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Landing Page Design Best Practices

When a potential lead clicks a link in an email you send or a social media post you make, you’re probably not sending them to your homepage. After all, your homepage is the generalized, unfocused page of your site, and you want to get conversions.

So instead, you send them to a landing page. Since this page serves as an introduction to your company, it has to do a lot in just a few seconds. It has to describe the product or service you’re selling, and it also has to convince a reader to take the next step to becoming a customer.

A clean layout that makes important information easy to find will portray your business as organized and reliable, which encourages new leads to become customers. But a cluttered, jumbled page with distracting elements will turn them away.

If you want your next online campaign to generate more sales and revenues, it’s critical that you make quality landing pages that convert readers. Keep reading, and give us a call at 888-601-5359 to learn more.

without landing pages, you're using an ad that links to a page that's unrelated to the query

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1. Keep your design simple

Your landing page’s design is supposed to enhance your marketing strategy’s message — not overwhelm it.

On top of that, a landing page has to encourage visitors to your site to become new customers. They won’t do it — and they may not know what to do — if they’re distracted by a complicated design.

The best way to keep your design simple is to focus your content in the center of the page with complementary design, additional links, or negative space on either side.

You should also use images and graphics to complement your text and better engage your visitors. And if your page is short, you can also add a video.

However, be careful with how many visual elements you add to a page. Too many will make your page difficult to load, and since the Internet has so many mobile users these days, you can’t afford to have a big, bulky page that only desktop computers can process.

Instead, lay out a simple, easy-to-read design that uses strong colors and a handful of strong, engaging elements.

2. Add branding

The topic of your landing page may be your products or services, but the heart of a landing page is your company. Treat your landing page like a branding opportunity (in addition to a conversion opportunity) and incorporate key branding elements into the design.

Place your company name and logo at the top of the page. Use your brand colors in the header and footer as well to reinforce brand association. While none of these elements should be big enough to distract from converting a customer, they should be noticeable enough to make sure someone knows about your company.

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3. Make it responsive

A huge portion of Internet users now access the websites they want through a smartphone or other mobile device. That means if you don’t have responsive landing pages, a lot of your potential customers won’t be able to view it correctly.

To avoid that possibility, make your page (and your entire site) responsive so that it displays properly on any screen size. That ensures that all of your visitors get the same great experience from your site, no matter how they access it.

By extension, that means everyone will be able to read your page, see your calls to action, enjoy your images, and eventually convert. And all you have to do is code your page to make it responsive.

4. Build trust

Even with a compelling offer, branding elements, and responsive design, a landing page doesn’t guarantee conversion. They may wonder what you’ll do with their email address if they give it to you, and they might not trust you with their phone number.

To fix that, you need to build trust by showing you’re an authoritative source in your industry and a reputable company all-around.

You can start with your body copy. Write about your company’s years of experience, areas of specialization, or include a testimonial from a satisfied customer.

A money-back guarantee also increases customer confidence since it decreases the risk of converting.

In addition, highlight any awards or accolades your company has earned throughout its time in business.

And finally, you can provide peace of mind by promising personal information will never be sold to third parties.

Once a visitor feels they can trust you, they’ll be much more comfortable with the idea of becoming a customer.

5. Emphasize your call to action

You’re going to put a lot of important information on your landing page, but it’s all designed to encourage visitors to convert. But unless you explicitly tell visitors to convert in the first place, they’re probably not going to do it.

That’s why you need a call to action.

The call to action is the sentence at the end of a page that tells readers what they can do next to get closer to becoming customers. It may not sound like much, but a strong, concise call to action can make all the difference between a new customer and a sale you lose to your competition.

The best calls to action all include tangible, short verbs like “get.” They also include a brief value proposition that accents the main point of your product or services. You should also make a call to action a different color than the rest of your site so it visually stands out.

With all of those elements together, you have a call to action that can get you lots of new customers.

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