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Other Uses for Text Message Marketing

Other uses for text message marketing

Aside from directly telling people about what your business is doing, text message marketing can also serve a number of other functions.

Appointment reminders

Whether you run a hair salon or a medical practice, all of your customers can probably benefit from a quick reminder that they have an appointment.

To make sure your clients come to their appointments (and get there on time), send them a quick message the day before they're scheduled. That way, you can be sure they'll show up.

Mobile coupons

If you want to encourage people to opt into your text message marketing campaign, give them a reward!

Simple mobile-only coupons like 5% off of a purchase can work wonders for increasing your text message audience. It also encourages them to become a customer, which directly benefits your business.


Contests are some of the best ways to generate buzz around your text message marketing campaign.

Create a short code (or use the one you already have) to receive texts from people who want to enter a contest.

That contest can require them to send a photo of your product, a quick review about your business, or just their name to enter a random drawing.

Regardless of what you choose, you're sure to get a lot of attention from your customer base, and you can promote the contest via social media and your website to get even more participants.


If shows like American Idol have proven anything to marketers, it's that the general public loves to vote when they're passionate about something.

That's why voting is such a great way to increase the effectiveness of your text message marketing campaigns. Each participant has some degree of power to influence the outcome of an event, which encourages them to join in your text marketing campaign.

The results of a voting campaign are especially crucial since they show someone that they're right or that they've been outvoted.

Either way, it'll get people talking about your business, especially if you publish the results on your website and social media accounts. That way, people who voted can react to what you've posted and generate even more buzz about the results.

In short, all of the above strategies are great ways to engage your customers with text message marketing. And when you use them with other marketing strategies like SEO and social media, you can spread the word about your brand throughout the Internet for more potential customers and sale.

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