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40+ Stylish and Trendy Icon Sets

When you want to customize your desktop, one of the first things that’s got to go are your operating system’s default icons. There are quite a lot of free and very impressive icon sets out there for you to use, licensed for personal and/or commercial use. This collection presents to you more than 40 unique, beautiful and free icon sets that you can download and install on your computer to liven up your computer desktop.

Exempli Gratia

Exempli Gratia 14 icons in various file formats (PNG, ICN, and ICO).

By apathae



Container Icons

Container Icons 40 icons the Mac OS and Windows. By ANTREPO4.COM

Wooden Slick Drives

Wooden Slick Drives 10 icons for Mac OS and Windows.

By Thrasos Varnava

HydroPRO v2

HydroPRO v2 10 beautiful icons, the last set from Ben Fleming.

Ive Drives

Ive Drives 4 beautiful icons for the Mac OS and Windows. By Iconfactory

Desktop Icons

Desktop Icons 9 large-dimension icons that comes in ICO and PNG formats. By Anders Bjarnle

Black & Blue Icons

Black & Blue Icons 6 icons, you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the download link.

By Icon Drawer

Star Trek Folders

Star Trek Folders 4 icons in different sizes (12 icons in total). By Iconfactory

Folder Icons Pack

Folder Icons Pack 50 icons for the Mac OS and Windows. By deleket

Block Creatures Icons

Block Creatures Icons 4 unique icons in 3 sizes available for the Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

By Fast Icon

icon for transformers

icon for transformers Roughly 65 icons in large sizes. By pf.yuan

HD StorageBox

HD StorageBox 2 stylish icons for the Mac OS. By turnpaper

Smashing Retro Icon Set

Smashing Retro Icon Set 10 high quality icons in ICO and PNG formats.

By Smashing Magazine

Antique Icon update

Antique Icon update 8 unique icons in several sizes and ICO, ICNS, and PNG formats. By Nawfal

OldSchool Icon Set

OldSchool Icon Set 9 icons in three sizes (total of 27 icons). By

Platinum Drives

Platinum Drives 8 icons for the Mac OS.

By Gabe Persaud

Snowe Doc 2

Snowe Doc 2 Over 150 icons in this stylish set. By Gruby Grub


Reality Over 30 stylish icons in various sizes. By KIDAUBIS DESIGN

My Fav Buttons Icons

My Fav Buttons Icons 5 cool icons for the Mac OS, Windows, and Linux free for personal use.

By Fast Icon

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike 6 trendy icons in PNG and ICO formats and various dimensions. By IconTexto

Disk Jockey Sigma Style

Disk Jockey Sigma Style 5 icons in two sizes and ICO, ICNS, and PNG formats. By

Made Of Wood

Made Of Wood Over 30 icons in 4 formats: ICO, ICNS, iContainers, and PNG.

By Thrasos Varnava

Chinese Style

Chinese Style 5 very trendy and unique icons. By Sean


iNiZe 166 icons in various sizes and ICO and PNG formats. By Allan B.

GP iCons

GP iCons 5 stylish and textured icons.

By Mesrop

Slick Drives Remake

Slick Drives Remake 14 beautiful icons in ICO, ICNS, and iContainer formats. By Thrasos Varnava

Sleek XP

Sleek XP Over a hundred icons for various software programs. By deleket


Nova 22 beautiful icons in PNG, TIFF, ICNS, and ICO formats.

By Icon Lab

Concave Icons

Concave Icons 6 stylish icons intended for personal use. By Sean

Office Space

Office Space 6 icons for the Mac OS and Windows. By VisualPharm

Galactica icons

Galactica icons A set on 9 icons.

By Diego Leal

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware 9 beautiful icons in various sizes for various operating systems. By VisualPharm

Flavours Icon Set

Flavours Icon Set Over 150 icons in PNG format. By Smashing Magazine

iMac Generations V2

iMac Generations V2 6 stylish iMac monitor icons.

By Nando Design Studio

Origami Icons

Origami Icons A set of 15 free icons in PNG and ICO formats. By IconDock

Trash Can Replacement

Trash Can Replacement 4 icons created in Cinema 4D in ICN, PNG and iContainer formats. By Finlay Paterson

Web Developer Icons Set

Web Developer Icons Set 34 custom-made icons.

By Smashing Magazine

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love 4 different icons in various sizes for the Mac OS and Windows. By VisualPharm

OSX Mail Stamps

OSX Mail Stamps 10 icons in PNG format. By .ric


MINIUM XP 5 different icons in various sizes (ICO file).


iVista 2 OS X Icons

iVista 2 OS X Icons 4 trendy icons in PNG, ICO, ICNS format. By Sean

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