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11 Types of Calls to Action to Capture Leads on Your Website

A call to action (CTA) is any element that tells your user what action to take next. From buttons to in-text links, you can use CTAs to encourage conversions and grow your business. But what are the types of CTAs?

The different types of call-to-action buttons can help you achieve specific goals. This post will break down 11 types of CTAs:

Read on to learn more, or call 888-601-5359 about implementing basic types of CTAs into your website content!

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1. Lead generation

CTAs are essential for generating leads for your business. If you want to get people to express interest in your business, a lead generation CTA is a great first step:

lead gen cta

Add a lead generation CTA to your blog, specifically at the bottom. You can also include them in sidebars and throughout the post, but the button at the bottom rounds out the page and creates a logical next step.

Your lead generation CTA should result in you getting some information from the user, like their email address or phone number, to start moving them through the sales funnel.

2. “Read more”

Lots of companies use blog posts, informational content, and other online text to keep users on their site. A “read more” button encourages users to continue discovering more about a topic:

read more cta

You can use these buttons to push users from one post to another, or to encourage them to read the full post after a blurb. These buttons usually end up on blog posts as well.

3. Social buttons

Up next on this list of basic types of CTAs are social buttons. These CTAs serve one of two purposes. The first is linking to your social media sites to ask users to follow and engage with your company there:

social buttons

The other purpose is to share your written content on their social media:

social shares

More than 50% of Americans that follow a brand on social media are loyal to it. That means that getting social shares, impressions, and followers can increase your brand presence and – potentially — your revenue.

4. Contact information

A contact CTA makes it easy for people to contact you:

contact cta

Add contact CTAs on all pages, including in your header and footer. This information is more necessary than other CTAs, likely because the most logical next step is reaching out to your company.

Make sure your contact page is accessible and easy to read once users click on the CTA!

5. Lead nurturing

Once you capture information about a lead, it’s time to nurture them through to conversion. A common lead nurturing CTA placement is within your email blasts:

lead nurturing cta

These CTAs make it easy to stay in touch and encourage users to reach out to your company after the initial contact. Lead nurturing is an important part of converting users into customers, so finding a way to keep in contact is essential.

6. Product and service recommendation

It’s likely that many of your products and services go together or complement one another. In that case, you can add a CTA suggesting that users check out other related products or services on your designated product pages:

product discovery

Or, say you have written a post about how to use a certain item. If you sell it, you can add a CTA encouraging users to buy it for themselves. This CTA also applies to services — you might write about a service objectively in a blog post and then link to a service page.

7. Related content

Many users will visit your company blog to learn more about your industry and business. If you have a lot of related pages, you can show them what to read next with a CTA button:

related content

These CTAs encourage users to stay on your site longer while giving them more information about a topic. Plus, it doesn’t come across as overtly sales-oriented, which builds trust between you and your clients.

8. Promotions

Everyone likes a good deal. If you have a promotion going on, add a CTA somewhere on related pages to inform your users:

promotion cta

You can also add promotion CTAs in your email blasts. These special offers encourage purchases, especially if they are for a limited time or a popular product.

9. Signup or registration

Your company might offer classes or events that users need to register for. In that case, make the process easier with a signup CTA:

signup cta

This clear form makes it easy for users to sign up for the event. It also encourages people to attend and gives you some contact information for potential leads. Place these CTAs on pages related to the event or on your home page.

10. Surveys

Surveys can be helpful for getting customer feedback on your company. Adding a survey CTA or form can encourage users to fill it out:

quizzes cta

These pages are essential for learning more about your customers’ opinions and improving your website and marketing strategy.

11. Downloadable content

Offering gated content is a great lead magnet and chance to prove your industry knowledge. Use CTAs to show people how they can download your content:

downloadable content

Downloadable content can be anything from white papers and guides to survey results and research.

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