User-Generated Content for SEO: 5 Ways User-Generated Content Impacts SEO

Did you know that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews written by other customers as much as they trust personal recommendations? Online reviews are just one of the many important forms of user-generated content that impact search engine optimization (SEO). User-generated content helps your business earn new leads and conversions that help your business grow.

On this page, we’ll discuss five ways that user-generated content impacts SEO. If you need help generating user content, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

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What is user-generated content?

To put it simply, user-generated content is any type of content that users create in regard to your business. It can be photos, videos, posts, or product reviews. This content elicits social proof and validates how trustworthy your business is.

For example, if you were walking down the street and saw someone stumble over something on the sidewalk, you would avoid that area, so you don’t trip. In this case, the person who stumbled on the sidewalk is the social proof that that part of the sidewalk isn’t safe.

User-generated context is extremely powerful because people are influenced by others’ advice and actions. If your friend recommends a product, you’re more likely to believe them and take their advice. You may buy that product because you trust your friend’s opinion.

Brands can say whatever they want about their product, so users are hesitant to believe things that brands say. When customers back up their claims about their products, it makes it more believable and builds new leads’ confidence in buying those products.

People often turn to others when they don’t have knowledge about a particular product or want some insight about it. If they don’t have any friends that have experience with the product, they rely on other people for an opinion on the product.

By promoting user-generated content, you’ll help build confidence with your audience and build trust in your brand.

How does user-generated content impact my SEO campaign?

When you integrate user-generated content into your SEO campaign, you positively impact your SEO campaign. Here are five ways user-generated content impacts your SEO strategy.

1. It provides you with quality content

A large part of SEO is content creation. Content impacts how your site ranks in the search results. When you create high-quality content, Google will rank your site higher to help more leads find your valuable content.

When users generate content, they create a continuous flow of content for your business. It’s challenging for you to constantly post new and exciting content. User-generated content helps you constantly have content on your website that Google can crawl and index.

This content is searchable and provides value to your business. It’s a great way for you to see what your audience is interested in or trending topics they like. You can create content for them that interests them and drive more leads to your page.

When you know what your audience likes, you create content that suits them better. User-generated content will help you see what your audience discusses and give you content topic ideas to help you create more impactful content.

2. It provides you with long-tail keywords

User-generated content is great for helping you identify long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords, which contain three or more words, are a crucial part of SEO. They trigger your website to appear in relevant search results.

Long-tail keywords drive better results for your campaign because they help you attract leads that are more interested in your business. If someone is searching “air conditioner repair company,” you know they’re precisely looking for an HVAC company that can fix their air conditioner. On the other hand, someone searching “air conditioner” can be looking for a variety of things, including an air conditioning unit, repair services, and more.

By using long-tail keywords, you will attract more leads that are interested in your business. You’ll reach people that need your products or services. It’ll help you put your business in front of them and put you ahead of the competition.

So, how does user-generated content help you identify long-tail keywords?

When users leave reviews or feedback about your products, they use certain keywords or phrases that you can use in your campaign. You can pick up on different keywords or phrases they may be using instead of the ones you have in mind.

For instance, let’s say you’re currently optimizing for the keyword “skinny denim pants.” A customer buys your jeans and leaves a raving review about how these “skinny blue jeans” are a great fit and durable. If you weren’t optimizing for “skinny blue jeans,” this would be a great, new, long-tail keyword to add to your SEO strategy.

By pulling keywords from users’ feedback, you’ll get more insight into how they speak about your products and search for them. When you know this information, you can optimize your SEO campaign to reach more leads.

3. Optimize for semantic search

User-generated content is excellent for helping your business optimize for semantic search. Semantic search is the practice of optimizing for natural language to reach people and the way they search. This search strategy rose in popularity with the development of voice search devices.

Voice search is when users use a voice-enabled device to conduct queries to find information. The user verbally asks, and the device responds with the answer that suits their query best.

When users conduct voice searches, they use natural language to search for information. This is where semantic search comes into play. Semantic search helps you use natural language and integrate it into your SEO campaign, so you can appear in more voice search results.

User-generated content helps you find keywords and phrases that people use in their natural language. You can look at their feedback to see how your audience speaks when discussing your brand. It will help you better optimize your SEO campaign, so you can reach more valuable leads and earn conversions.

4. Increases social signals

Though there is no proof that social media engagement directly impacts SEO, there are signs that social signals can help improve your SEO campaign by driving more traffic to your page. With user-generated content, you can boost your search visibility and reach more leads.

When users interact with your business on social media, others can see their interaction. Whether they leave a review or write a post about your business, that content is exposed to other people on your social media platform. People will see your brand and that particular person’s perception of your business.

This can attract new leads to your social media pages. It helps them discover your brand, learn about your business, and gets them to check out your website to learn more about your business.

Social media is a great place for dialogue, too. People can share their experience with your business, and others can comment on their reviews and ask questions. This creates more dialogue on your page, which increases engagement and gets more people interested in your business.

5. Builds trust with Google

If you want your site to rank well in the search results, you must provide valuable content that can be trusted. Google wants to provide their audience with the best information that is credible and trustworthy. For your content to appear in front of valuable leads, you must build your website’s trust and authority.

Earning reviews and feedback will help build your trust and authority. Google takes reviews into account when ranking your site. If you receive an abundance of positive feedback, Google will rank your site higher because you have trust built up with your audience.

User-generated content helps Google see if people are enjoying your site and finding it to be helpful. When they see your website provides valuable information, they want more leads to find your site. You’ll improve your SEO ranking, which will lead to more leads and conversions for your business.

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