What Is Moz?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful digital marketing strategy that helps your business earn valuable traffic that turns into conversions. It takes time and effort to optimize your website, so many companies rely on SEO professionals to manage their campaign. Moz is an SEO company that focuses solely on helping people run successful SEO campaigns.

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What is Moz?

Moz Homepage

Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded Moz in 2004 as an SEO-focused company. Fishkin created Moz to help businesses integrate SEO into their digital marketing plans. Moz started as a blog, called SEOmoz, for experts to share their research and ideas.

As SEOmoz became more popular, they turned into a consulting firm. By 2013, SEOmoz rebranded as Moz and began focusing on providing SEO services and tools to help businesses grow.

Today, Moz offers software, educational videos, and community advice to help people become more proficient in SEO.

Moz products

Moz offers two products to help businesses with their SEO campaigns. Let’s take an in-depth look at what they have to offer.

1. Moz Pro

Moz Pro Homepage

Moz Pro is an all in one tool that helps businesses manage numerous aspects of their SEO campaign. It’s a great tool to use in addition to Google Analytics.

Audience analysis

Moz Pro helps you better understand your audience. When visitors come to your site, you gain insight as to how they got there. You see if they come from paid ads, search, or social media.

This tool helps you learn how people search for your business. You’ll better understand the keywords your audience uses to find your products or services. When you know what your audience uses to find your business, you can rank for those keywords to attract more qualified leads to your page.

Site rankings

The purpose of SEO is to get your site to rank higher in the search results. Since 75% of people don’t go past the first page of results, it’s important that you constantly work to improve your site’s ranking and reach more valuable leads.

With Moz Pro, you can see if your campaign is working for your audience. It allows you to track how you rank for certain keywords. You’ll also see how you rank for certain keywords compared to your competition.

Moz Pro allows you to track local and national searches. You’ll get an overall view of your campaign and better understand how your site ranks compared to your competition.


When you use Moz Pro, they offer their own crawler for your site. This crawler digs through your site to find problems and fix them. It is crucial that you fix issues face to prevent your audience from having a negative experience on your site.

Moz Pro’s crawler is constantly combing through your site to look for issues. It crawls your site to look for errors and report the errors as soon as it finds them. This allows you to fix errors quickly and efficiently.

Moz Pro also offers features like page optimization and link opportunities. They offer numerous tools to help your SEO plan succeed.

Moz Pro cost

The cost for Moz Pro varies based on your type of plan and whether you choose monthly or yearly payments. The price varies from $99 – $999 per month for month-to-month plans and $79 – $799 per month for yearly plans.

Type of PlanMonthly RateYearly Rate
Standard $99/month $79/month
Medium $179/month $143/month
Large$249/month $199/month
Premium $999/month $799/month

You can learn more about what’s included in each plan here.

2. Moz Local

Moz Local Hompage

Local businesses rank differently in the search results than other businesses. Moz Local is Moz’s other software that focuses on helping local businesses optimize their listing.

First, you need to verify your business listing with Google or Facebook. These local listings are a crucial part of SEO because it’s how your audience finds your business.

Once that’s complete, Moz local completes your business listing. After your listing is prepared, Moz gets your listing ready for distribution and then distributes it across search engines. These search engine catalog your site and new customers find it.

With Moz Local, you can choose between two packages for local businesses.

Moz Local for small businesses

Moz Local is a great option for small businesses with 1-99 locations. Moz Local makes it easy to optimize your business listing. They only make you fill out the data once for each location. The rest of the information is automated for you.

It sends the information to search engines and directories that your audience uses the most. The automation process makes it easy to make quick changes or fix errors across all your local listings. This prevents you from repeating work or duplicating listings.

Moz Local is a great way to build trust with your audience. It helps you prevent forgetting data or posting incorrect data. This increases your trust with search engines and gets them to see you as a legitimate local resource.

As a local business, reviews play a crucial role. With Moz Local, you’ll get notifications when someone reviews your business on a popular site, which gives you the opportunity to reply promptly. It helps you shine your business in a positive light.

Moz Local for enterprise

Moz Local also offers an enterprise option for businesses with 100+ locations. This program focuses on implementing more automated solutions to help prevent repetitive tasks. When you have over 100 locations, automation is a crucial part of allowing your business to focus on more important tasks.

With Moz Local, you’ll understand how search engines rank your site. Moz Local offers automated services to comb through your site and identifies areas of improvement where your site falls short.

It helps you understand how customers interact with your listing, too. You’ll get insight as to how you can improve your listing to make it better for search engines and your visitors.

Moz Local will also help you find areas of improvement. If there are issues with your site, Moz will notify you to fix them. It keeps your site running in top shape.

In addition, Moz Local will monitor and defend your brand’s presence. Moz allows you to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see where you’re succeeding and where you are falling behind your competition.

As a local business, it’s crucial to monitor your brand’s presence and effect on your local customers. Moz Local helps you protect your site’s ranking, reputation, and possible streams of revenue.

It will help you identify which locations are underperforming and which ones are succeeding. You’ll also see where you fall behind compared to your competition. It’s a great tool to help you focus on keeping your brand’s reputation intact.

Moz Local pricing

The Moz Local small business and enterprise packages cost the same. The type of plan you need determines your cost.

Type of PlanCost Per Year
Essential $99
Professional $179
Premium (Enterprise)$249

With all plans, you’ll get access to local data management. This allows you to optimize your performance in local search. You have control over your data and can manage it to help your site perform better.

Each plan offers SEO analytics.

These analytics will help you improve your local site’s performance. It’s a great feature to have because it helps you analyze your site’s performance and improve it for the future.

Starting your SEO plan can be an overwhelming process. Moz Local offers you a customer success manager for your account to provide you with SEO insights.

In addition, you can build your own custom dashboard, see how you rank against the competition and manage your reputation. Moz has many features that will help your local business succeed.

SEO companies vs. full-service digital marketing companies

When you’re trying to find the right SEO company, you’ll find that some companies only offer SEO while others, like WebFX, offer multiple services. You may be wondering: which one is right for my business?

The biggest factor you need to consider is whether you may need additional services in the future. If you think you may expand beyond SEO, a full-service digital marketing company is a better option. You’ll be able to keep your campaign all in one place, rather than outsourcing to multiple companies for different services.

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a company that provides great service and puts your business first. They will drive the best results for your business.

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