool belt. It helps you show your audience why you’re the best contractor for the job, helps them gain insight into others’ experience with your work, and enables them to contact your business to hire you.

But to get the most from your website, you need to invest in it.

Web design for contractors involves more than just creating an attractive design—it also involves incorporating elements that ensure a good user experience. Your site may be the first impression people have of your business, so everything has to look good and work properly every time.

On this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know about contractor web design, including:

If you need your website designed or aren’t sure if the current design is working, you can call 888-601-5359 or contact us online to see how we can build the website you need for your contracting business.!

How to create the best web design for contractors: 6 key elements

So, how do you create a contractor web design that both wows and works? Here are some key elements you’ll want to ensure are part of your design:

1. A custom design unique to your contracting company

You know your industry is competitive — other contractors are constantly vying for jobs, meaning you need every edge you can get. Having a custom web design enables you to stand out from other contractors and create a memorable experience for website visitors.

homepage for Fix Hold & Flip

Standing out from other contractors is important if you want people to remember (and pick) your business. A custom website with a unique experience will stand out more than a cookie-cutter website that looks like all your other competitors’ websites.

Not to mention, if you have a clean and modern web design, but your competitors have a design that’s outdated, people are more likely to choose your contracting company over your competitors.

2. Mobile-friendliness

More people are searching on mobile devices to find a contractor than ever. It’s important that you deliver a mobile-friendly website, so leads stay on your website and learn about your services.

Additionally, as of July 5th, Google will no longer index your website if it’s not mobile-friendly. That means that, without a mobile-friendly website, you won’t appear or rank in search results when people look for a contractor.

Mobile version of a contractor's website

Integrating responsive design enables you to deliver the best experience for users, regardless of device. Your website will adapt to the user’s screen to ensure they can browse your website with ease.

3. SEO

SEO is vital because it influences your ability to get found in search engines like Google.

Search (and search engines) matters because it impacts your contracting company’s ability to:

  1. Drive organic traffic
  2. Generate qualified leads
  3. Earn revenue

Following best practices in your contracting company’s web design allows your website to rank in search results and drive qualified traffic that turns into leads. These SEO best practices include:

  • Integrating industry-relevant keywords into your website copy
  • Making sure your website content is easily readable
  • Adding alt tags to images
  • Optimizing your URL structure for readability

SEO and web design go hand-in-hand — if you want your well-designed website to rank in search results, you need to optimize it for search engines with SEO.

Explore More: How to Optimize Your Website Design with SEO

4. Fast load times

Fast websites earn more leads.

Most users expect websites to load within two seconds, which is why achieving a fast page speed is critical. If you launch a slow website, it will cost your contracting company leads and revenue, no matter how good it looks.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to see your website’s current load time and find areas to improve it.

5. Informative website copy

When people visit your contracting website, they’re often looking for information about your services and the work you do. That’s why it’s not enough to just have words on the page — they need to have value and provide information your audience wants.

Informative website copy will help you provide all the information your audience needs to know about your contracting services, so they can decide if you’re a good fit for their needs.

6. High quality images

The text on your website isn’t the only important part of your design — the visuals matter too. Visual elements, like photos and videos, help to break up text on your website and make your website more engaging.

You’ll want to avoid using images that look stretched, grainy, or low-quality — these can cause people to view your contracting website as untrustworthy. Using high resolution images will help your website appear polished and professional, setting a positive impression with your audience.

Images of contracted projects on a contractor's website

3 examples of contractor web design to inspire you

Need some inspiration before you start with your contractor web design? Here are three examples of good contractor web designs:

1.  My Home

Homepage for My Home contracting company

A great example to take inspiration from for contractor web design is My Home. This contracting company uses a sleek and modern design to create their professional website. Their font is easy to read and they use plenty of white space, so you can focus on the most important information on their website.

Additionally, the use of high-quality images makes for a professional and polished website.

2. We The People Construction

We The People Homepage

Another great example of construction web design comes from We The People Construction. Their website has a simple black and gold design that consistently carries throughout their site. The website draws you in from the start with their moving graphic at the top of the page.

They also have interactive elements that move when you hover over them, making the website more engaging for visitors.

3. McCownGordon

Homepage for McCownGordon

McCownGordon is another great example of how to do web design for contractors successfully. They use a simple and modern web design filled with interactive elements that keep you engaged as you scroll.

This contracting website also does a great job of using white space and small paragraphs of text to make it easy to read and browse their website.

FAQs about web design for contractors

Get answers to your questions about contracting web design below:

What makes a contractor web design good?

Like a home or office building, it takes more than aesthetics to build an attractive contractor website design. Yes, colors and themes help distinguish it from other sites, but there’s more to it than that.

Here’s what makes a contractor web design good:


If a website doesn’t work right the first time someone visits, that person probably won’t come back for a second visit. Your site’s design should ensure pages and photos load quickly, links go where they’re supposed to go, and the site looks good regardless of the device used to visit.


Your site should include important details about your contracting business, and that information also needs to be easy to find. An experienced designer knows how to make key information stand out, either with proper placement on the page or with colors and fonts that make it hard to miss.


Every home and office has an area where people can get together to socialize. Your site needs to provide a place for “interaction” if you want visitors to become clients. Many visitors will choose to reach out right then and there, so your contact information needs to be prominent and easy to use.

Why does web design for contractors matter?

Good web design is good for business.

Visitors make a lot of assumptions about your business just by looking at your website. Having a poor design can leave a bad impression, resulting in lost leads for your business. A well-designed website will keep leads engaged with your business.

Expert insights from webfx logo

Jenna Emerick Lead Internet Marketing Consultant

“An effective website design is a crucial first step and cornerstone to successful digital marketing campaigns. Investing in a professionally designed website can help contractors showcase their expertise, services and recent projects to build trust and attract more potential customers. A well-designed site will improve the user experience and ultimately help drive more leads.”

Speed, navigation, and responsiveness all play a role in the time someone spends on a page, too.

If a page takes too long to load or doesn’t work on the device, the visitor will leave seconds after arriving. On the other hand, a site with an appealing design that loads fast and makes information easy to find has a lower bounce rate—and a better chance of generating new leads and new projects.

Should I use a website builder or hire a professional web design company?

On the fence about how to build your website? If you’re toying between using a website builder or hiring a professional web design agency, it’s important to look at what each brings to the table to figure out what’s right for you.

Here are the pros and cons of using a website builder:

Pros of using a website builder Cons of using a website builder
You can build your website on your own Not fully customizable
Website builders offer templates to get you started Your website lacks a unique design
Affordable, budget-friendly packages available Limited offerings from packages

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of using a professional web design agency for contractors:

Pros of hiring a professional web design agency Cons of hiring a professional web design agency
Custom design unique to your business More expensive than using a website builder
Access to a team with diverse skills and expertise Some agencies provide poor communication about projects
Access to more web design resources Often only operate during business hours, making them less accessible

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both. So, to help you determine which is right for you, ask yourself the follow questions:

  • Do I have time to build my contracting website on my own?
  • Do I have design skills to create a good website?
  • What’s my budget for web design?
  • What resources do I need to complete my design?
  • Do I want a custom or template design?

Answering these questions will help you gain a better idea of whether a website builder or contractor web design agency is right for you.

Get started with web design for contractors

Design is an important part of the building process, and it’s also an important part of marketing your contracting business. When building your website, choose a design that makes your content look good and perform well.

If you’re interested in improving your site with professional contractor web design, take a look at our web design services or get in touch with a strategist! Our talented designers have years of experience creating results-driven designs for our clients, and they’ll do the same for your contracting business.

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