How Much an iPhone Costs around the World

iPhones are the most popular phones in the world, but the cost to buy one varies quite a bit by country. Despite the fact that the same device is sold everywhere, the difference in price is over $400 between the cheapest and most expensive.

Using new iPhone 6 pricing (as of July 2015), we’ve compiled a list of what consumers around the world pay for them. Then, we compared the cost to the median annual household income to get a better idea of how affordable they really are.

To see how your country stacks up, check out the full infographic below:


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How much do iPhones cost around the world?

The price of an iPhone ranges from $647 (Canada) to $1,107 (Brazil), with a lot of variation in between. Canada, the United States, and Japan are the only countries where you can purchase one for under $700, and Turkey and Brazil are the only places where the cost is over $1,000.

How affordable are iPhones?

Cost can be interesting to look at, but price alone doesn’t give the full picture if you don’t have anything to compare it to. To determine how affordable iPhones are around the world, we divided each country’s median annual household income by the cost of one phone.

Once we factored income into the equation, the rankings shifted significantly. The United States, South Korea, and Luxembourg are the only countries where an iPhone costs less than 2% of the average household income – putting them on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from India, Philippines, and Indonesia, where the cost is over a quarter.

In Indonesia in particular, the price ($863.90) is a whopping 39.3% of country’s median yearly income. This means that if an average household chose to spend every cent they made in a given year on phones, they’d only be able to purchase two – while a household in the United States would be able to purchase 63.

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