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5 Google Optimize Alternatives for 2024

Google Optimize is a freemium tool for website optimization and user experience (UX) testing. Formerly known as Google Website Optimizer, this tool helps developers, designers, and businesses all over create websites that convert.

With Google Optimize’s sunset in September 2023, businesses must turn to other sites and tools for creating a user-friendly website. If you want to make sure that your website serves users, you need the right Google Optimize alternatives.

This page will cover several Google Optimize alternatives and go into how you can use them to boost your site.

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5 Best Google Optimize Alternatives

Read on to break down each one, or call 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about improving your website!

5 best Google Optimize alternatives

So, what can you use instead of Google Optimize? The following five Google Optimize alternatives can help you get the same results. Learn more about each below!

1. Optimizely


Price: Upon request


  • Integration with popular marketing technology
  • Feature experimentation with multiple channels
  • No-code experiments
  • Advanced audience targeting with third-party information

Optimizely is the leading A/B testing platform for website experimentation. They break their products down into three options — orchestrate, experiment, and monetize. You can create, test, and adjust your content while getting insight into its performance.

The experiment product is the most crucial for user testing. With Optimizely, you can create tests for multiple marketing channels and services. Plus, you can add in customer data and target specific features to get the most accurate results.

With the sunset, you can upgrade from Google Optimize to Optimizely directly on their website.

2. Thrive Optimize

thrive optimize

Price: $299/year


  • Seamless WordPress integration
  • Automatic themes for easy input
  • Unlimited tests
  • Constant customer support

Thrive Optimize is a WordPress-specific tool that lets you test your pages from one convenient platform. Instead of having a separate site for your A/B testing, you can add Thrive templates to your WordPress site and manage everything from one place.

Aside from testing, they also offer other digital services like quizzes, lead generation, and even online courses.

3. Convert


Price: Starts at $99/month


  • Multiple testing types for each page
  • Code editors
  • 40+ filters for audience targeting
  • Integration options with other popular software

Convert is a no-nonsense, straightforward testing service that gives you more control over your A/B testing. You can stick with the pre-created tests at first, or dive into the code editor if you want more information. Plus, they have multiple testing types to experiment with for your pages.

4. Unbounce


Price: Free 14-day trial, then starting at $99/month


  • AI page improvement features
  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • Landing page templates

Unbounce focuses on testing your landing pages to optimize conversions and prevent users from bouncing. With Unbounce, you can make sure that every person who lands on your site turns into a lead or customer.

Aside from A/B testing, Unbounce offers plenty of page optimization programs, including AI features for automatically cleaning up your site.

5. Crazy Egg

crazy egg

Price: Free 30-day trial, then basic plan at $29/month


  • Fast A/B testing setup with no coding required
  • Real-time data for more accurate results
  • Easy integration with Google Tag Manager

Crazy Egg rounds out our list with a simple integrated tool for A/B testing and optimizing your website. Along with A/B testing, you can also get more information on traffic and conversion metrics. Crazy Egg prides itself on easy installation and setup for all features and tests.

FAQs about Google Optimize

Here are a few common questions users have about Google Optimize.

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize — previously known as Google Website Optimizer — is Google’s freemium web analytics and testing tool for UX. With Google Optimize, you can create experiments and tests to see what web features convert and offer the most value for users.

Some key features of Google Optimize include:

  • Free plans
  • A/B testing
  • Variant testing
  • Behavior targeting
  • Geo targeting

Google Optimize also syncs with Google Analytics, making it easier to view and analyze your test results while trying to plan your website.

Why is Google replacing Google Optimize?

According to Google, the main reason for the sunset is to invest in better technology that meets users’ needs.

Since Google Optimize is over five years old, a lot of the testing technology that businesses need now isn’t available. Instead, Google will collaborate with AB Tasty, Optimizely, and VWO to create integrations and testing solutions.

Also, with the switch to GA4 from Universal Analytics, the new technology can better integrate with the updated analytics.

Do I need a Google Optimize alternative?

If you already use Google Optimize, you will need to find an alternative to maintain your testing goals and website.

If you don’t use Google Optimize, it might be beneficial to get ahead with an alternative. Testing your site can help you earn more conversions and revenue, so finding the right tool is essential for the process.

Regardless of where you are in your digital marketing journey, you need to find the best tools suited for your business. The alternatives above are a nice jumping off point for boosting your UX.

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Learn how to use Google Optimize alternatives with WebFX

If you want to jump into improving your site with one of the tools above, having a partner will simplify the process. WebFX is here to help you find, select, and implement testing, as well as for when you get your results back.

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