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At WebFX, we know the value of using Tumblr for marketing. It may not be the most popular social network in the world, but it's still one where brands can achieve incredible results.

However, Tumblr is a little tricky — you can't just send out regular posts about information on your site, like you can with Facebook or Twitter.

Instead, you need to immerse yourself in the Tumblr "subculture" to get an idea about how to speak to and attract Tumblr users to your business.

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Tumblr users enjoy short videos, .gifs of their favorite content, and a special set of unspoken guidelines that determine what's good, high-quality content.

As a result, practically every brand that uses Tumblr has to create unique content just for Tumblr.

That's because no other social network has the same sense of community, and no other social network is so united about progressive social issues.

This is partly because Tumblr's user base is fantastically young, compared to other social networks, which means there are bound to be at least a few more idealistic dreamers in the bunch.

It's no surprise, then, that Tumblr's most active days of the week are Monday through Friday. It's also no surprise that the most active time of the day is 4:00 p.m. — right after schools let out for the day.

That may make some brands uncomfortable. Nobody necessarily wants to advertise directly to customers that young.

But at the same time, Tumblr still has a huge following of adults, primarily in the golden consumer range of 18-34.

To attract them, consider posting two or more times per week and adding notes (Tumblr's versions of comments) on other posts you find interesting.

Be an active presence. Engage the Tumblr community as a whole. Even if you're not successful right away, you're establishing a firm foundation for your brand in one of the world's most tight-knit social networks.

You can track your success on Tumblr by using Tumblr's in-house analytics (but only if you pay for them) and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is probably the simpler solution since it's free and doesn't have a bar to entry.

Tumblr analytics may be more accurate, but the threshold for advertising is $25,000 — far more than most companies are willing to invest in a single marketing channel.

But financial investments aside, Tumblr is perhaps the best social network in the world, in terms of brand preference.

Tumblr users are legendarily crazy about brands that make the effort to get on their level, and the rewards can be excellent.

Even local companies can earn a respectable following and see an increase in revenue whether they appeal to Tumblr users as a whole or only users in their city.

Like every other social network, you just have to know how to use it to your advantage.

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