How to Use Reddit for Marketing: Famous Reddit Marketing Successes

Get inspired to market on Reddit with these examples of famous Reddit marketing successes!


Table of Contents:
How to Use Reddit for Marketing


  1. The Basics of Reddit
  2. Before You Post to a Subreddit
  3. Guidelines for Posting
  4. Famous Reddit Marketing Successes
  5. Famous Reddit Marketing Failures
  6. Helpful Subreddits for Marketing
  7. Are You Ready to Use Reddit for Marketing?

Famous Reddit Marketing Successes

Now that we’ve taken a look at what you need to do to market on Reddit, let’s follow it up with some success stories about Reddit marketing.

These stories include people or companies that adhered to the above criteria and gave users a quality experience one way or another. They’re great templates to use for your own marketing strategy as well, if you’re doing something similar.

Success #1: Bill Nye

Bill Nye is an icon for those who grew up watching his after-school TV show that explained scientific principles in the real world.

Nye has done several AMAs on Reddit, all of which have been used to promote something that he’s done or accomplished.

But the key is that he doesn’t stick to that promotion. When he says AMA, he means “ask me anything.”

For example, his latest AMA promoted his book called Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.

But the top-rated comment has nothing to do with Nye’s book.


In fact, very few (if any) of the comments actually deal with Nye’s book.

But the main takeaway here is that Nye is just rolling with it. He’s not restricting questions, he’s not telling people what they can talk about — he’s just answering what they want to know.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, follow Nye’s lead. Roll with the punches, even if they’re not direct at what you promote.

At the very least, it’ll give you (and your business) a solid reputation.

Success #2: Beardbrand

Beardbrand is an online company that sells haircare products specifically for beards. They have wash, softener, scented oils, trimmers, scissors, combs, brushes, and even mustache wax.

Naturally, they went to r/beards to start their marketing. But how were they going to market to people who famously hate marketing?

In a nutshell, they did their research.

They looked through r/beards and found a common topic in a lot of users’ questions — beard oil.

So they answered it.

Beardbrand’s post is made of short bulleted lists and informative explanations about beard oil. And surprisingly, there are no links back to their site!

They also took the initiative to interact with people’s comments. So when users started asking questions about application, chemical makeup, and more, Beardbrand was there to answer (along with other users).

With this post (and others like it), Beardbrand and its CEO have become the gold standard of Reddit marketing.


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