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When students want to gain skills they need for a specific career, they may begin researching relevant institutions. As of 2022, there are around 7,109 trade and technical schools in the U.S. — which means schools need to stand out among the competition. Optimizing your website to achieve better search rankings is an effective way to set your school apart.

Within seconds of visiting your site, potential students will know if they want to continue exploring your technical school as an option or if they’ll leave and browse other choices. Since about 94% of first impressions are related to your web design, your pages should impress guests and look better than your competitors’ sites.

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1. The New School

Ranked as the top art and design school in the U.S., The New School attracts potential students with its seamless website. Aspiring artists and designers can easily browse the site to find information about enrolling for a course they’ll love in fine arts or other studies.

Naturally, the world-renowned alums and leading-edge faculty create an outstanding reputation for this technical school. In addition to The New School’s impressive background, these elements of the site design provide users with an excellent first impression:

  • A white background for a clean appearance
  • Visual hierarchy of most important information first
  • Comprehensible typography in capitalized font 
  • Hero header of black and red typography emphasizing the content 
  • Good navigation of the top menu, drop-down menu, and bottom menu
  • Color blocks of red for visual interest behind high-quality media

2. State Technical College of Missouri

Considered the best college in the country four years in a row by WalletHub, State Technical College of Missouri offers 35 programs for technical training. The college’s unique specialties include aviation maintenance, power sports technology, and nuclear technology.

With high regard from other reputable sources like Forbes Magazine, the school’s website lives up to its praise. A first-time visitor immediately sees an engaging web design filled with bright colors and high-quality media. The compelling features include:  

  • A pop-up screen asking if you’re a prospective student.
  • Capitalized font with an engaging, lime green color blocking.
  • Top of the fold, including a relevant video of student experiences.
  • Easy navigation with top menus, drop-down menus, and bottom menus.
  • Geometric shapes throughout the landing page to offer visual interest.
  • Sections dedicated to statistics about the school’s ranking.
  • Footer displaying contact information and social media links.
  • Call to action (CTA) buttons in convenient locations and in green to stand out.

3. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, Brooklyn College

Listed as one of the best film schools in America, the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College offers a way for prospective students to become professionals in the motion picture industry. The school provides the instruction, tools, and equipment students need to achieve their goals. 

Site visitors who want to learn about the courses and facilities first see a video appear on their screen — which film connoisseur wouldn’t want to watch a high-quality and informative clip? After learning about the school’s mission, prospective students see engaging colors and creative imaging. 

Practical components of the web design include:

  • Easy navigation of top and bottom menus.
  • Yellow backgrounds for introduction text.
  • Capitalized and comprehensible wording.
  • Previews of the Instagram page you can follow.
  • Incorporated map of the school’s location in New York.
  • School logo matching the branding colors of the site.
  • Transparent blocks of color and collages for visual interest.
  • Changing CTAs and clickable sections when your mouse hovers over.
  • 35 mm photography and digital imaging showing examples of student work.

4. The Harbour School

Known for its immersive modules with three-week timelines, Harbour. Space specializes in math, computer science, and digital marketing. The technical school’s faculty instruct in English while located on campuses in Barcelona and Bangkok — an enticing element for prospective students hoping to gain life experiences through travel. 

Upon visiting the website, prospective students see videography in a round shape with a purple background. Scrolling through the landing page provides interactive displays of graphics enlarging and transforming into a purple display when your mouse hovers over them.

Other innovative and effective components of the site include:

  • A legible font size of capitalized text.
  • Side navigation with graphic design movement.
  • Stagnant bottom menu for easy navigation.
  • Geometric scrolling buttons for values and testimonials.
  • Changing backgrounds with campus photography.
  • Illustrated depictions of the course studies.
  • Photos and links to relevant blog posts.
  • Previews of upcoming courses and instructors.
  • CTA to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Social media linked in the header.

5. Colorado School of Trades

Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top trade schools in America, students who want to learn the art of gunsmithing can earn a two-year associate’s degree at the Colorado School of Trades. These classes prepare students to apply gun craftsmanship skills to their careers. 

When prospective students enter the website, they see a brand representation of the school’s logo — a graphic design of a gun barrel. Background photography of a workshop changes as you scroll over options to learn more about the school, repairs, or gunsmithing. 

Compelling characteristics of the web design on the main page and the page about the gunsmith programming include:

  • Perspective through a gun barrel when you enter the site.
  • Shading of opaque blocks changing with interaction.
  • Readable text in white, capitalized lettering.
  • A black background contrasting with the text.
  • A minimal menu on the side for easy navigation.
  • Top menu and logo on the program page.
  • Engaging ideography underneath the header.
  • Moving gallery of images from their social media.
  • A CTA to request more information.

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