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To earn more clients as a contractor, you must invest in contractor web design to ensure you put out a top-notch website. But if you haven’t designed a website before, it’s difficult to know what to include in your website to deliver the best user experience.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 24 contractor website design examples to help you get inspired! Keep reading to learn about the best contractor websites to get inspiration for your website.

And if you start feeling overwhelmed thinking about everything you need to include in your website, feel free to rely on the experts at WebFX. We have over 28 years of experience designing websites, so we know what it takes.

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24 contractor website designs to inspire your website

When you create contractor web designs, it’s hard to know where to start or what you should include. To help you get inspired, here’s a list of 24 best contractor websites to help you create your ideal site!

1. Continental Electrical Construction Company (CECC)

Area of focus: Color integration

First on this list of the best contractor websites is Continental Electrical Construction Company (CECC). The most notable aspect of this contractor’s website is the integration of color.

When doing web design, you must integrate your brand’s colors throughout your website. Integrating your brand’s unique colors helps create a style for your brand and makes the experience on your website more memorable.

With CECC, they do a great job integrating their brand’s unique colors throughout their website.

Red and white homepage for CECC's website

Takeaway: When you design your website, think about your website’s color palette. You’ll want to decide on three to four colors for your website’s design and integrate them throughout every page. Make sure you keep your colors consistent to create a cohesive design.

2. Shangri-La Construction

Area of focus: Navigation

Next on this list of contractor web designs is Shangri-Li Construction (SLC). One of the most notable elements of SLC is its navigation.

navigation bar at the top of SLC's website

When you look at their navigation bar at the top, you’ll see broad headings that organize all the pages on SLC’s website. It makes it easy for anyone visiting the page to find what they need.=

Takeaway: When you design your contracting website, your navigation is a critical component of it. Your audience uses your navigation to find the information, so you must organize it in a way that makes sense to your audience. Use broad headings and subheadings to help keep it organized and easy to use.

3. Unique Construction Inc.

Area of focus: Readability

A crucial component of construction contractor website design is the visual elements, but the text is just as valuable. Great visuals will draw people in, but your information gets them to stay — after all, they visit your website to get information about your company.

Unique Construction Inc. is an excellent example of creating readable copy that’s easy to digest. As you scroll through their homepage, you can see their services presented with short succinct paragraphs of information.

Homepage for unique construction

Takeaway: When you add copywriting to your website, make it readable. Since people tend to skim pages to find information, you’ll want to put your information in short paragraphs of 2–3 lines and utilize bulleted lists when appropriate. It will help you create better readability on your website.

4. West Village GC

Area of focus: Video

One of the best contractor website design examples comes from West Village GC. A key component of their website that stands out is the video on their homepage. The video details their services and what they offer.

Video from West GC website

This video draws people in and gets them to stay on the page.

Takeaway: Adding video to your website is a great way to make your website more engaging. You can use videos to highlight projects you’ve completed, introduce your team, or showcase other aspects of your business.

5. United Elite Group

Area of focus: Simplistic design

When you look at contractor website designs, you’ll find that many companies do a simple and modern design. There is a notion that good web design needs to be complicated and flashy to get your audience’s attention.

The opposite is true — United Elite Group’s website is the perfect example of how a simple and modern web design creates an engaging and enjoyable experience.

They use a simple black and gold theme throughout, integrate visuals meaningfully, and use a lot of white space to keep their pages clean.

Scrolling through United Elite's black and yellow website

Takeaway: When you design your website, keep it from getting cluttered or overwhelming for your audience. Use plenty of white space and integrate visual elements strategically.

6. The Kitchen Master

Area of focus: Interactive elements

Next on this list of contractor web design examples, let’s look at The Kitchen Master. The most notable element of this company’s web design is the interactive elements.

When you scroll down their page, you’ll find interactive elements that move as you hover your mouse over them.

Circle graphics flipping as a user hovers on The Kitchen Master's website

It helps create a more engaging and interactive experience.

Takeaway: When designing your contract website, think about adding some interactive elements that create points of interest. You don’t want to overuse them, so ensure your integration of them is meaningful.

7. Midwest Glass & Glazing

Area of focus: Portfolio

A key component of contractor web designs is adding pictures that showcase your work. Before someone hires your company, they want to see what you did for past clients. That’s why adding a portfolio is a crucial component of your website’s design.

Midwest Glass & Glazing, for example, has a simple portfolio showcasing pictures of their work.

Glass Company's photos of projects they've completed

These high-resolution photos show the projects they’ve done, so prospects can get insight into the work they could do for them.

Takeaway: Make sure you add a portfolio and plenty of photos of your work for clients. A picture is worth a thousand words, or, in this case, proves that you do top-notch work for your clients.

8. Tyler Mitchell Construction

Area of focus: Call to action (CTA) buttons

Next on this list of construction contractor web design examples is Tyler Mitchell Construction. The most notable element of their website’s design is the call to action (CTA) buttons.

Tyler Mitchell Construction created bright orange CTA buttons that stand out on the page so that anyone scrolling through their page doesn’t miss them.

Orange call to action button on a white background

Additionally, their call to action is clear — if someone clicks on the button, they know they’re requesting a quote.

Takeaway: Creating CTA buttons that stand out on the page is crucial for guiding people toward the actions you want them to complete. Make sure you use a contrasting color to help the button stand out. Additionally, make sure your text is clear, concise, and tells your audience exactly what will happen when they click.

9. Advanced Builders and Contractors

Area of focus: Testimonials

When looking at contractor website designs for inspiration, take a look at Advanced Builders and Contractors. One of the best features of this contractor’s website is its integration of testimonials.

Testimonials are a critical component for building trust in your contracting business. You can say you’re the best at what you do, but it goes a lot further when you have clients backing up the quality of your work.

Advanced Builders and Contractors does a great job of integrating testimonials into their page. The testimonials stand out on the page and provide a glimpse into what clients love about the company.

Testimonial blocks on a contractor website

Takeaway: When creating your contractor web design, integrate testimonials as part of your design. You’ll want to focus on short and succinct testimonials that highlight the great qualities of your contracting business.

10. Schmitt + Company

Area of focus: High-quality images

Next on this list of contractor web designs is Schmitt + Company. A noteworthy aspect of Schmitt + Company is the high-quality images they use throughout their website. As soon as you enter their website, you see high-quality images of builds they’ve done.

Schmitt company homepage

These images give visitors an immediate insight into the work this company can do. It draws people in and gets them to engage.

Takeaway: High-quality images are crucial for showcasing what you do and building trust. If you have low-quality or grainy images, it will reflect poorly on your contracting business and hinder you from building trust. By using high-quality images, you’ll build trust with your audience.

11. Eden Builders

Area of focus: Responsive design

One key component of contractor web designs is responsive design. Responsive design enables your website to adapt to whatever device your audience uses to access your website. Whether it’s a tablet or smartphone, your website will adjust to fit that screen the best and provide a top-notch experience.

Eden Builders is an excellent example of a responsive design that adapts to fit the size of the screen. On a desktop, the website appears as it normally does.

Desktop version of Eden Builder's website

Then, when accessed on a device with a smaller screen, the website adjusts to fit that screen. It has features like a hamburger menu to provide a better mobile experience.

Responsive version of Eden Builder's website

Takeaway: Integrating responsive design is crucial for ensuring a positive experience on all devices. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly so that you don’t cause users to get frustrated and leave your website.

12. Delta Millworks

Area of focus: Font style

If you want to see one of the best contractor websites, check out Delta Millworks. Delta Millworks provides a clean and modern website that invites visitors to learn about them. The most notable element of their design is the use of text.

When you enter their page, you can see the bold, cursive writing that catches your attention.

Delta Millworks homepage

As you scroll down, you’ll see they use a stylistic but easy-to-read font to share information about what they offer.

Delta Millworks text on website

Takeaway: When you design your website, you must use appropriate fonts — namely, web-safe fonts. You can still use stylistic fonts in your design, but in purposeful and limited ways, like Delta Millwork’s website.

13. Outdoor Dreams

Area of focus: Original images

Next on this list of contractor website design examples comes from Outdoor Dreams. This contractor website has an inviting modern design that pulls users in when they see the homepage. The most notable feature, however, is the use of original images.

As you scroll through their website, you see images from projects they’ve completed.

Outdoor dreams contractor homepage

Takeaway: Not only is it vital to have high-quality visuals, but you also want to have original images. While stock images can be an easy way to add visual elements to your website, authentic and original photos go a long way in building the unique brand of your website while providing insight for your audience about the work you do.

14. JFN Mechanical

Area of focus: Interactive elements

Many contractor web designs include interactive elements to keep prospects engaged on their website. There are numerous types of interactive elements you can add to your website to make it more engaging and informative for your audience.

JFN Mechanical is an excellent example of using interactive elements to showcase their work. At the top of their website, they have an interactive feature where users can click on a city name and see the work they’ve done through a 360 project experience.

360 JFN Mechanical website

Visitors can then click on whichever project they want to view and see the work JFN completed.

Project view on JFN's website

Takeaway: Think of creative ways to add interactive elements to your website, whether it’s moving pictures or a 360 tour of a project you completed. Adding interactive elements will help boost engagement when people visit your website.

15. Blach Construction

Area of focus: Eye-catching elements

One of the most engaging construction contractor website designs comes from Blach Construction. When you scroll through the homepage of their website, you see numerous moving elements that draw you in.

Homepage for Blach Construction

All these moving elements make you want to keep scrolling and engaging with the website.

Takeaway: Think about how to add elements to your website that can catch your audience’s attention. Whether it’s moving graphics or a picture slideshow, you want to add elements that help you keep your audience’s focus as they browse through your website.

16. Mueller Homes

Area of focus: Logo

With contractor web designs, your logo is a crucial part of your website. Many people recognize brands based on their logos, so it’s important to incorporate your logo into your website’s design.

With Mueller Homes, their logo is displayed prominently at the top of their website. It’s a unique design that stands out on the page.

Homepage for Mueller Homes

The logo appears throughout the website, so users get familiar with the company’s brand.

Muller's logo at the bottom of the website

Takeaway: Make sure you create a prominent logo that fits with your brand’s unique style. You’ll then want to integrate that logo into the navigation bar and other parts of your website to help build brand recognition.

17. Novo Construction

Area of focus: Eye-catching elements

If you want to see one of the best contractor websites, check out Novo Construction. Novo Construction integrates numerous eye-catching elements to draw people in and keep people engaged and scrolling.

As you scroll through their website, you’ll find moving elements that catch your attention.

Homepage of Novo's website

Takeaway: Having engaging elements is crucial for catching your audience’s attention. From moving images to videos, creating those interactive elements will make your website interesting and keep prospects engaged.

18. Groesbeck Construction

Area of focus: Design consistency

Another one of the best contractor website design examples comes from Groesbeck Construction. The most notable element about this contractor website is that they integrate their design consistently throughout.

When you enter their website, you immediately see their blue and yellow design.

Homepage for Groesbeck Constuction

If you browse around their website and visit a page like their new commercial construction services, the blue and yellow design is present throughout the page.

Groesbeck's blue and yellow design on their website

No matter what pages you visit on their website, you see the same branded design.

Takeaway: When designing your website, your design must be consistent throughout. If it feels inconsistent or chaotic, prospects won’t stay engaged on your website. A consistent look and feel will create a cohesive and professional appearance for your business.

19. Brito Construction

Area of focus: Customer Service

Another excellent construction contractor website design example is Brito Construction. They have a consistent design throughout their website that features prominent CTA buttons and high-quality visuals. The most notable aspect of their website is their chat box.

When you enter Brito’s homepage, you can immediately see a chat box that invites you to start a chat with their team.

Customer service chatbox pop-up appearing on Brito's website

Additionally, they have a “Contact Us” page that lays out all the ways people can contact their company.

Contact page for Brito construction

Takeaway: When you craft your website’s design, it’s important to think about the customer service aspect of it. Think about what features you need to integrate into your website’s design to allow people to contact your business, whether it’s a form, a chat box, or a button to call your business directly.

20. Schimenti

Area of focus: Affiliations

Next on this list of best contractor websites, let’s look at Schimenti. One prominent feature of Schimenti is the integration of affiliations. When you scroll to the bottom of their page, you can see all their professional affiliations.

Schimenti's scrolling part of professional affiliations

Having this moving scroll of professional associations helps Schimenti build credibility and trust with people who visit their website.

Takeaway: If you have any professional associations that can help boost your brand’s credibility, mention them on your website. You can design a graphic or an interactive feature to showcase your professional affiliations.

21. ACCLAIM Contractors

Area of focus: Page speed

If you want to have one of the best contractor websites, you need to have a website that loads quickly. Considering 83% of users expect a website to load in three seconds or less, having a fast-loading website is a priority.

That’s why ACCLAIM Contractors is next on this list of contractor web designs. When you visit their website from the search results, it loads quickly so you can start browsing their website to learn about their company.

Clicking on Acclaim's website from Google

Takeaway: When you design your website, optimize it to provide a website that loads quickly. You can use a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights to help you see your website’s load time and get suggestions for improvement.

22. Straub

Area of focus: Values integration

Next on this list of contractor website design examples is Straub. From the moment you enter their website, you’re greeted by eye-catching visuals that showcase their work. The real highlight of their website is the integration of company values.

Straub has a dedicated page, called “Why we build,” that highlights their company’s values. The page features short paragraphs of text and high-quality visuals that present a clean and professional look.

Page listing all of Straub's business values

Takeaway: When you create your contractor website design, make sure you design a page that highlights why you do what you do. Many people want to hire a contractor who has similar values to them, so creating a dedicated page can be a great way to help nudge prospects toward choosing you.

23. Collard Carpentry

Area of focus: Color scheme

With contractor website designs, your color scheme is a key component of building brand awareness. Collard Carpentry is an excellent example of integrating your brand’s colors throughout your design to create a branded website.

Collard Carpentry's website with modern design

They carry the green design throughout their website to keep it consistent.

Green footer at the bottom of Collard Carpentry's website

Takeaway: To build better brand recognition, you must integrate your color scheme throughout your website. From your logo to your pages, it’s important to integrate your colors to help build brand recognition for your company.

24. Harper Construction Company

Area of focus: About page

When looking at contractor website designs, you’ll notice that many of them have the same types of pages — Namely, a contact page and an about page.

Harper Construction Company is an excellent example of how to create an about page. They detail their background as a company and highlight the leadership within it. It’s a short and succinct page that tells visitors what they need to know.

About Us page

Takeaway: When designing your contractor website, ensure that you include key components of your website, like an about us page. Make sure it’s informative and tells your audience everything they need to know about your company.

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