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Chapter 8: Additional Resources

Generating leads involves many different marketing channels, which is why we reference several additional resources throughout this guide.

We’ve included all of them here (plus a few extras) so you can learn more about any of the channels we referenced over the past seven chapters.

Website resources

Writing Effective Calls to Action

Creating effective lead generation forms

SEO from Start to Finish Guide

Guide to A/B Testing

The Beginner’s Guide to Personalized Marketing

Content marketing resources

Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Blog Post Checklist

PPC resources

6 Important KPIs for Google AdWords

How to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

25 Negative Keywords Every PPC Campaign Should Use

Social media marketing resources

40 Expert Social Media Strategies

How to Use Social Media to Build Customer Relationships

Email marketing resources

Beginner’s Guide to Effective Email Marketing

6 Qualities of a Great Email Campaign

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