The Beginner's Guide to Effective Email Marketing: How to Create an Email Program That Gets Results

Despite the rise of new forms of marketing, and several claims to the contrary, email marketing isn't dead. In fact, some studies show that email is the most reliable way to motivate people to take action, and that is has the highest ROI of any other marketing activity.

Table of Contents:
The Beginner’s Guide to Effective Email Marketing

  1. Why Email Marketing?
  2. Creating Your Email Strategy
  3. How to Start and Grow Your List of Subscribers
  4. Email Content 101
  5. Email Design 101
  6. Which Email Platform is Right for You?
  7. How to Write and Send Your First Email
  8. Email Marketing Best Practices
  9. Email Automation and Drip Campaigns
  10. Helpful Resources

If you’ve been looking for ways to tap into the power of email marketing, you’re in luck. We’ve put together this guide to creating an effective email program for your business just for you. Whether you’re already sending email or are brand new to the concept, this guide will help you create a program that gets results.

To explore this guide and learn everything you need to know about starting an email marketing program, click below to start reading. Use the navigational links at the bottom of each page to read the guide in order, or click the “home” link to return to this page and the table of contents.


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