The Incredible Digital Illustrations of Atelier Olschinsky

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When we first saw the work of Atelier Olchinsky, we couldn’t help but be impressed. From what we were able to learn about Atelier Olschinsky, these illustrations are mostly personal projects that the studio does apart from their work for their extensive client list. Truly impressive.

We just admire their keen sense of composition and structure, often reminscent of cities and sometimes of cell structures we would learn about in biology class. Their illustrations seem to depict dense cityscapes, inviting the viewer to make up stories for the inhabitants within. We can’t help but think that their work would look fantastic displayed on walls.

Thankfully, they offer some of these illustrations as fine art prints in their online store. Have a look at their brilliant work and tell us what you think in the comments below. image_01_atelier_olchinsky image_02_atelier_olchinsky image_03_atelier_olchinsky image_04_atelier_olchinsky image_05_atelier_olchinsky image_06_atelier_olchinsky image_07_atelier_olchinsky image_08_atelier_olchinsky image_09_atelier_olchinsky image_10_atelier_olchinsky image_11_atelier_olchinsky image_12_atelier_olchinsky image_13_atelier_olchinsky

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