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A good website is an effective marketing tool for any business, and it can be especially lucrative for RV dealers. When your users can navigate your site and find what they want, you’re making a positive first impression on them. But what exactly makes a website “good?”

A lot of people think designers are just responsible for the overall appearance of your website — but more goes into strong web design than that. There are coding and other behind-the-scenes essentials that a designer needs to fulfill, and once those are done, you can easily get more people buying RVs from your dealership.

Specifically, there are some key web design strategies that you can use to get the best possible results from your website. If you want to learn more, keep reading, and contact us online or give us a call at 888-601-5359!

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What does good web design entail?

Web design for recreational vehicle dealers impacts what users see when they go to your site and how they interact with its features. Your website should have a unique appearance that sets it apart from your competition, but still adheres to good design principles.

1. Simple layout

Your website should look sleek, modern, and professional — and when you use a simple layout, you can achieve all of those qualities easily. Each page should have one primary focus, and you should incorporate plenty of negative space to make your pages appear more open. You can also incorporate multimedia to complement what you’ve created.

2. Eye-catching images

When you’re selling an RV, people want to know what it looks like. A high-quality photo shows your potential customers everything they want to see, especially when you add detailed photos of different features on each RV. Videos also work well since they take your customers on a brief tour through one of your RVs, showing them everything they need to see.

3. Easy-to-find information

Your site should contain a lot of information about your dealership and RVs for sale, and it should all be easy to find. Use headings to introduce different topics and make it clear what a visitor can expect from a certain page. You can also use a sitemap, breadcrumb, or search feature to help users navigate to other pages.

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Why does web design matter for RV dealers?

Good web design doesn’t just make your site more attractive — it also makes your business more credible. A sleek and attractive website shows your potential customers that you’re a modern, active company looking for success. A poorly-made or outdated website makes your business look the same way.

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With a well-designed site, you also get a couple of other key benefits.

1. Brand differentiation

Your site is a great place to differentiate your dealership from others in your area and reinforce your brand. Your logo, brand name, and website’s design all set you apart, and that makes you more memorable as well. Overall, a well-made website improves the chances that customers will remember your name when they’re shopping for RVs.

2. Trust

Visitors are judging your business by the appearance of your website. They might not realize they’re doing it, but if they see a shoddy, bulky, and dull page, you’ll lose their business to your competition. On the flip side, a well-made website that uses modern design principles will show them that you’re a trustworthy business. And when it comes to RV sales, that’s a big deal. After all, every customer is a major customer.

3. More sales

Your website is the perfect area to engage your potential customers and show them everything they need to make a smart purchase. When you couple your RVs with important information like your name, address, phone number, and even a Google Maps insert that offers customers direction, you’re making it easy for your customers to buy from you.

How to implement good web design

A good website design combines appearance and functionality to create a comprehensive user experience. Three essential factors play into providing a good user experience.

1. Make your site interactive

Even though most RV buyers take their time choosing a vehicle, you can show that you understand their needs by making yourself accessible to answer questions. Add a live chat feature to your site and design it to fit the overall theme of your site. You can also include a link to contact your dealership directly for purchasing inquiries or quotes.

2. Use responsive web design

Visitors use different devices to access your site, including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and more. If your site doesn’t display properly on these devices, you’ll lose valuable customers. Responsive design ensures your site shows the way it should every time they find your homepage.

3. Keep your marketing strategy in mind

Your site is the center of your online presence, but it also works in conjunction with your dealership’s whole marketing strategy. That means your branding, including your name, logo, colors, slogan, and more, should be consistent in every part of your marketing plans, including print and broadcast ads. When you consistently present yourself the same way to your potential customers, they’ll recognize you more and remember your name.

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