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Your technical school thrives when enrollment numbers are high. As a marketer or decision-maker for the school, it’s up to you to find and implement strategies that convince more students to apply.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways your school can reach potential students at every phase of the buying funnel. Research shows that 84% of adults ages 18-29 use at least one social media website. Using the tools available can help your marketing team reach its target audience and move prospective students closer to enrollment. 

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7 social media marketing tips for technical schools

Implement these tips to make the most of your social media strategy.

1. Target your ideal audience

Knowing your audience is essential to any marketing strategy, including social media marketing. Fortunately, social media pages make it easy for businesses like your technical school to discover and target the ideal viewers. 

You can create social media content that addresses specific segments of your audience, like those who are: 

  • Learning what technical school is.
  • Looking for technical schools that have their desired program. 
  • Aware of your school but still weighing their options.
  • On the verge of completing an application. 

Members of these groups share common interests and interact with social media platforms similarly. You can develop targeted social media advertising campaigns that push your content to potential students.

2. Post regularly

The social media landscape is a competitive one. The prospective students you’ll target follow dozens of other pages that post engaging content, but consistency will help your posts stay visible.

Update your school’s social media pages every day. Posting frequently increases the chances of readers seeing and interacting with your page, which convinces the site’s algorithm to give you a boost. 

You can manage your posting frequency by scheduling posts ahead of time. For example, Facebook has a feature that allows business pages to create posts and assign dates and items to publish. You can knock out your posts for the week in a day and let the site do the rest. 

3. Use consistent themes and elements

Social media is an opportunity to solidify your institution’s brand identity. The posts you share should reflect the ways you want your audience to perceive you and the feelings they experience when interacting with the brand. 

As a technical school’s social media page manager, your posts must project professionalism and hope. Your posts should cover topics and use tones that position the school as a thought leader for the professions it teaches.  

Additionally, your posts should feature the school’s branded elements as much as possible. Use your school’s logos, colors, and slogans wherever possible to solidify a palace in your readers’ memories. 

4. Encourage interaction

One of the most significant advantages of using social media is that it allows your school to interact directly with potential, current, and former students. 

Any time you post, your audience sees your content and has an opportunity to respond with questions and feedback. Respond to their comments to continue the cycle. You’ll build a trusting relationship with your audience as a result.

You can also encourage follower interactions with the types of posts you choose. Posting a poll or a question is one efficient way to increase interactions and push your page. 

5. Include images with your posts

Images are powerful marketing tools. They communicate ideas, convey emotion, and catch users’ attention. You can use images to ensure your target audience sees your school the way you want it to appear. 

Breathe life into your school’s social media posts by including images that put its best foot forward. Your images can prove to potential students that your school is somewhere they’d like to learn. 

Use photos that show your lively campus atmosphere that potential students would want to experience. Also, include images that depict hands-on learning opportunities, so prospects know your school will provide the training they need to propel their careers. 

6. Promote other marketing channels

Social media works well in tandem with other marketing channels. You can use your school’s social media pages to repurpose the content you created for other platforms. 

For instance, your Facebook feed is an excellent palace to share a recent blog along with a concise description or what the reader will learn and an image that grabs their attention. You can also repost the videos your school commissioned for television commercials. 

Social media will increase the value of your marketing materials by pushing the content to more viewers who have already expressed interest in your organization by following the page. 

7. Monitor your social media traffic

Social media marketing is a trial-and-error process. You’ll discover what works best for your audience as you experiment with content ideas and posting schedules. Tracking post engagement will unveil the strategies that work and those that need more thought. 

Every social media page offers ways to track engagement. After posting a link to your school’s blog, check back in to inspect its performance. 

Surface-level metrics like views, likes, or shares will help you gauge a post’s success. Other statistics like clickthrough rate, engagement, conversion rate, cost-per-click (CPC) and revenue gain can give you a deeper look at your social media performance. 

Here are a few social media performance tracking tools your school can check out: 

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Social media is a powerful tool for your technical school’s marketing department. 

At WebFX, we help educational institutions drive enrollment through digital marketing strategies. Our services like social media design, social media management, social media advertising, and online review acceleration will maximize your social media presence’s value. 

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