Lead Generation for Ecommerce: How to Generate Leads

It’s not enough to have great products when you’re selling online. When you sell your products online, you open your business to a vast market of prospective customers — but you also position yourself in a highly competitive marketplace that is constantly evolving.

To succeed as an ecommerce business, you need to attract qualified traffic to your website and guide users through their buying journey until they complete their purchase. 

If you’re not taking steps to attract leads, you run the risk of allowing your competitors to take those leads and convert them into their customers.

With lead generation for ecommerce, you can reach more qualified people interested in your products or services. 

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How to find ecommerce leads: 3 easy steps

There are three actions you should take to find ecommerce leads. First, you must make your business and products appear in spaces where your prospects are engaging online and encourage those prospects to visit your site.

Next, you need to provide visitors who land on your website something of value to keep them engaged and interested in your products and compel them to complete a purchase.

Finally, you have to implement a way to reconnect with people who leave your site.

Let’s take a look at each of the steps in more detail:

1.      Attract people to your ecommerce website

To obtain leads, you must first attract people to your ecommerce website

One of the most impactful lead generation strategies for ecommerce is the practice of SEO — optimizing your website so that it shows up in searches for terms relevant to your business.

When your site is optimized and has valuable content your visitors can engage with, you have an evergreen strategy for generating new leads.

You can provide SEO content on your site written for prospects throughout the different stages of their buying journey and link to additional content on your site that drives them along the conversion funnel until they make their purchase. 

This strategy may also allow you to pick some low-hanging fruit away from your competitors by attracting customers researching alternatives during the buying process!

Additionally, you can drive people to your website through your social media profiles

You need to post engaging content that drives people back to your website to do social media effectively. You should engage with your audience on these platforms to build relationships

People spend a significant amount of their time online on social media platforms. By creating your social accounts and engaging with your target audience where they’re at, you can generate qualified leads.

Social media also helps drive awareness of your brand and your products. The more impressions your audience has of your business, the more likely they will feel confident purchasing your goods.

2.      Increase interactions with your site

Engagement on your website is a critical component to helping you earn more leads for your business. Once users find you through a strategy like SEO, you need to keep them engaged once they visit your website.

So, how do you keep people engaged on your website?

A great strategy to help you keep leads engaged is content marketing. Content marketing involves creating helpful information and posting it on your website to share with your audience. This content keeps your audience engaged on your website.

Your content can take numerous forms, including videosblog posts, and guides. With some internal linking, you can keep people moving from one piece of content to another.

When you increase interactions on your website and keep people engaged, you can learn a lot about your audience. As they engage on your site, you can identify pain points that might prevent your customers from continuing to engage with your business or make a purchase.

For example, you may find one of your product pages has an exceptionally high bounce rate for mobile users. Based on these interactions, you may find that your pages aren’t displaying correctly on mobile and adjust accordingly to get leads to continue engaging.

Tracking these interactions helps you find new ways to keep prospects engaged on your website so they continue learning about your products and get closer to becoming a lead.

3.      Stay connected with visitors who leave

Considering that 98% of visitors don’t make a purchase during their first visit to your website, it’s typical to have people check you out and leave. As a result, a key component of your ecommerce lead generation strategy is to stay connected with these visitors.

There are three key ways you can keep your brand top of mind and drive visitors back to your website.

First, you can run display ads.

There are powerful tools at your disposal to display ads to customers who visited your website or even abandoned their shopping cart on other sites and platforms they visit. These ads will appear in the margins and draw prospects back to your website.

When you get them back to your website, you can convert them into customers.

Another great way to stay connected with visitors is through email marketing. You can capture leads by inviting them to join your email list before they leave your website. Once prospects join your email list, you can send them tailored promotions and keep them engaged with your business.

You can create a perpetually growing list of leads that you can nurture and drive business through promotional offers and exclusive updates on product lines.

Resource library for ecommerce lead generation

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