Pixel-like Watercolor Paintings of Pop Culture Icons

Using familiar imagery and deconstructing and rearranging their forms, Adam Lister is able to tap into the collective memory of our culture. It may have been a stylistic choice to paint using these basic forms but the result is an effective distillation of some of our most beloved pop culture iconography.

Adam Lister’s style comes from his curiosity “about the deciphering and translation of visual language, and the way we read and understand the things that we see.”
He mentions that his works “are like puzzles, carefully taken apart and then pieced back together to reveal the subject.”
Check out more of his work in his portfolio.

Adam Lister American Gothic WW

Adam Lister Bob Ross ww

Adam Lister breaking bad JM

Adam Lister C3PO

Adam Lister Grady Twins

Adam Lister Harry Potter

Adam Lister Magic vs Bird

Adam Lister Return of the Jedi 2

Adam Lister Scream

Adam Lister Tetris

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