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14 Handy Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2024

With Google Chrome still the most popular web browser in 2024, it’s a good idea for businesses to use it for their digital marketing strategy.

Do you know what an even better idea is? Using Chrome extensions. Chrome extensions enable you to complete various tasks more efficiently.

Think of Chrome extensions as your additional work-from-home tools aside from your computer: A bigger, secondary screen. Noise-canceling headphones.

There are a ton of Chrome extensions, with each one dedicated to performing tasks, including search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re a marketer, you want to ensure your website ranks in relevant search queries, reaches new audiences, and ushers in sales.

Enter Chrome extensions for SEO. These tools help you with your SEO tasks, from keyword research to technical SEO and monitoring your competitors.

Not sure which ones you should download? Read on to learn about the best SEO Chrome extensions for your need and budget (some of them are free):

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. TextOptimizer
  3. Keyword Surfer
  4. FatRank
  5. Lighthouse
  6. SEO Minion
  7. Mozbar
  8. SimilarWeb
  9. Mangools
  10. SEOQuake
  11. Ahrefs
  12. Google PageSpeed Insights
  13. BuzzSumo
  14. Hunter

1. Keywords Everywhere

Price: Starts at $10 for 100,000 credits (Free basic plan available)

Best for: Keyword research and competitor tracking

A freemium Chrome extension for SEO and one of the best SEO tools, Keywords Everywhere provides you with the following information about a particular keyword:

Use this Chrome extension to find related keywords from your seed keywords. You can also use it to monitor your competitors’ ranking web pages and the keywords they’re ranking for.

keywords everywhere is a keyword research tool2. TextOptimizer

Price: Starts at $45 per month (Free version available)

Best for: On-page SEO

TextOptimizer is a writing assistant tool. This Chrome extension for SEO helps you write and optimize content that boosts your rankings in the search engine results.

Go to the webpage that you want to optimize. The free version will analyze your on-page copy, gives it a rating, and suggests words you can use to “enrich your copy.” The paid version, on the other hand, suggests words to improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

textoptimizer chrome extension for seo

3. Keyword Surfer

Price: Starts at $49 per month (Free version available)

Best for: Keyword research, on-page SEO, and competitor tracking

Keyword Surfer’s free version is a powerful tool on its own. On Google SERPs, this Chrome extension for SEO provides you with:

  • Estimated monthly search volume
  • Google Ads CPC
  • Keyword ideas and their estimated search volume

It also has a free article outline generator, which creates a content outline based on the ranking pages. The paid version will unleash its artificial intelligence (AI) power by creating custom-made paragraphs you can copy and edit.

keyword surfer chrome extension

4. FatRank

Price: Free

Best for: Checking a page’s ranking in the SERPs and competitor tracking

Want to quickly check if your page is ranking in the SERPs? FatRank is the free SEO Chrome extension for you.

FatRank lets you check a page’s ranking for a particular keyword on Google SERPs. This free SEO extension can search up to a ranking depth of 100.

Just go to the page you want to check and type in your target keyword. FatRank will show you the page’s current rank in the Google SERPs.

You can check a page’s ranking for up to 50 keywords, and FatRank will save them. Click Session Report to download the CSV file that lists the page’s rank for each keyword.

FatRank is also handy for checking how your competitors’ pages rank for your target keywords.

fatrank chrome extension

5. Lighthouse

Price: Free

Best for: Website audit and technical SEO

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated page auditing tool. One of the free SEO extensions for Chrome, it runs tests on a page and generates a report on the page’s performance.

On your Chrome browser, go to the page you want to audit. Run the Lighthouse extension, and it will generate a report showing the page’s performance, quality, and correctness. Lighthouse also lists its suggestions for improvement for each metric the page failed.

Want to keep a record of your page’s report for reference and benchmark for optimization? You can save the audit report as an HTML file or PDF or print it out!

lighthouse chrome extension

6. SEO Minion

Price: Free

Best for: Page audit and checking for broken links

Are you looking for a tool that can do a lot of SEO tasks? SEO Minion is one of those free SEO extensions for Chrome that performs a variety of analyses — from on-page SEO to off-page SEO.

Go to the page you want to check. Run the SEO Minion extension, and it will show you:

  • On-page SEO analysis: This SEO extension analyzes the page’s HTML, including your title tag and meta tags, and flags any issues.
  • Link analysis: SEO Minion’s Highlight All Links highlights the links found on the page.
  • Broken links: This Chrome extension checks every link on a page and tells you if it finds any links with issues.
  • Hreflang analysis: SEO Minion checks your page’s hreflang tag validity and if there were return tags.
  • SERP preview: This extension shows you what the page looks like on a Google search result page.

seo minion chrome extension

7. Mozbar

Price: Starts at $79 (Free trial available)

Best for: On-page SEO and SERP analysis

The Mozbar extension lets you quickly check the metrics of a page while viewing it. You can view a page’s on-page elements like title, meta, and header tags.

It also analyzes the SERPs by providing details like domain authority and page authority. Each page on the SERP has a link to Moz’s Link Explorer tool, which also provides details like the number of inbound links and the number of keywords the page ranks for.

The premium version gives you more details like keyword difficulty, page optimization, and SERP metrics.

mozbar chrome extension

8. SimilarWeb

Price: Starts at $167 per month (Free version available)

Best for: Competitor tracking

SimilarWeb gives you traffic and other important metrics for any website. It lets you in on how your competitor’s website is doing in terms of:

  • Sessions: Find out the website’s monthly visits, pages per visit, average visit duration, and bounce rate.
  • Geography: Learn the top countries contributing to the website’s traffic.
  • Traffic sources: What traffic sources sent Internet users to this site? Did most of them come from search, email, or a display ad?

The extension also has a link to a landing page on SimilarWeb, where you can compare the website you were viewing with another website.

similarweb chrome extension

9. Mangools

Price: Starts at $29.90 per month (Free 10-day trial available)

Best for: On-page SEO, backlink research, and competitor tracking

Mangools is a nifty tool to check any website’s SEO strength. This makes it an excellent tool for analyzing your competitor’s website.

Go to the website you want to analyze. Run the Mangools SEO extension to check the website’s details:

  • Domain and page authority
  • Keywords the website is ranking for
  • Backlinks

This Chrome extension for SEO helps you research websites you can reach out to earn a backlink. In addition, you can use it as a Google rank tracker.

mangools chrome extension

10. SEOQuake

Price: Free

Best for: Backlink analysis and on-page SEO

Want an SEO Chrome extension that analyzes both SERPs and individual webpages? SEOQuake examines both!

One of the multi-use free SEO extensions for Chrome, SEOQuake analyzes SERPs, estimates keyword difficulty, and downloads the search results in a CSV.

It also lets you deep dive into a webpage’s metrics. Just go to the webpage you want to analyze, run the Chrome extension, and you’ll see the page’s performance. Connect your SEMrush account to view the backlinks overview and analytics reports.

seoquake chrome extension

11. Ahrefs

Price: Starts at $83 per year

Best for: On-page SEO and link checking

Ahrefs is a multi-use Chrome extension for SEO. In addition to providing a detailed on-page SEO report, it also acts as a broken link checker and redirect tracer.

Go to a webpage you want to analyze and click on the Ahrefs extension. This tool also reports the following information about the page:

  • URL rating
  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of referring domains
  • Number of keywords the page is ranking for

You can also click on any metric to deep dive into more details in Ahref’s Site Explorer tool.

ahrefs chrome extension for seo

12. Google PageSpeed Insights

Price: Free

Best for: Checking your page’s load time

Page load speed is a ranking factor, so it’s important to make sure your website and its pages are loading fast enough for desktop and mobile.

Not sure if your page speed is up to Google’s standards? Download this free SEO Chrome extension to run an analysis of any page’s speed.

Go to the webpage you want to analyze and click on the PageSpeed Insights extension. The detailed results will be displayed in another tab.

pagespeed insights for seo

13. BuzzSumo

Price: Starts at $79 per month (Free plan available)

Best for: Checking links on social media

Want to see if your pages are getting shared on social media? BuzzSumo is the extension you need.

Go to the page you want to check. Click the extension to see the engagements on different social media platforms. BuzzSumo also details the most shared content for your domain and the best-performing content formats from your website.

Having these insights will reveal the types of content that your social media audience prefers!

buzzsumo chrome extension for seo

14. Hunter

Price: Starts at $34 (Free plan available)

Best for: Link building

Hunter finds email addresses associated with a domain, so it can help you with your cold outreach for link building.

Go to the website or webpage you want to reach out to for your link-building efforts. Click the Hunter extension, and it will list down the associated emails with the URL.

hunter chrome extension

Let’s work together to find the best SEO Chrome extensions for your needs

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