SEO Audit Tools: 6 Best SEO Audit Tools to Use (+Free Ones)

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Did you know that 80% of shoppers do product research online? When it comes to buying products, shoppers turn to search engines like Google to educate themselves and find the right product that fits their needs.

If you’re using search engine optimization (SEO) to help you reach qualified shoppers, you’re off to a great start. But if you aren’t using SEO audit tools to check your SEO performance, you may be throwing money away on strategies that aren’t working.

SEO audit tools help you analyze your SEO performance to determine what strategies work and where you need to make improvements.

On this page, we’ll provide you with a list of the best SEO audit tools you can use, including:

  1. Screaming Frog
  2. SEO Checker
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Search Console
  6. UpCity SEO Report Card

Keep reading to learn more about how SEO audit software can help you improve your campaigns!

6 SEO audit tools you can use to check your performance

Looking for reliable SEO audit tools? Here are seven great options for your business!

1. Screaming Frog

Cost: $113 per year (free option available)

First on our list of the best SEO audit tools is Screaming Frog. This SEO audit tool offers numerous great features to help you monitor the health of your SEO strategy.

Screaming Frog's SEO tool on their website

The free and paid version of Screaming Frog includes these top features:

  • Finding problems with links: Screaming Frog will help you identify broken links, errors, and redirects on your website. These factors can negatively impact your site’s SEO, so Screaming Frog enables you to identify these troublesome links to repair them.
  • Discovering duplicate content: If you have duplicate content on your website, Google may struggle to determine which page to rank for the target keywords. Screaming Frog can help you identify this content and fix it so the right pages rank.
  • Analyze page titles and metadata: Your title tag plays a critical role in enticing people to click on your listing in the search results. Screaming Frog analyzes these titles to see how you can improve your click-through rate (CTR).

If you invest in the paid version of Screaming Frog, you’ll receive additional features like:

Screaming Frog is a great option to help you audit different parts of your SEO strategy to make improvements.

2. SEO Checker

Cost: Free

Next on our list of tools for SEO audits is SEO Checker. SEO Checker is a free SEO audit tool you can use to analyze your website’s SEO.

With SEO Checker, you input your website’s URL and get a report sent to your email that details your website’s results.

This free SEO audit tool provides you with information like:

  • Your SEO score: This score immediately tells you the health of your SEO. You will see if your SEO is good, okay, or poor.
  • Site speed analysis: SEO Checker will tell you if your website’s speed is up to par and how you can improve it to have faster load speeds.
  • Meta tag assessment: Your meta tags impact your site’s ranking in search results. This SEO audit tool will assess your meta tags to show you how you can improve them for better rankings.
  • Mobile-friendly check: Having a mobile-friendly website is critical to ranking on Google, since it uses a mobile-first index. SEO Checker will help you see if your website is mobile-friendly and, if not, how to make it mobile-friendly. 

What the SEO Checker features when checking your website

These are just a few features you can expect with SEO Checker. It’s a great free option if you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO report showing you what’s working with your SEO and where you need to improve.

How is your website’s SEO?

Use our free tool to calculate your score in under 60 seconds.

Bonus: If you want to see how your website’s speed stacks up to the competition, give SERP Racer a try! This tool will help you see how fast your competitors’ sites load. You can use SERP Racer in conjunction with your free SEO audit from SEO Checker to help you improve your SEO!

Results from running a website through SERP Racer

3. Ahrefs

Cost: $99+ per month

Next on our list of tools for SEO audits is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a comprehensive tool that provides you with information about different aspects of your SEO.

Homepage for Ahrefs

The features you access will depend upon your package. The cheapest package, which is $99 per month, offers:

  • Site Explorer: This feature enables you to audit your competitor’s keyword rankings and backlinks. You can use this information to optimize your SEO strategy and find opportunities to outperform your competition.
  • Keyword Explorer: Keywords are critical to SEO because users use them to find relevant results. Keyword Explorer will help you identify what keywords you rank for in search results so that you can reoptimize your pages for relevant terms.
  • Site Audit: Ahref’s Site Audit feature analyzes your website for SEO problems. You can use this audit to find what’s keeping your website from ranking higher and make improvements to rank better.

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO audit tools for improving your SEO performance and helping you outperform your competition.

4. Google Analytics

Cost: Free

Next on our list of SEO audit tools is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free SEO audit tool that makes it easy for you to see how your website performs in search results.

Google Analytics data in their tool

With Google Analytics, you can:

  • Channel traffic: Google Analytics will help you see which channels drive traffic for your business. If you’re seeing your search traffic is low, it indicates you need to improve your SEO.
  • User behavior: Google Analytics provides you with in-depth details about users’ behavior on your website. You can see which pages have high page views, a high exit rate, and a low time on page. All this information can help you understand how to optimize your page to improve those metrics.
  • Website speed: A critical factor of your website’s ranking is page speed. With Google Analytics, you can see your website’s load time and figure out where you need to make improvements.

Google Analytics is a free SEO audit tool for companies that know how to interpret SEO data to make changes. If you aren’t sure how to read the data from Google Analytics, you may need to enlist the help of an SEO agency.

5. Google Search Console

Pricing: Free

One of the best SEO audit tools is Google Search Console. This free SEO audit tool enables you to analyze various aspects of your website to see how you can improve them and improve your SEO.

Search Console homepage for auditing

If you use Google Search Console, you’ll gain access to great features like:

  • Search performance tracking: With Google Search Console, you can see what queries drive users to visit your website. You can analyze your position in the search results and gain insights into how you can improve your ranking.
  • Website error tracking: If you have problems with your website, Google will notify you through Search Console. This tool helps you identify issues with your URLs to make quick repairs and improve your SEO.
  • Index analysis: Google Search Console will analyze your URLs to provide you with details about Google’s ability to crawl and index your pages. Since crawling and indexing are critical to helping your website rank in searches, this tool is great for seeing if you have pages that aren’t crawled or indexed correctly.

This SEO audit software is excellent for pinpointing problems with your website so you can fix them and improve your SEO.

6. Upcity SEO Report Card

Cost: Free

Last on our best SEO audit tool list is Upcity’s free SEO Report Card. With this option, you submit your information to get a grade for your SEO and find ways you can improve your score.

To get your report card, you’ll need to supply your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website URL
  • Main keyword you target

You can also provide a competitor’s domain to compare your performance to theirs. Once you submit this information, you’ll get a report that provides details about your:

Report card given by UpCity

This SEO audit software is an excellent option if you want a detailed analysis of your website’s SEO.

The best SEO audit tool for your business: WebFX

Whether you use a free SEO audit tool or pay for one, it’s necessary to analyze your SEO to ensure your campaigns effectively drive the traffic and leads you desire. But if you want an audit that goes more in-depth than what these tools offer, WebFX can help.

With our SEO audit services, you’ll get a transparent analysis of your website’s technical, off-page, and on-page SEO. We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your website’s SEO to help you uncover any issues that hinder your website from ranking better in search results.

To learn more, chat with us today by calling 888-601-5359 or contact us online for your free quote!

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