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The 6 Best AI Image Generators for Your Marketing Needs

The fall of 2022 was a revolutionary time for digital technology. That’s because it saw the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, the most famous of which was ChatGPT. But, the public awareness of AI tools actually started a bit before ChatGPT.

The popularity of DALL·E Mini near the end of the summer was what kicked things off, with many people flocking to the tool in an attempt to get it to generate various funny pictures. At the time, it was just something to have fun with.

But today, AI image generators have come a bit further, and there are many more options on the market than just DALL·E Mini. Many companies are looking to use these tools for their marketing, and you may be one of them. But with so many options, which tool should you choose?

That’s what we’ll cover on this page. First, we’ll briefly look at whether or not you should even use an AI image generator. Then, we’ll go over six of the best AI image generators out there. Keep reading to learn more, and then subscribe to our email newsletter for more helpful marketing info!

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Should you use AI image generators?

Before we list the top AI image generators, let’s discuss whether or not you should even use AI image generation tools — and if so, when.

On the one hand, there’s an obvious appeal to image generators. For starters, they can produce images in far less time than it would take to create similar images organically. Plus, many image generators are free to use, meaning you don’t have to pay an artist or photographer.

That makes AI image generation super helpful for businesses in certain cases. However, there are also some caveats to consider.

Firstly, there’s the matter of copyright. AI tools pull from real photos and artwork to create their images, which has led to ethical concerns (and even some lawsuits). Additionally, since you can’t copyright AI-generated images, nothing is stopping your competitors from stealing those images from your marketing materials.

Then there’s the issue of quality. AI-generated images frequently look bad. They’re typically a bit “off” at best, and downright disturbing at worst. That’s especially true of images generated by free tools — you get what you pay for with AI. All of that means that it’s often better to just pay a photographer or artist to produce something that you know will look good.

There are other pros and cons besides the ones listed above, but hopefully, that gives you a general overview of the situation. It’s up to you whether or not you use AI image generators. Using them in small doses can be very helpful, but relying on them too heavily could be more trouble than it’s worth.

6 best AI image generation tools for your business

Now that we’ve given you some food for thought on how you use your AI image generation tools, let’s talk about what your options are when it comes to the tools themselves. There are quite a few tools out there today, and we’ll cover six of the best ones:

  1. DALL·E
  2. Craiyon
  3. Jasper Art
  4. Midjourney
  5. Adobe Firefly
  6. Getty Images
Tool Price Standout feature
DALL·E $15 per 115 credits, or $20 per month Available through Bing Chat
Craiyon Free Completely free
Jasper Art $39+ per month High-quality images
Midjourney $8+ per month Operates through Discord
Adobe Firefly $4.99 per month (free plan available) Available via Photoshop
Getty Images Pricing available upon request Reimbursement for any legal repercussions

Keep reading for a slightly more detailed overview of each one!


ai image generator dalle

Price: $15 per 115 credits, or $20 per month

DALL·E is kind of where it all started. It’s the tool that kicked off the trend that all the other tools on this list scrambled to follow. Developed and provided by OpenAI — the same company that offers ChatGPT — DALL·E is one of the top AI image generators.

There are a couple of different versions of DALL·E. DALL·E 2, the older version, is accessible via a paid plan. You pay $15 for 115 credits, and you then spend those credits to generate images. When you run out, you can pay another $15 to refill, and so on.

Then there’s DALL·E 3, which is available with a $20/month ChatGPT Pro plan. You simply type the prompt straight into ChatGPT, specifying that you want an image, and the tool will generate one for you.

Conveniently, you can also harness DALL·E 3 through Bing Chat for free. You must be signed in to your Microsoft account to use it, though.

ai image example dalle

All you do is ask Bing Chat to generate your chosen image, and it will give you three or four different variations on your prompt.

2. Craiyon

ai image generator craiyon

Price: Free

Craiyon — formerly DALL·E Mini — is another of the earliest and best AI image generators. It’s also free, which is a huge plus. You simply visit the site, type in your prompt, wait a moment or two, and voila — the tool will produce a grid consisting of nine variations on your prompt.

Of course, there are downsides to using a free tool. For one thing, Craiyon uses lots of ads, which can quickly get irritating. Worse, though, is the quality of the images themselves — Craiyon isn’t nearly as advanced as some of the other tools listed here, so it ends up producing some very weird-looking images.

ai image example craiyon

Still, it may be worth it to you for the fact that it’s free. Plus, some images turn out better than others.

3. Jasper Art

ai image generator jasper

Price: $39+ per month isn’t just an art tool — it primarily offers text generation features. However, every plan comes with access to Jasper Art, a reasonably high-quality image generator.

As far as AI tools go, Jasper is one of the most expensive. That’s partly because you’re paying for the text generator as well, but even so, it can take a big bite out of your budget. The cheapest plan is $39 per month, and it only goes up from there.

Having said that, Jasper is able to produce pretty decent results, so it may be worth it to you.

4. Midjourney

ai image generator midjourney

Price: $8+ per month

Another of the best AI image generators is Midjourney. It’s also one of the more interesting options on this list. For some reason, it operates exclusively through Discord. First, you must create a Discord account and join the Midjourney server, at which point you use chat commands to generate images.

ai image example midjourney

Though you can join the server for free, you must have a Midjourney subscription to actually generate images yourself. Those subscriptions start at as little as $8 a month but go as high as $120 per month for added features.

5. Adobe Firefly

ai image generator firefly

Price: $4.99 per month (free plan available)

There are two ways to access Adobe Firefly. The first is to access the beta directly online, which you can do via a free plan or by paying $4.99 monthly for more credits. The second method is to access it via Photoshop, which you can do with a Creative Cloud subscription.

ai image example firefly

Firefly is pretty different from the other tools on this list since it’s trained exclusively on Adobe stock photos. That means it’s not great for creating highly specific images or artwork. Instead, you should only use it to generate images that resemble stock photos, since that’s pretty much all it can generate.

6. Getty Images

ai image generator getty

Price: Pricing available upon request

Last on our list of top AI image generators is Getty Images. You’re likely familiar with this company for their vast array of stock photos, but they also offer an AI image generator. Just like Adobe Firefly, this generator is trained exclusively on stock images.

While the quality of these images isn’t flawless, the great thing about Getty Images is that it frees you from any legal repercussions of using images it generates. So, on the off chance that someone tries to sue you for using a Getty-generated image, Getty will compensate you.

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