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Lead Magnet Examples to Improve Your Strategy

Whether you’re looking for more views for your blog or sales for your ecommerce site, you need a way to attract customers and convince them that you’re worth their time and money.

To generate leads online, your business requires a lead magnet. An effective lead magnet will give consumers the solutions while expanding your customer base. Continue reading for our top lead magnet examples, including the best ones for your business.

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What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is valuable content that compels visitors to provide personal information, such as their email addresses. It builds your customer list and generates leads by offering beneficial information or services to your prospects.

A lead magnet makes lead generation easier and more effective. It allows you to drive awareness for your brand and products while providing helpful information to customers to increase trust and engagement.

What makes an effective lead magnet?

An effective lead magnet needs to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Have perceived and actual value
  • Promise one quick win
  • Demonstrate your expertise

Customers want to see and experience lead magnets’ value. When you promise to solve one of their pain points and follow through, they will trust you to solve other ones, building loyalty. Delivering what you promised will generate leads and turn those leads into customers.

A lead magnet should also be:

  • Concise
  • Quick to digest
  • Instantly accessible
  • Unique

Your audience wants instant solutions to their problems, so your lead magnet should get to the point and show customers how you can help. Offer your visitors something they will only find with your brand.

8 lead magnet examples

Lead magnets appear in several forms, each offering different benefits to various audiences.

1. Ebooks and white papers

Ebooks and white papers allow you to dive into a specific problem at the depth, since they range in length and scope. An ebook’s conversational — and often entertaining — tone makes it easy to consume, while a white paper’s authoritative perspective builds credibility.

These formats are engaging and provide educational value to your audience. You can establish yourself as an informational source and encourage customers to choose you for their research.

2. Templates

Lead magnets need to make life better for your prospects, and a template does that by simplifying tasks. Create a simple checklist, calendar, planner, or another customizable template your audience can edit online or print out.

3. Newsletters

A weekly or monthly newsletter is an effective way to deliver consistent, meaningful content to your audience. WebFX, for example, offers a subscription to Revenue Weekly, a newsletter that provides marketing tips and actionable advice.

This resource helps audience members gain confidence in their marketing knowledge and efforts.

4. Product samples and trial subscriptions

Give your audience a taste of your brand through a free sample or limited subscription.

People love to try products and services before they buy, and when they see your offerings in action, they will be more likely to engage with you and make a purchase. Customers can see your products’ benefits firsthand and confirm that you can solve their problems.

5. Quizzes, surveys, and polls

Effective lead magnets offer quick solutions to your audience’s pain points. Interactive content, like a quiz, survey, or poll, is easy to complete and provides immediate results, making them an ideal lead magnet.

Many people use quizzes to gather personal data that isn’t as obvious as their email address. For example, Curology — a popular skincare brand — uses a quiz to determine what skincare products work best for the user. They gather your birthdate, location, age, and other factors to help them understand clients better.

Screenshot of Curology skincare quiz

6. Live interactions

Engage with your audience through webinars, provide online Q&A sessions, or offer free consultations and demonstrations. Many prospects find value in face-to-face interaction and convert after discussing their concerns with a representative. Consider using this lead magnet if it’s a feasible option for your business.

7. Cheat sheets and toolkits

These resources get right to the point, saving people time and energy. They offer customers long-lasting value — they can reference these documents whenever they need help.

Say you run a catering business. You could create checklists and folders for how to throw an event, which positions your services as a helpful solution. Customers could use your documents on their own, or they could turn to you for help.

8. Discounts

Many customers are happy to trade an email address for an opportunity to save money. For customers already committed to making a purchase, a discount is appealing, as is joining an email list where they could receive more deals on your products.

H&M email capture form

You can also re-engage customers with follow-up discount emails:

Example discount email from UGmonk

How to create a lead magnet

While you can choose from many lead magnet forms, you’ll want to craft the right one to reach your audience.

Follow these steps to create an effective lead magnet:

  1. Choose your buyer persona: The more targeted your lead magnets are, the more effective they will be. Having a specific buyer persona in mind will help you develop relevant content that buyers will engage with and appreciate.
  2. Identify your value proposition: Once you’ve defined your target audience, clarify your value proposition by evaluating their pain points. Consider the common problems customers face and what quick solutions you can provide.
  3. Select a type of lead magnet: Browse the list of lead magnet examples above or create content that fits your strengths and your target audience’s needs.
  4. Create the lead magnet: As you write your ebook or assemble your quiz, keep your buyer persona and value proposition in mind so that the content stays focused.
  5. Promote the lead magnet: Take advantage of different channels to advertise your lead magnet and reach your target audience. Place it on your website or social media, display it within content hubs like Medium or Reddit, include it in guest blog posts or podcasts, or send it through an email.

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